Fundraising Tactics Spotlight: Communicating Clearly with Taglines

1 May

By Jack Fuller, Business Development, LSN

Jack 2

Life Science companies pitching investors have a tough job: It’s not easy to convince people to invest in a capital-intensive industry with a low rate of product commercialization. Then there’s the challenge of conveying an extremely specialized and complex idea to people who want to net out the technology quickly. To be successful, companies must work hard to communicate complex ideas at a level that is easily understood by all potential investors, not just the “science-literate.” As Charles Bukowski once said “Genius could be the ability to say a profound thing in a simple way.”

The first place this needs to be accomplished is in a company’s tagline. Taglines are ubiquitous in the industry, but very rarely does a tagline accurately summarize that “special sauce” that makes a company so exceptional. Prospects should be able to read a tagline and grasp the goal of the company.

Take a look at the taglines below. What do they tell you?

As you can see, taglines run the gamut from completely ambiguous and semi-descriptive  to great ones that communicate a company’s brand and value to potential investors.

The goal of a tagline is not to be clever or cute but to powerfully and succinctly communicate a company’s unique value proposition. There is no one formula for a tagline, as each company needs to distill its entire investor pitch into a crisp statement.

Take a moment to think about your tagline. Crafting a clear one is the first step in the process of creating a cohesive and compelling brand and will form the basis of your outbound campaign.

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