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LSN Wishes You A Happy Thanksgiving And A Fruitful Fundraising Campaign

25 Nov

By Dennis Ford, Founder & CEO, LSN 


This Thanksgiving, we’d like to say thank you for all our Next Phase readers, LSN platform subscribers, RESI attendees and all our friends in the life science investment and entrepreneurship communities. We’re grateful for your support, and we hope to support your success in turn during the year to come.

As is LSN’s Thanksgiving tradition, we’re serving up the 10 most recent life science investment mandates gathered by LSN Research. These mandates show the breadth of coverage that LSN has among life science investors, with investors including international PE firms, expert regional VCs, disease-focused nonprofits, cross-border funds, and family offices. If one of these investors is a fit for your opportunity, we’d love to hear from you.

Click on the mandates below to see what’s cooking in the rest of the world

  1. Cross-Border VC Seeks PMA & 510k Medical Devices
  2. Family Office Medtech Fund Interested in Dental, Aesthetics and Mobile Tech
  3. VC Invests in Technology Platforms in Medtech & Lab Equipment
  4. Southwest VC Invests in Diagnostics, HCIT, Devices & Enabling Technologies
  5. VC Invests in Medtech & HCIT Hospital Solutions in NoCal
  6. Foundation Invests in Cancer Cures Worldwide
  7. Asia VC Invests in Pharmaceuticals & Medtech in the USA
  8. PE Firm Seeks Healthcare Opportunities in India
  9. VC Invests in HCIT, Medical Devices and Diagnostics in Europe
  10. Merchant Bank Seeks Strategic Medtech Opportunities for China Expansion

RESI SF Panel Annoucement: Big Pharma

25 Nov

By Lucy Parkinson, Director of Research, LSN

One of the key shifts in the life science product development landscape in recent years is that big pharma companies are increasingly looking outward for innovation. Pharma corporate development groups are deploying an array of means to source, evaluate and invest in assets discovered or developed by biotech entrepreneurs.

At RESI San Francisco, the Big Pharma panel will explore the shifting dynamic between big pharma and small biotechs. What can you expect from a pharma company’s evaluation process, and what can you do to position your startup to make a deal?  Panelists will answer these questions and provide their advice on how entrepeneurs can take align themselves with the firms that they represent.

Moderated by Kevin Lynch, Vice President, Scientific Assessment, AbbVie, the panelists are:

If you’d like to hear this panel live at RESI and meet with investors from the pharma world and beyond, you can register for RESI San Francisco now.


Hot Life Science Investor Mandate 1: Cross-Border VC Seeks PMA & 510k Medical Devices

25 Nov

A venture capital and private equity firm with offices in Israel and Massachusetts has historically invested in in very early stage companies in therapeutics and diagnostics, but now is moving to mid-stage to later stage companies, primarily in medical devices. While the firm has made several lead investments, the firm typically co-invests, seeking partners with large USA private equity funds to make co-investments at $20 million and upwards. The firm currently manages a $120 million fund, and looks to make 2-3 investments within the next year. The firm is open to companies based in the USA, Europe, Israel, and Canada.

While having made investments in therapeutics and diagnostics in the past, the firm now focuses on innovative medical devices. The firm is open to 510K and PMA devices, as well as all indications. The firm prefers to see later stage post-product technology with proven clinical data, and may be interested in companies in clinical stages close to commercialization. The firm is also open to lab equipment and drug development enabling technology.

The firm requires companies to have an established management team, though will also help fill the team, if necessary.

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Hot Life Science Investor Mandate 2: Family Office Medtech Fund Interested in Dental, Aesthetics and Mobile Tech

25 Nov

A family office based on the US East Coast has a venture fund that makes direct venture investments in healthcare and technology startups. The fund was established by successful entrepreneurs and investors to meet the need for seed and early stage funding for life science and healthcare companies. The fund has an evergreen structure and can allocate up to $3M (in equity or loans) per company. The fund seeks to invest in companies based in the US. The fund is actively seeking new investments and looks to make about 2 allocations in the next 6-9 months.

In the life sciences, the fund is currently seeking to invest in early stage medical devices. The fund is opportunistic in terms of subsectors and indications, but generally does not invest in devices that require a PMA, or which will require over $50 million in total development costs. The fund is particularly interested in dental devices, cosmetics, and mobile technology.

The firm requires a board seat in each portfolio company. The firm seeks a company with a strong management team or technical experts in the relevant technology.

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Hot Life Science Investor Mandate 3: VC Invests in Technology Platforms in Medtech & Lab Equipment

25 Nov

A US-based venture capital firm founded in 2015 is investing from its first fund. The firm invests in early-stage technology companies, and prefers to invest in companies from concept stage through to Series A. The firm expects to invest about $4 million across the life of an investment, with early investments structured as tranches that reflect technological milestones. The firm focuses on companies in the US and Canada, but is open to opportunities globally provided the company is focused on the USA as a primary market.

The firm focuses on building platforms of technology IP. In medical technology, the firm focuses on several specific technology verticals: healthcare robotics (particularly surgical robots), microfluidics (for both diagnostic and biotech R&D purposes), nanotechnology, healthcare 3D printing (including prosthetics, implants and tissue), data science, and the “omic” fields (genomics, proteomics and microbiomics). Technologies that fall between these core areas are also of interest, including biosensors and point of care diagnostics. The firm is open to investing in any disease area, and does not invest in drugs. The firm will only invest in companies developing technologies that have the potential to become a platform that produces a range of products. Repurposed/repositioned technologies are not of interest. Software opportunities will only be considered if the software is patentable.

The firm prefers to invest in very early-stage opportunities, including those that are pre-prototype and pre-patent filing, but may also consider companies that have fully developed their technology. The firm is a highly IP-focused investor and is therefore interested in technological opportunities that can provide both depth and breadth in terms of product potential, particularly those that can develop future applications in industries beyond the life science field.

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Hot Life Science Investor Mandate 4: Southwest VC Invests in Diagnostics, HCIT, Devices & Enabling Technologies

25 Nov

A venture capital firm and investment bank based in Las Vegas, Nevada, makes investments from its own capital and typically has a two-pronged approach in making investments while also providing guidance in the structure and development of the company. The firm looks at a broad range of sectors, including life science and healthcare with a particular interest in consumer products for direct investing. The firm typically leads investments and invests $100K to a couple million per company. The firm invests on a global level, and seeks companies based all over the world.

The firm is indication agnostic and open to opportunities in healthcare IT, diagnostics, medical devices of all classes, and laboratory equipment and drug development enabling technology. The firm is particularly interested in technology involving software, though is not as open to biotech therapeutics because of the longer time line to commercialization. The firm is typically interested in later stage companies that are generating revenue, though would be open to looking at opportunities at all stages.

The firm will typically provide guidance and leadership support after an investment, and would support the company with future endeavors, including joint ventures and licensing partnerships. The firm would take a board seat after an investment, and would help fill the management team if necessary.

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Hot Life Science Investor Mandate 5: VC Invests in Medtech & HCIT Hospital Solutions in NoCal

25 Nov

A firm based in Northern California makes seed and venture round investments in the form of equity or convertible loans. Investments may range up to $500,000, with the potential for follow-on investments. The firm prefers to support companies based in Northern California or with ties to the region, and plans to make approximately 2 further investments.

The firm is seeking to invest in products that can be used by hospitals or health systems to solve major problems. The firm invests in medical technology, healthcare IT and also has some interest in diagnostics. In the medical device sector, the firm invests in projects at both preclinical and clinical stages of development. The firm has diverse interests and will consider investing in any area of the medical device and healthcare IT/connected device field, but possesses specialist expertise in radiology, molecular imaging/imaging devices, and electro mechanical medical devices. In addition to these areas of expertise, the fund is interested in subsectors in which the Davis/Sacramento region provides significant expertise such as regenerative medicine and telehealth. In general, the firm is interested in technologies that improve standards of care or deliver more time- or cost-efficiency for healthcare providers.

The firm works with health systems in Northern California to launch pilot projects in order to vet new technologies from the fund’s portfolio. The firm therefore focuses on opportunities that can be de-risked with this method. The firm prefers to exit investments in a short timeframe (about 2 years), and seeks a board seat in portfolio companies.

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