Hot Life Science Investor Mandate 1: Private Wealth Fund Looking for Clinical Stage Assets/Technologies

13 May

A private investment firm located in the Northeastern United Sates is looking to make investments in the life sciences space, and does so on a case by case basis without a traditional fund structure. Since the members are investing their own capital, the investment size and capital structure are highly flexible and will depend on the financial needs of the company. However the minimum amount the fund is willing to invest is $2 million, and can go upwards of $40 million. The firm invests in private or public companies and prefers to be the lead investor, but is open to syndicate as well. The firm is willing to invest in opportunities from all across the Globe. The firm is looking to conduct as many investments as possible over the course of the next 12 months, and is open to qualified deal flow.

The firm is very opportunistic and will consider a broad range of life science opportunities. The firm will consider Biotech, Medical Technology, R&D services, however the firm prefers not to invest in Healthcare IT, Dermatology, or Wound Care. The firm focuses on companies with clinical assets with some efficacy data, through those who have products on the market are also considered. The firm has a strong interest in technologies that significantly improve the standard of care.

The firm evaluates the company’s management team on a case by case basis. The firm is open to working with both experienced teams, as well as new entrepreneurs, and only requires that the team be competent. The firm does not require a board seat.

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