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Live Investor Leads Sent to Your Mailbox

28 Aug

By Dennis Ford, Founder & CEO, LSN

Dennis bookAs the early stage life science landscape continues to shift and investors are raising new funds, altering their mandates or shifting into or out of the sector completely, it’s increasingly challenging to stay on top of what life science investors are looking for. If you read this newsletter you know that LSN’s philosophy is to find investors that are a fit for your technology and stage of development. This is much more efficient than reaching out blindly using a ‘shotgun approach’ to approach any investor that has ever been involved in life sciences. Raising capital is all about efficiencies. Remember, it’s a numbers game – an executive fundraiser will do infinitely better when reaching out to investors that you know are a fit for your firm. Vetting and regularly adding new investors to your target list is a necessary part of this process.

This is why the LSN Investor Platform added a new feature this week; Save Search, which allows users to save their global targeted lists of potential investors and receive email alerts daily, weekly, or monthly when LSN uncovers new investors that match these criteria, or if changes are made to the profiles or mandates on your list.

LSN’s profiling and matching technology allows you to filter for investors that are interested in your technology. You can search the LSN Investor Platform to find all the investors that have self-declared an interest in companies in your field through a one on one phone conversation with LSN’s researchers. You can now start the process of qualifying and contacting hundreds of potential investors, with live support from LSN’s Save Search feature to alert you to the newest investors in your field. You come into work on a Monday morning and new investor alerts are sitting in your email box.


Save Search and Set Email Alerts in LSN Investor Platform

Save Search and Set Email Alerts in LSN Investor Platform

When fundraising, it is critical to leave no stone unturned and to move quickly and efficiently. With this feature in place, entrepreneurs will be able to receive a constant flow of information on relevant investors, and can use these updates to get their technology in front of every potential partner LSN identifies, quickly.  Considering that the research team has been bringing in 20+ new and updated mandates per week, this allows for users to be able to get the maximum value of the platform by assuring that no potential investor falls through the cracks.


Don’t Bet On That Public Pitch Session To Win You Investment

28 Aug

By Lucy Parkinson, Senior Research Manager, LSN

lucy 10*10If you’re a regular attendee of life science investment conferences, you’ll have found that most of these conferences offer 15-minute presentation slots as a means of attracting scientist-entrepreneurs to the event. An exclusive speaking spot in which to tell the whole crowd about the breakthrough technology your company is working on can certainly sound like an attractive offering. But in reality, LSN has found that the 15-minute model offers very poor value to entrepreneurs.

Many presenters arrive at the event anticipating this chance to speak about their technology to a large audience of interested investors; however, entrepreneurs will invariably find that these 15-minute presentations are only attended by other CEOs looking to garner IP and positioning, and vendors hoping to sell their services to the presenters, while the attending investors are busy networking or taking partnering meetings elsewhere. Investors have limited interest in watching these public pitches and therefore these presentation opportunities provide low value to an entrepreneur seeking investment. Rather, the best way to share your presentation with an investor is through one-on-one meetings where you will have the investor’s full attention and can engage in a back and forth discussion about your opportunity. Receiving an investment requires building a relationship with an investor; it’s much easier to begin that relationship with a personal meeting rather than a public pitch.­­

This is why, after experimenting with the 15-minute model at our first ever RESI event and discovering up close how flawed it is, LSN turned our back on the public pitch approach. Instead, we doubled the number of partnering slots available at RESI and created a new form of presentation that provides much more value; the RESI Innovation Challenge. Rather than limiting their presence to only 15 minutes, we showcase our innovators on the exhibition floor for the entire duration of the event. RESI Innovators are provided with an easel to display a poster board marketing presentation, and each attendee is given ‘RESI Cash’ to ‘invest’ in the innovators in a virtual challenge, with winners announced and prizes awarded at the end of the day. While our available slots for the Innovation Challenge have sold out, our partnering software is already live and there are still hundreds of meeting slots available.

The opportunity for both marketing and personal engagement provided by the RESI presentation and partnering model has been praised by both investors and innovators. If you’d like to see how it works for yourself, please join us at Fenway Park on September 17th.

RESI Double Panel Announcement: Point-of-Care Institution & Fundraising Partners

28 Aug

By Tom Crosby, RESI Conference Manager, LSN

Tom 2

Institutional Strategic Investors: Point-of-Care Institution Panel

The lack of capital available for early stage life science companies has brought many different groups with strategic interests to the table. This panel aims to shed light on the institutional strategic companies that are now funding early stage commercial research in the space, many of whom have a primary goal of lowering the cost of care. Moderated by Monique Yoakim-Turk, Partner at the Technology Development Fund of Boston Children’s Hospital, the audience will hear from:

Groups including hospitals and healthcare providers will discuss their differentiating investment models and structures, as well as what they can provide beyond just capital. What types of technological innovations are these groups most interested in? How do they go about sourcing new opportunities? At what stage of development do they tend to get involved, what do they look for in early communications, and what is their role with a company’s development following investment?


I-Banks, 3PMs & Consultants: Fundraising Partners Panel

As early stage fundraising has been challenged of late, many emerging companies elect to use a fundraising partner — such as an investment bank, independent advisor or consultant — to take the lead on capital raising activity. The question is, can an investment bank make a random process more efficient?

Moderated by Colin Widen, CEO of Boston Innovation Capital, the audience will hear from:

The core of the discussion will focus on weighing the pros and cons of outsourcing your fundraising efforts. Panelists will discuss the unique characteristics among new entrants to the life science investor pool, and more importantly, how to access these entrants. What changes with your approach depending on the type of investor you’re dealing with? What are the different levels of time to participate among these investors? How does the picture change when working with for-profit vs. philanthropic players? The role of data as a fundraising tool will also be highlighted throughout the session.

Hot Life Science Investor Mandate 1: Family Office Seeking Medical Device Opportunities Nearing Commercialization

28 Aug

A Family office based in the United States focuses on investments in the healthcare industry. The firm’s investment size can vary greatly and is very flexible depending on each company’s needs. The firm provides venture growth capital to healthcare companies and typically invests in equity or convertible preferred equity after the series A round. For growth investments, the firm targets companies with compelling products and strong position in niche markets and with an EBITDA in excess of $2 million. The firm primarily invests in companies based in US.

The firm will consider investments in Medical Devices, Diagnostics and Healthcare IT sectors. For early-stage investments, the firm targets companies that provide solutions for hospital acquired infections, medication errors, patient monitoring, healthcare system operational efficiency enhancements and cost reductions, and chronic disease management. The firm does not invest in companies developing small molecule or devices that need PMA. For medical device sector, the firm is most interested in class I and class II devices. The firm will not consider companies in pre-clinical stage, and typically invests in companies that are near or have reached commercialization.

The firm focuses on private companies with strong and experienced management team. The firm usually takes a board seat post investment.

If you are interested in more information about this investor and other investors tracked by LSN, please email

Hot Life Science Investor Mandate 2: US Based VC Seeking Seed and Series A Therapeutic Opportunities

28 Aug

A US based venture capital fund is looking to make seed and series A stage investments into life science companies with investments ranging anywhere from $500,000 initially to $25 million over the lifetime of the investment. The firm is actively reviewing opportunities throughout the United States and could make as many as 6 investments over the next year.

Within the life science space the firm is primarily focused on therapeutics. Within therapeutics the firm is opportunistic in terms of technology type and is open to both single asset and platform technology companies. The firm is most interest in companies targeting white space indications and is generally less interest in highly crowded areas including diabetes, Alzheimer’s and solid tumors. The firm is primarily interest in pre-clinical companies however they are open to later stage technologies as well pending it is a series A round or earlier.

The firm is looking for companies with experienced management teams and is very open to working with incomplete management teams. The firm looks to act as an active value adding investor and requires a board seat following investment.

If you are interested in more information about this investor and other investors tracked by LSN, please email

Hot Life Science Investor Mandate 3: Chinese VC Seeking Early Stage Devices, Diagnostics, Materials and Health IT

28 Aug

A venture capital firm that that is based China with additional offices in Asia and the US currently manages over $750 million in committed capital across 7 funds. The most recent fund closed at $110 million in 2011 focuses on making equity investments into early-stage companies in Technology, Clean Technology and Healthcare sectors. The typical investment size ranges from $5 million to $15 million. The firm primarily looks to invest in companies based in China and US.

The firm is currently looking for new investment opportunities in Diagnostics, Medical Devices, Healthcare IT and Advanced Materials sectors. The firm is very opportunistic in terms of subsectors and indications, and is open to all classes of devices. The firm prefers to invest companies in pre-clinical and clinical stage, but it is open to consider companies with products on the market. Historically, the firm was active in companies developing diagnostic services and instrumentation, fetal monitoring and ultrasound systems, and vascular closure devices.

The firm invests in both private and public companies with a strong management team. The firm doesn’t have specific requirements for companies’ revenue or EBITDA. The firm looks to take a Board seat post investment.

If you are interested in more information about this investor and other investors tracked by LSN, please email

LSN Announces RESI Partnering Platform

21 Aug

By Alejandro Zamorano, VP of Business Development, LSN

Alejandro 10*10

LSN is proud to announce the RESI Partnering Platform. The goal is to have a dynamic partnering platform to match biotech and medtech companies with the investors that are a fit and provide an opportunity to create a compelling dialogue that fosters a long-term relationship. LSN designed the RESI Partnering Platform from the ground up by leveraging an innovative partnering portal provider called Meeting Mojo. Click the video below to see how the RESI Partnering Platform can help your partnering efforts.

Considering the sheer quantity and diversity of investors attending RESI, paired with the power of the RESI Partnering Platform, the RESI conference is the right place for early stage life science companies to meet investors that are a fit. We hope to see you there.