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Happy Thanksgiving and Warm Wishes from LSN

24 Nov

By Dennis Ford, Founder & CEO, LSN

LSN would like to wish you all a happy Thanksgiving. We are thankful for your support and engagement on our path to build connections between early stage life science technologies and investors. We wish you all the greatest success in building your respective buinesses and moving new treatments to market.

As is LSN’s Thanksgiving tradition, we’re serving up the 10 most recent life science investment mandates gathered by LSN Research. These mandates show the breadth of coverage that LSN has among life science investors, with investors including international PE firms, expert regional investors, and global pharma firms. If one of these investors is a fit for your opportunity, we’d love to hear from you.

While you enjoy the spread on your own tables at home, click the mandates below to see what the LSN Investor Platform is serving up:

1. PE Firm Raises New Fund for Early Stage & Growth Stage Medtech Opportunities

2. New VC Firm Seeks Medtech, Diagnostics and Digital Health Deals in Europe

3. Pharma Firm Invests in Therapeutic Assets in Oncology, Autoimmune, Diabetes and Infectious Disease

4. Venture Development Organization Invests in Life Science Startups in Ohio

5. Sovereign Wealth Fund Looks Globally for Life Science Deals

6. Diagnostics Firm Seeks Early Stage Partnerships

7. China-based Venture Firm Seeks Healthcare IT for China Market

8. Seed Stage Angel Fund Seeks Devices in North Carolina

9. Large Pharma Firm Focuses on Oncology, Women’s Health, Cardiology and Diagnostics

10. European VC Invests in Therapeutics and Medtech in the Benelux Region

Hot Investor Mandate 1: PE Firm Raises New Fund for Early Stage & Growth Stage Medtech Opportunities

24 Nov

A private equity investment firm based in Israel is investing from a new fund that aims to close at $300M. For early-stage companies, the firm typically invests from few $100K to a couple million per company; for platforms/late stage, the firm usually invest up to $25M per company; and may syndicate for more capital if required. The firm invests in two platform deals and one early-stage company per year. The firm is interested in companies based in the U.S., Europe, or Israel.

The firm is interested in medical devices only. The firm is agnostic to disease indication and is not interested in pharmaceuticals. Accelmed may be interested in the diagnostics and digital health space, though is quite selective in these opportunities. For early-stage opportunities, the firm is interested in disruptive technologies at IP and/or preclinical stage. In the past, the firm has invested in cardiology and diabetes, and is currently looking at neurology; the firm is also open to new areas of focus. For late-stage/Platform companies, the firm is interested in those that have sales between $30-70M as well as sales organization in different fields within the company’s space.

For early stage investment, the firm does not have a management team requirement, as it has the capability to invest in technology and IP alone and build the team around it. The firm is very active post investment by taking more than just a board seat, the firm gets very involved in the company formation and development.

If you are interested in more information about this investor and other investors tracked by LSN, please email

Hot Investor Mandate 2: New VC Firm Seeks Medtech, Diagnostics and Digital Health Deals in Europe

24 Nov

A new venture capital fund based in Switzerland held its first closing of approximately $30 million in 2016 and plans to have a final closing at $80 million in 2017. The firm looks to make equity investments in seed to later stage companies with initial investments ranging from around $500,000 to $3 million depending on the type and stage of company. The firm also looks to reserve additional capital for follow on financing for each investment. The firm typically looks to lead investment rounds but is also open to co-investing. The firm is currently looking for companies throughout Europe with a preference for those located in Switzerland.

The firm is looking for companies in sectors of medical devices, diagnostics, digital health, and to a lesser extent laboratory equipment. The firm is not interested in traditional biotech or pharma opportunities, only select less capital intensive drug discovery opportunities will be considered. The firm is both technology and indication agnostic, focusing more on opportunities that are not highly capital and time intensive. The firm is looking for companies that are anywhere from the prototype stage to those that have a product on the market. The firm also places significant importance on companies that can provide a clear health economic benefit to both the patients and their healthcare providers.

The firm looks for companies with driven, energetic management teams and strongly prefers companies whose management teams have (or are about to seek) complementary skills in sales, marketing, product development, as well as technical and scientific expertise. The firm is only interested in privately held companies. The firm looks to take a board seat following investment and takes a very active role in helping companies grow, leveraging both internal expertise as well as their deep external network. The firm is looking for companies that have a clear and defined business plan and is not interested in late stage research projects.

If you are interested in more information about this investor and other investors tracked by LSN, please email

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