The Lure of The Shipping Product, and Why It’s A Compelling Opportunity: RESI Commercializing Medtech Innovation Panel Announcement

6 Nov

By Tom Crosby, RESI Conference Manager, LSN

Tom 2

At the next RESI Conference in January, LSN will expand its Medtech Track. One of several new panels, Commercializing Medtech Innovation will focus on investors who consider later-stage opportunities, such as devices that are about to reach commercialization or those that have recently been approved and begun shipping. In keeping with the goals of the RESI Conference, this session will be compelling for earlier-stage device entrepreneurs as well, as panelists will discuss the nuances of emerging companies building relationships with investors.

Moderated by David Cassak, Managing Partner at Innovation in Medtech, the audience will hear from:

Dennis Purcell, Senior Managing Partner, Aisling Capital

Garheng Kong, Managing Partner, Healthquest Capital

Janice Borque, Managing Director, Hercules Technology Growth Capital

Michael Bianco, General Partner, Life Science Equity Partners

Mark Chin, Vice President, Longitude Capital

Panelists will introduce and cover the areas of the medical technology field where they see the greatest opportunities, and they will discuss how they work with medical technology companies ready to launch a product. How and when should you approach investors who are interested in the product commercialization stage? How do such investors assess your product’s market opportunity? How do you create a path from launch to profitability? Panelists will also discuss preferences for investment structure, region and team requirements, and how to better identify organizations that are actively investing in device companies that are near, or have reached, commercialization.


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