RESI Boston vs Other Conferences

7 Sep

By Chris Cummings, Senior Business Development Manager, LSN

The RESI Conference Series has created a different kind of partnering conference. At RESI, vetted investors with validated investment mandates are matched up with top novel technology firms that have compelling assets, creating dynamic relationships. Typically, partnering conferences promise early stage investors and don’t always deliver. Why is this?

Before you register for an event, check their criteria for investor registration. You can read RESI’s investor criteria here. Other conferences allow a broader definition of investors.  Some include under their definition of “investors” debt providers, business development folks and investment bankers that charge monthly stipends from fundraising CEOs to find them capital.  This is typically who you can expect to meet with at other partnering conferences.

RESI is completely off the charts with a 1:1 ratio of CEOs to investors. LSN can do this because we created the LSN Investor Platform to profile early stage life science investors, and in curating that data we formed valuable close relationships with investors that would be difficult for anyone else to replicate. We integrate these investor relationships with participation with RESI as well.  To show the superiority of the attendees and consistency of the data in the RESI partnering forum versus the competing conferences during Boston’s Biotech Week, we recently conducted a study. We took a look at investors and strategic partners in each system. You can see our results below. The key takeaway is that as of Aug. 28, 2017, RESI Boston conference had 141 registered investment firms and strategic partners, all of which are active direct investors or strategic partners and have complete partnering profiles; the other conference had 48 registered investment firms and strategic partners, however only 32 met LSN’s definition of investor. As of today (Sept. 7, 2017), RESI Boston has over 200 investors confirmed. Based on our projections honed by previous RESI Boston events, LSN expects to sign up hundreds more investors before September 26.

Register today and use the discount code

RESIBOS200 to save $200 on your registration.

Confirmed Investors Confirmed Companies RESI Boston Agenda


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