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Book Your RESI NYC Partnering Meetings Starting on Monday October 23rd

19 Oct

By Natasha Eldridge, Director of RESI Conference Series, LSN


Next Monday, October 23rd, the RESI Partnering Platform will open for the first RESI NYC, and the hundreds of entrepreneurs and investors who are signed up for RESI will have the opportunity to start booking one-on-one meetings.

If you’ve signed up for RESI’s Premier Partnering Plus, you will be able to access deep profiles of investors and strategic players that can be used to ensure you are targeting the most relevant investors in attendance. As well as providing an extra tool to vet the firms you’re reaching out to, Premier Partnering Plus includes contact info to help reach investors and secure meetings. If you’re already registered and would like to talk about upgrading your registration, please contact us at

Beyond Partnering, RESI will offer 24 panels and workshops featuring more than 100 speakers focused on early-stage investment, and provide an engaging venue for ad-hoc networking on NYC’s up-and-coming biotech scene.

We hope you’re all ready to start filling out your dance card for RESI NYC. The price to attend RESI will increase by $200 after Friday, October 20th – if you’d like to take part in RESI Partnering, don’t delay in signing up.


Look Who’s Coming to RESI NYC

19 Oct

By Lucy Parkinson, Director of Research, LSN

The first RESI NYC event has attracted a great diversity of constituents – from local startups to global investors, from New York-based foundations to major pharma and medtech firms from the Asia region. RESI always aims to draw investors beyond the well-trodden traditional funding tracks of venture capital funds, local angels and pharma; LSN is delighted to have those groups on board too, but at RESI you can also meet family offices, private equity and hedge funds, and the varied investment and strategic groups that participate in our Asia – North America track. Who would you like to meet at RESI NYC? Take a look below at some of the possibilities.

Confirmed Investors and Strategic Partners

As of October 19th, 2017

Hot Investor Mandate 1: Mid Atlantic VC Looks Worldwide for Cutting Edge Clinical Stage Therapeutics

19 Oct

A venture capital firm based in New Jersey makes initial investments from $5-$10M with $25M over the lifetime of the company. The firm invests globally, and has particular experience with partners in US, Israel, and England.

The firm seeks early-stage nanotechnology and stem cell research, particularly in cancer, rehabilitation, and regenerative medicine. The firm is only interested in clinical stage Ph I/II technology. The firm focuses their expertise in regenerative medicine, stem cell biology, immunology, oncology, and nanotechnology to identify opportunities in the treatment of a broad range of diseases. Specific to oncology, the firm is interested in novel cancer therapies, immunotherapy, new chemotherapies, targeted therapy, management of adverse consequences, and quality of life improvement.

The firm requires management teams with experience in the field. The firm seeks board representation post-investment, and remains actively supportive with portfolio companies.

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Hot Investor Mandate 2: Cross Border Investment Firm Closes New Early Stage Therapeutics Fund

19 Oct

A cross-border venture capital firm with offices in the USA and Asia is currently investing from its new $80 million fund closed in 2017. The firm’s LPs include pharmaceutical companies. Typically the firm makes an initial investment ranging from under $1 million to $3-6 million dependent on the company’s stage of development. The firm can allocate up to $16 million over the lifetime of a company. The firm invests in early-stage therapeutic companies worldwide, with a focus on opportunities in North America.

The firm only invests in therapeutics, and is primarily focused on companies with preclinical or clinical assets. Within therapeutics, all modalities are of interest. The firm may invest up to 18 months prior to IND, however require that a company has a lead asset that has been characterized. The firm will consider opportunities in any indication area.

The firm invests in teams with experienced, highly motivated teams with a strong background in either life science research or industry. The firm only invests in companies with technology that has the potential to be first in class.

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Hot Investor Mandate 3: Pharma Firm Looks for Innovative Technologies in CNS, Kidney Disorders and Oncology

19 Oct

A global pharmaceutical company with offices in Japan and the USA focuses on developing and marketing products in the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical businesses. Currently, the firm is actively seeking in-licensing opportunities to strengthen their product portfolio, and will consider all global opportunities.

The firm is interested in innovative therapeutics that address areas of significant unmet need in the following indications: CNS, nephrology, and oncology, in descending order. CNS is the area in which the firm has the strongest interest and expertise, and the firm is opportunistic to all types of sub-indications that fall under CNS, including Alzheimer’s disease, schizophrenia, etc. In nephrology, the firm is particularly interested in therapeutics in chronic kidney disease (CKD) and complications that are linked to CKD (i.e. hyponatremia), as well as IgA nephropathy and acute kidney injury. In oncology, the firm is primarily interested in therapeutics being developed for hematological cancers. The firm will consider assets as early as pre-clinical, but such assets will ideally be IND-ready with a valid proof-of-concept.

The firm has no specific management team requirements and will work with all types of companies with an innovative product or pipeline. The firm does not always seek distribution rights.

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Hot Investor Mandate 4: Private Equity Firm Turns Focus to Life Sciences, Seeks Products for China Market

19 Oct

A private equity firm based in New York previously invested in real estate, retail, and consumer products and has recently focused on life science investment opportunities. The firm is investing from their current $300M fund and also plans to raise a $200M fund focused on life sciences and consumer products. The firm’s minimum investment begins at $5M, and the investment size depends on the stage of the targeted company. The firm primarily invests in later stage life science companies. The firm is looking for companies in North America, and would seek distribution rights in China. The firm is actively looking for investment opportunities and plans to make 4-5 new investments as soon as possible. The firm would only seek to be the lead investor and will request a board seat.

The firm is a flexible and opportunistic investor that is currently considering Therapeutics, Medical Devices, Diagnostics, and Healthcare IT companies. The firm is open to all kinds of sectors but prefers companies that are into phase I of clinical trials or later. The firm is especially interested in vaccines including flu vaccines, Hepatitis A vaccine, Hepatitis B vaccine, and any other drugs for common diseases in China. The firm has a strong preference for later stage companies with products and pipelines that can directly produce and sell in China. The firm is open to medical devices with all FDA regulatory pathways, including 510k, PMA, and software-enabled devices. The firm is open to any phases in medical devices and therapeutics with a preference for those within human data. The most important consideration is the potential market in China.

The firm considers the management team’s character and entrepreneurial spirit. Team members who speak Mandarin may be a plus.

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Hot Investor Mandate 5: Private Investment Fund Invests in Early Stage Therapeutics

19 Oct

An investment group based in New York City is currently investing in early stage biotechnology companies and company creation from dedicated capital. These investments are typically standalone and/or syndicated with a network of investors that have invested with the firm in the past. The firm founds 1-2 companies per year by creating a company around an asset that they acquired or in-licensed. The firm also considers investments in 0-3 existing companies per year, which are typically early in the company’s development and/or follow-on investments. The firm invests globally but requires the company or development programs have a North America component.

The firm is a flexible and opportunistic investor and will consider any therapeutics area. The firm focuses on drug development and makes occasional investments in therapeutic devices. The firm focuses on clinical stage drug development opportunities, but may consider earlier stage products if the drug is a repositioning/reformulation opportunity or has some human safety data in another indication and/or territory. The firm will generally focus on single therapeutic assets and avoids diagnostics, platforms, and computational biology companies that lack any drug assets. The firm looks at any area of medicine and focuses on niche areas of medicine and smaller indications.

The firm is open to both lead and co-investing depending on the opportunity. However, typically the firm will not be a lead on a large raise. If the firm creates the company they will be a very active, hands-on investor. The firm is open to investing in very young companies.

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