RESI San Diego Panel Announcement – Diagnostic Investors

4 May

By Michael Quigley, VP of Market Research, LSN


Fundraising for diagnostics companies, like most early stage healthcare technologies, is no easy task. A relative lack of a thriving M&A/IPO exit environment compared to other life science sectors along with high profile flops in the space has made some investors wary. However there exists a significant need for advancement in the field of diagnostics. From pharma companies wanting novel biomarkers to more accurately stratify patients for clinical trials, to the rise of personalized therapies via genomic testing, there’s a growing need for more accurate diagnostics and in many disease areas they do not currently exist.

In addition, many traditionally software or technology focused VCs and major strategics are looking to utilize their expertise to advance bioinformatic breakthroughs. While some these “new” healthcare investors have learned the hard way the difference between healthcare and consumer tech, as they continue to learn they will likely represent an increase of value added capital to the space.

In this session, we will hear from 5 Investors including VCs, large corporations and angels with experience and intent to invest in early stage diagnostics companies. The speakers will cover the types of investments they are looking to make and share insights they have learned working within the space. For any entrepreneur looking to raise capital for a diagnostic technology this is a must attend panel. Look below to see the speakers for yourself. We hope to see you in San Diego.

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