Hot Investor Mandate 3: Corporate VC Invests in Preclinical & Clinical-Stage Drugs, Diagnostics and Medtech

25 May

The corporate venture arm of a global pharma firm has offices worldwide and provides (equity only) seed and venture capital to development stage companies and takes significant ownership positions in well-established companies within life science and biotechnology. The firm’s venture investment activities are structured as an open evergreen fund with its parent firm as the sole investor. The firm invests at any stage of development – seed, venture, and growth. The firm also makes late-stage investments in public/private companies with a positive cash flow. The firm can allocate up to $40M or more depending on specific cases and has no specific limit, but generally allocates between $5M to $20M. The firm seeks companies that are based in North America and Europe. The firm has no current mandate for the number of allocations it plans to make and will evaluate relevant opportunities as they surface.

The firm is opportunistic in the life sciences space. The firm specifically focuses on companies that specialize in the development of novel drugs, new procedures for diagnosis and control of diseases, development of medical devices and instruments, and industrial biotechnology. For therapeutics, the firm is most interested in products that are in pre-clinical and clinical stage. For devices and instruments, the firm only invests in revenue generating companies to finance growth. The firm is very opportunistic in terms of subsectors and indications.

The firm seeks company ownership in return for its seed investments and influential equity ownership for late-stage investments. The firm considers both pre-revenue and revenue generating private and public companies. The firm is generally opportunistic with the management team, but highly prefers an experienced and qualified management team.

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