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RESI on MaRS Program Guide Announced

16 Jun

By Nono Hu, Director of Marketing, LSN

With RESI on MaRS coming up next week, the LSN team are getting ready to head to Canada’s hub of healthcare innovation, Toronto!  With over 300 healthcare companies supported by MaRS Discovery District, we’re looking forward to hosting RESI in this rising biomedical innovation scene.

LSN would like to present the RESI on MaRS Program Guide.  If you’re planning your day in Toronto and want to see full lists of the speakers, RESI Innovation Challenge participants, exhibitors and sponsors you could meet, look no further!



RESI on MaRS Panel Announcement: Early Stage Digital Health

16 Jun

By Cole Bunn, Senior Research Analyst, LSN


As tech continues its foray into healthcare, we are seeing a variety of different digital solutions for just about every segment of the healthcare industry. The relatively nascent nature of this sector has entrepreneurs and investors still working to figure out the most effective ways to work their way into large healthcare systems or efficiently reach consumers and add value.

Moderated by Dennis Giokas, Chief Technology Officer, Canada Health Infoway this session will feature:

  • Tom Hawes, Managing Director, Sandbox Industries
  • Shurjeel Choudhri, Senior VP & Head, Medical & Scientific Affairs, Bayer Healthcare
  • Jean-Francois Pariseau, Partner, Healthcare Fund, BDC
  • Dennis Depenbusch, Director, New Ventures Initiative, BCBSKS

This panel will provide a unique perspective on the digital health investment landscape with a varied lineup of organizations who are putting money to work in this burgeoning area of healthcare, including pharma, payers and a government VC arm.

By registering for RESI on MaRS, you’ll be able to listen to the early digital health panel live in person, interact with the investors and experience numerous opportunities to expand your network in the life sciences.

LSN Summer Reading Series Issue #4

16 Jun

By Lucy Parkinson, Director of Research, LSN

This week in the summer reading series, we explore the current categories of early stage life science investors. As a result of the significant changes the investor landscape has undergone in the past few years, many traditional players have moved downstream to later stage investments or out of the space entirely, and new faces have stepped in to fill the void. Understanding what motivates these different groups and how they operate is crucial when looking for a successful financial partnership.

Chapter 4 of The Life Science Executive’s Fundraising Manifesto “Categories of Life Science Investors” explains how and why the funding landscape has changed, the types of investors who are currently funding companies, and, in general, the approach these entities take toward investing.

Click here to download/print the PDF.

We hope this text proves to be informative. Next week we will turn the focus inward with Chapter 5: “Knowing Who and What You Are, and Where You Fit.”

Enjoyed the preview? Buy now from or Barnes & Noble


Hot Investor Mandate 1: Japan-based Device Firm Seeks Cardiovascular & Regenerative Medtech Venture Deals

16 Jun

A Japan-based medtech corporation with a California office is seeking to invest in venture-stage startup companies. Typical allocation sizes range from $0.2M-$2M, and may be structured as research funds, equity, or convertible loans depending on the phase of development. The firm will consider companies at all stages from concept to OTM, with OTM products being candidates for M&A and distribution agreements. Investments are focused on medical technology and diagnostics companies.

The firm is interested in medical technology and diagnostics companies across indications, but has a current focus in cardiovascular and regenerative indication areas.  Technologies at any stage of development may be considered.

The firm may or may not seek a board seat on companies they invest in. They are open to working with all management teams, and view deals globally.

If you are interested in more information about this investor and other investors tracked by LSN, please email

Hot Investor Mandate 2: Private Fund Seeks Medical Device and CMO Opportunities

16 Jun

A Canada-based investment group formed by successful entrepreneurs seeks to invest globally in small-to-mid sized medical device and pharmaceutical companies. The firm can act as a co-investor or lead, and can leverage distribution networks and partnerships across 4 continents. Typical allocations are < $25 M structured as equity, and may come from a combination of the firm’s fund, partners’ personal funds, or a family office whose wealth is managed by the firm. Portfolio companies focus on specialty pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, medical devices, & ancillary health services.

The firm’s specialty area is in generic pharmaceutical manufacturing and distribution, and manufacturing and distribution of specialty medical devices. Urology and urogynecology devices, injectable medications, cardiovascular medications, dental devices, vaccines, oncology therepeutics, diagnostics, and surgical simulators are reflected in portfolio companies. Devices that fit well in the focus and distribution regions of portfolio companies are of particular interest.

The firm looks for strong & accomplished management teams and above all, values, innovation, transparency, integrity, and execution. The firm may or may not seek a board seat depending on the structure of the allocation.

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Hot Investor Mandate 3: Venture Firm Seeks Preclinical Biologics and NCEs in Oncology, CNS, and Infectious Diseases

16 Jun

A venture capital firm based in Cambridge, MA raised a new fund in 2015, which closed at $500 million. The firm makes highly varied allocations, and focuses on investing in North American biotech hubs (including Boston, the San Francisco Bay Area, and San Diego), but also considers opportunities elsewhere in North America and in Europe.

The firm invests in therapeutic companies with products at the preclinical development stage. The firm typically invests in biologics and NCEs rather than optimizations of existing chemical entities. The firm is opportunistic regarding indication areas but focuses on oncology, CNS, anti-infectives, and other serious life-threatening diseases (including orphan diseases), and generally does not invest in fields that require large Phase III trials such as cardiology and diabetes.

The firm seeks companies pursuing disease targets that have been rigorously validated via animal studies, pharmacology and/or genetic studies. The firm invests in high-quality management teams, and syndicates investments with a select group of preferred strategic and financial investors.

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Hot Investor Mandate 4: Digital Health Fund Seeks Healthcare IT Opportunities in The US Mountain West/West Coast

16 Jun

A firm headquartered in Arizona makes pre-seed, seed, and post-seed investments which reserves strategic follow-on capital for additional rounds and selecting follow-on Series A investments. Typical allocation are $1M-$5M. The firm capital invests in digital health and healthcare IT companies located in AZ, UT, CO, NM and CA.

The firm invests in the digital health/healthcare IT space. They are interested in both consumer facing and data storage and analytics products.

The firm works with companies with a defined product market fit and cogent go-to-market strategy. The typical valuation of companies they work with fall in the $3M-$6M range. The product should have validation in the market with some early stage traction with customers and revenue (usually <$ 1M).

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