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Hot Life Science Investor Mandate 1: Corporate VC arm of Two Healthcare Providers Seeking Healthcare IT and Tech Enabled Devices

18 Dec

The corporate venture capital firm that is funded by two substantial healthcare providers makes private equity investments of strategic interest to the systems medical centers and affiliated physicians. The firm makes investment ranging anywhere from $1-$8 million over the life of the investment with the majority of allocations falling in the $5-$7 million range. The firm manages an evergreen structure and is actively looking for new opportunities throughout the United States.

The firm is currently interested in healthcare information technology, tech-enabled medical devices and tech-enabled healthcare services. For medical devices the firm is focused on tech enabled devices and is highly interested in areas of patient monitoring and wearables, among other areas. The firm is also interested in highly innovative hospital hardware and devices that have the potential to significantly lower the cost of the point of care process. The firm generally invests in companies in the series A and B rounds.

The firm is looking for companies with experienced management teams. The firm looks to act as a strategic investor generally taking a board seat. The firm is very open to syndication and general invests along with other institutional investors.

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Hot Life Science Investor Mandate 2: Angel Group based in Northeastern US Seeking Early Stage Life Science Opportunities throughout the US and Canada

18 Dec

An angel network based out of the North Eastern United States looks to make equity investments in early-stage and selectively seed stage life science companies ranging from $.5 – $1.5 million. The firm is also open to syndication on larger deals and will consider opportunities throughout the United States and Canada. The firm plans to allocate to 10 new companies over the next year. The group is open to sectors in the life science space including therapeutics, diagnostics and medical devices. The firm is generally opportunistic in terms of technology type, indication and is open to both small molecules and biologics. The firm is comfortable in investing in series A, B, C, or D rounds and is willing to invest in technologies that are pre-clinical or in early clinical trials. The group is most interested in investing in companies with experienced management teams though they also consider spinouts from universities in certain situations. The firm looks to invest in privately held companies and generally takes a seat on the company’s board. If you are interested in more information about this investor and other investors tracked by LSN, please email

Hot Life Science Investor Mandate 3: Chinese Venture Capital Firm Seeking mHealth, Gene Sequencing, Immunotherapy, Stem cells, and Antibody Therapeutics

18 Dec

A venture capital firm based in China makes early-growth stage investments in the life science sector, preferably in series A and B; the firm may also consider series C opportunities. The firm typically invests RMB 100 million (USD 16 million) or more per company. The firm prefers to invest in companies based in China, but is open to outstanding opportunities from around the globe. The firm is actively seeking new investment opportunities.

In the life sciences, the firm is most interested in mHealth, gene sequencing, immunotherapy, stem cells, and antibody therapeutics. The firm is indication agnostic. The firm is also opportunistic to other cutting edge technologies in the healthcare industry. The firm is open to investing in companies in the pre-clinical phase of development as well as those that have clinical data.

The firm seeks a strong and experienced management team and generally looks to take a board seat following investment.

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