Hot Life Science Investor Mandate 2: Government Organization Moving Large Amounts of Capital Over Next 6-9 Months

24 Oct

A Government Sponsored Organization based in the Western US is capable of investing up to $20 million to companies initially and can invest greater amounts over the life of the investment. The firm provides strictly non-dilutive funding in the forms of debt, research grants and forgivable loans. Being motivated partially by the economic development of its home state, the firm is most interested in companies located there, but will consider other investments inside the US as well. For companies outside of the state that the firm chooses to allocate to, being able/willing to set up some business within their borders is ideal. The firm plans to allocate to 10-15 companies in the next 6-9 months.

The organization is currently looking for companies developing therapeutics that in some way trigger or involve human stem cells. This includes cell/gene therapy, regenerative medicine, small/large molecules and biologics. The firm is completely open in terms of indication and will consider companies targeting orphan indications. The firm is looking to allocate to companies with an asset in Pre-Clinical up to Phase II of clinical trials.

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