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Redefining Early Stage Investments (RESI) Conference…Get On Board the Investor Train

31 Mar

By Dennis Ford, Founder & CEO, LSN


When LSN founded the Redefining Early Stage Investments (RESI) conference in 2013, it was with the simple hope of creating an event that offered more to early stage life science investors and CEOs than the other partnering events that existed at the time. LSN’s business development team had visited partnering events and investor conferences throughout the USA and also internationally, and had met few active early stage investors at these events. As LSN began to cultivate relationships with these firms and discover what kinds of technologies they were seeking to invest in, we saw the opportunity to create an event that would bring these investors together to meet with fundraising CEOs whose technologies matched their investment mandates.

We’re now approaching the 8th RESI event, and over the last three years thousands of entrepreneurs and investors have come face to face at RESI to talk about new healthcare technologies. RESI has picked up the pace every year, becoming a quarterly event for the first time in 2016.

Not only that, but RESI has hit the road; following three successful RESI events in Boston, LSN saw the opportunity to host RESI in San Francisco during the annual healthcare conference week. Organizing an event so far from our home office in Boston was a tremendous challenge that took LSN beyond our previous comfort zone, but we found that RESI was well received as a part of the annual JPM ecosystem, filling a niche for early stage companies and investors that had previously been lacking in a conference week that’s primarily geared to later stage and publicly traded companies.

Last year, RESI also expanded to Houston as a part of Texas Medical Center’s efforts to build a “Third Coast” for healthcare innovation, supported by the resources, expertise and discoveries made at their member institutions. Houston has also attracted many other strategic partners to this effort, including Johnson & Johnson’s JLABS. Being in the right place at the right time is a gift in any innovative technology endeavor, and recognizing that RESI and JLABS are now coinciding in [geography], JLABS became RESI’s title sponsor.

This summer, RESI will take another step: the first international event, held at MaRS in Toronto on June 23rd. As we’ve added new events to the RESI circuit, we’ve brought new faces into LSN’s informal network at every new venue and uncovered the unique strengths and needs of each area.

So how have we continued to build RESI’s value? One question we typically ask fundraising CEOs is how many investor meetings they’ve had in the last year. We might typically hear they’ve pitched to a dozen or more investors in one year. RESI provides an opportunity to participate in both scheduled and ad hoc meetings, and many CEOs report up to 16 -20 meetings in one day, four times per year, with active investors who are a fit for their opportunity. With the potential for over 80 meetings for those that attend every event, there aren’t any other events that offer a comparable return on effort for a CEO on the road looking for development capital. And after 7 successful events, we’ve heard from many investors that they’ve conducted due diligence on companies that they’ve met at RESI.

LSN is looking ahead to a busy year for RESI, with events lined up in Houston (April 11th), Toronto (June 23rd) and Boston (September 13th) for our ever-expanding network to come together. We’re excited to be breaking new ground and hope you’ll join us on this global investor circuit.


RESI Panel Announcement: Family Offices

31 Mar

By Lucy Parkinson, Director of Research, LSN

Family offices often catch the interest of entrepreneurs due to the possibility of committed, long-term capital from investors who look to the long view regarding their investment decisions.  Family offices may also have unique investment motivations that relate to the family’s particular expertise and history.  With a reputation for being deep-pocketed and flexible investors, life science CEOs are often interested in meeting with family office investors, and this panel will allow the RESI@TMCx audience to learn directly from family office investment staff about how they invest, what they look for in a life science opportunity, and how to find alignment with their needs.

Moderated by Colin Widen, CEO, Boston Innovation Capital, the panelists are:

If you’re interested in listening to this panel live at RESI, you can register for RESI@TMCx now.


RESI Panel Announcement: Healthcare System Partners

31 Mar

By Shaoyu Chang, MD, MPH, Senior Research Manager, LSN

Shaoyu 10*10

The RESI team is pleased to debut a new panel on Healthcare System Partners at RESI@TMCx on April 11. In an article titled “Innovation as Discipline, Not Fad,” the New England Journal of Medicine called on healthcare organizations to embrace innovations and serve as the training ground to test their medical benefits, technical feasibility, and business viability. Many healthcare systems are doing just that. This panel will reveal the changing role healthcare organizations are playing in fostering innovation.

Moderated by Rebecca Kaul, Chief Innovation Officer, MD Anderson, this session will feature:

From innovation centers to investment vehicles, healthcare organizations have become critical partners for entrepreneurs. Whether you are considering generating user experience, conducting pilot studies, or receiving technical guidance, the value of face-to-face meetings with these institutions is unfathomable. At the heart of the world’s largest medical center, this panel will help entrepreneurs navigate complex healthcare systems and bring their companies to the next milestone.

Registering for the RESI Conference will give you the opportunity to listen to this panel live, connect with relevant investors and network with like-minded entrepreneurs.


Hot Investor Mandate 1: Family Office Seeking Therapeutic Opportunities with a China Angle

31 Mar

An evergreen fund established by a family office in Asia is operating from a committed capital of USD 300 million. The fund makes equity investments in early- to late-stage private businesses. Typical allocations range from USD 1.5 million to north of USD 10 million. The fund likes to lead investments in local-based businesses and co-invest in businesses overseas. The fund is currently focused on new opportunities in Greater China and Southeast Asia, while they are also interested in US, Canada, and EU-based companies with a China angle.

Currently, the firm is interested in cutting edge, innovative therapeutic and platform technologies in cancer, CNS, and chronic diseases. The fund considers all stages from preclinical through pre-IPO. The fund also considers a broad range of technologies including medical devices, diagnostics, healthcare services, and nutraceuticals. In medical devices, the fund is open to all indications and prefers later stage projects with proof of concept.

The firm is looking for competent, experienced, and reliable management teams when considering investment. Prior to deciding on allocations, the fund’s management team typically spends months interacting with candidate companies to determine their track record, quality of scientific research, technical expertise, and flexibility and reliability in working with investors. The fund prefers to work with Greater China-based companies or foreign businesses that are seeking to enter the Greater China market. The fund typically requires a board seat in the companies it invests in.

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Hot Investor Mandate 2: Corporate VC Invests In B2B Healthcare IT and Approved Medical Devices

31 Mar

The corporate venture capital arm of a corporation has $6B in AUM and provides a variety of venture financing solutions in a mix of debt and equity structures to growth-stage companies in the technology and life science space. Initial investments typically range from $5M-$20M, with additional capital reserved for follow-on investments. The firm does not make strategic investments, but rather is focused on returns and makes all investments directly from its balance sheet; therefore, there are no time constraints for returns. The firm aims to do between $150M-$200M in deals per year. Board seats are not typically required; however, board observation rights may be required depending on the deal.

In the life science space, the firm is most interested in healthcare IT and medical devices (diagnostic or therapeutic). The firm will consider earlier-stage health IT companies without any revenue, but medical device companies must have FDA approval and would be preferred if they were generating some revenue. The firm is most interested in health IT companies with a B2B aspect, whether that be clinical or business systems, and will look at consumer-facing healthcare IT technologies on a secondary basis.

For the most part, the firm invests in North American companies, but will consider Asian companies secondarily. The firm requires that management teams have a quality track record that demonstrates their ability to execute.

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Hot Investor Mandate 3: New Venture Fund Seeks Therapeutics, Medtech and Advanced Life Science Tools Worldwide

31 Mar

A California-based firm is investing from a new fund that closed in early 2016.  The firm generally invests in Series A equity rounds, and typically commits a total of $1-4 million over the course of an investment.  The firm invests 90% of its capital in the USA, Japan and Israel, with the remaining 10% open to global opportunities.

The firm invests in advanced therapeutics, healthcare IT, novel devices and diagnostics, and second generation tools and technologies in the biotech R&D/laboratory innovation field.  Technologies of interest to the firm include 3D tissue scaffolds, organs-on-a-chip, second generation diagnostics, and single cell tracking.  The firm is open to any indication area, and has a particular interest in diseases that afflict the elderly including Alzheimer’s disease and cancer.  The firm prefers to invest in technologies at an early stage of development.

The firm is interested in working with high quality management teams.

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Hot Investor Mandate 4: Global Big Pharma Seeks Assets in Oncology, Neurodegenerative Diseases, and Immunology

31 Mar

A US-based large pharmaceutical firm forms partnerships with development stage biotech companies via a variety of structures, including strategic venture investments, in-licensing, collaborations, and M&A. The firm looks globally for opportunities.

The firm focuses on therapeutic assets in oncology (including immuno-oncology), immunology, and neurodegenerative diseases. The firm is also interested in fibrotic diseases of the liver (such as HBV). The firm is open to biologic, small molecule and cell therapy opportunities. The firm will consider assets at any stage of development, but is particularly interested in outreach from companies developing early stage technologies.

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