Hot Life Science Investor Mandate 3: Seed-Stage VC Acquires Early Assets from Universities, Pharma

2 Oct

A seed-stage investor in emerging life science technologies that was founded in 2003 and is based in the Western US makes about 2 allocations per year. In the past, their typical allocation size has been between $2-5 million, but this amount may increase for future funds; the VC will be raising a new fund in the near future. Investments are made at the seed stage or in Series A venture rounds. The firm invests throughout the USA, and has evaluated investment opportunities globally. Investments are most often in the form of equity, but structures involving debt are also considered.

This group invests particularly in assets at an early, preclinical, stage of development, often acquiring emerging assets from university labs or from pharmaceutical companies. The firm primarily invests in therapeutic assets, and has also made investments in diagnostic technology. They do not invest in medical devices, and have not invested in industrial biotechnology innovation in the past, but is open to proposals in this area. Investments are considered in assets related to any indication. The firm prefers to invest in assets that do not have a management team, as the firm supplies management and technical expertise to develop the technology.

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