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RESI NYC 2017 Innovation Challenge – Winners Announced

16 Nov

By Natasha Eldridge, Director of RESI Conference Series, LSN

natasha-wp-newYesterday, we held the Redefining Early Stage Investments (RESI) conference in New York for the first time, and 36 finalists competed for “investment” tokens from the RESI audience. These finalists included companies developing novel drugs or devices, new diagnostics and healthcare IT applications. All of these companies have the potential to revolutionize medicine, but there could only be 3 top prize winners.

First Place: Sen-Jam Pharma

Sen-Jam Pharmaceutical is reimaging health through innovation. Sen-Jam’s Exulta™ asset, a fixed-dose novel combination therapy, provides opioid free pain relief with GI protection for extended use. Exulta™ can stabilize the innate immune system by modulating histamines, prostaglandins and regulating pro-inflammatory cytokines. Exulta™ can also attenuate glial cell activity. Exulta’s platform can be used for multiple indications: reducing opioid induced hyperalgesia, tolerance and dependence for all chronic opioid users, reducing symptoms of opioid withdrawal, treatment of arthritis, reducing common cold symptoms, reducing alcohol hangover symptoms, and preventing symptoms associated with vaccine administration. Exulta™ has been shown in volunteers to reduce symptoms associated with the innate immune response by 60-90% in over 500 dosing events without adverse effects.

Jim Iversen, CEO & COO, Sen-Jam Pharmaceutical | Natasha Eldridge, Director of RESI Conference Series, LSN | Thomas Dahl, Head of Product Development & Regulatory Affairs, Sen-Jam Pharmaceutical | Lucy Parkinson, Director of Investor Research, LSN

Second Place: Bioharmony Therapeutics

Bioharmony Therapeutics is an early-stage biotechnology company developing next-gen antimicrobial therapies for lethal drug-resistant bacterial infections. We are exploiting millions of year of phage-bacteria evolution to develop lysins, enzymes produced by phages that rapidly kill bacteria and have a very low chance of developing resistance. Our lead product targets infections caused by Acinetobacter baumannii, a MDR-pathogen that poses the greatest threat to human health. Our pipeline targets infections caused by other Gram-negative bacteria such as E.coli and Klebsiella, for use in UTI, pneumonia and sepsis.

Chandrabali Ghose, Founder & CEO, Bioharmony Therapeutics | Natasha Eldridge, Director of RESI Conference Series, LSN | Lucy Parkinson, Director of Investor Research, LSN

Third Place: Mirimus

Mirimus is engaged in the design, development and pioneering of new genome editing technologies to develop animal models that are crucial for the preclinical evaluation of new therapeutics. We are a high-tech business unlike any other with expertise in RNAi technologies critical for development of animal models that can pave the way we develop drugs, by pin-pointing potential toxicities and guiding the development of safer, more effective therapeutics. We are revolutionizing the creation of animal models by synergzing RNAi and CRISPR/Cas9 technologies for development of mice, rats and higher organisms.

Prem Premsrirut, Founder & CEO, Mirimus | Lucy Parkinson, Director of Investor Research, LSN | Natasha Eldridge, Director of RESI Conference Series, LSN

If you missed out on the opportunity to compete in the RESI NYC Innovation Challenge, we’d be happy to take your application for our upcoming San Francisco event on January 9th.

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RESI NYC 2017 – Program Guide Is Here!

9 Nov

By Natasha Eldridge, Director of RESI Conference Series, LSN


We are counting down the days to the first RESI NYC event on November 15th, and it’s now time for LSN to present the RESI NYC 2017 Program Guide. This RESI event draws upon both the rising biotech ecosystem in New York and also LSN’s global network of investors and strategic movers in the life science space, and in the Program Guide, you can find speakers, sponsors, and innovators from all over the world. To check out the full RESI NYC 2017 content and lineup, view the Program Guide below.


Meet RESI NYC’s Investors & Strategics

9 Nov

By Cole Bunn, Senior Research Analyst, LSN

cole-wpWhether you’re looking to identify your lead investor, fill out a round of funding or explore strategic partnerships, RESI has a robust pool of groups you should be speaking with. As we approach our first ever RESI conference to be held in New York City, we’re pleased to have everything from government organizations and philanthropic venture groups to leading pharmaceutical companies and venture funds represented, all looking for novel technologies and great entrepreneurs. Have a look at some of the folks you can meet.

Hot Investor Mandate 1: Hong Kong Based Conglomerate Invests in Early-Stage Novel CNS and Oncology Therapies

9 Nov

A Hong Kong-based conglomerate has global interests in real estate development and investment, financial investment, hotels and shipping. The group continues to diversify its business and growth globally with interests in a diverse range of business partnerships, including life sciences.

The group has a global investment platform that focuses on life sciences. Leveraging on the group’s strong capital base and long-term commitment to the area, the company is aimed to become the ideal partner for scientists, entrepreneurs, corporations and investors in the life science space. Through direct investments and fund investments covering full spectrum of the industry (including therapeutics, medical devices and diagnostics) and across different development stages, the platform is starting to build significant presence in the USA and Greater China.

Within healthcare, the group looks at cutting-edge biotech therapeutic technologies across small molecule, biologics, and novel therapies. The group focuses on oncology, brain diseases, as well as drug delivery platforms and genomic diagnostics. In terms of development stages, the group focuses on pre-clinical to early clinical stage assets that are seeking series A/B/C financing.

The group looks for experienced and competent teams with sector expertise and track record of success. The firm prefers opportunities where they have already identified a healthcare-focused lead investor. The firm typically requests board representation post-investment.

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Hot Investor Mandate 2: Large Australian VC Seeks Global Life Science Opportunities

9 Nov

A venture capital firm headquartered in Australia solely invests in the life sciences and generally seeks to make investments ranging from $3-10M. The firm invests globally but prefers companies with the majority of employees and assets based in Australia. The firm is a dedicated mid-stage life sciences investor, which means that the firm looks at technologies that are ready to be, or are already, trailed in humans.

The firm will invest in companies across the life science space, including therapeutics, diagnostics and medical technology. The firm does not invest in service providers. The firm considers all subsectors and indications, including orphan indications. The firm will consider technology either in or prepared for human clinical trials and is open to all classes of devices. The firm generally seeks investments in novel technology but will consider existing markets if the technology is superior.

The firm looks for companies where a large part of the technological risk has been removed, and work alongside companies to ensure that their clinical programs and other activities support their objectives and are designed to achieve the best possible outcome for the company. The firm is open to co-investments and considers public and private companies. The firm will only consider companies with granted patents or a clear patent strategy. Companies of interest must have a remote connection with Australia or the Pacific Region. This may include a facility or a partner located in the region.

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Hot Investor Mandate 3: Global Insurance Company Looking for Healthcare Opportunities with Focus on Senior Care

9 Nov

A global insurance company based in Beijing, China currently has total assets under management of nearly $800 B. The firm’s investment arm has invested in several industries and is now looking for opportunities in healthcare. The firm is most interested in mature companies with stable cash flow, but it is also open to seed- and early-stage opportunities. Investment size can largely vary depending on the deal. The firm considers companies globally with a focus on North America.

The firm considers opportunistically across various sectors within healthcare, including medical devices, diagnostics, and healthcare IT, with an increased interest in senior care, wellness, wearable devices, and big data analytics. The firm prefers revenue-generating, mature businesses, while early-stage companies with proof-of-concept would also be considered. Currently, the firm is focused most on medical devices and diagnostics within the senior care space.

The firm is looking for experienced management teams with sector expertise. The firm can lead or follow in a financing round.

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Hot Investor Mandate 4 – European VC Raising New Fund to Invest in Medtech, Digital Health, and Late-Stage Therapeutics

9 Nov

An European-focused venture capital firm with partners based in Europe and USA has a current fund which is actively investing in Spain, Portugal, the UK, and Ireland. The firm is expanding into the Baltics and raising a new €100 M fund. The firm looks for companies mainly in Europe and works closely with the team to expand the business into new markets. The firm invests in Series A & B financings as a with investments ranging from €3-8 M over the life of the company. The firm is actively looking for investment opportunities and plans to make around 12 investments with the new fund over the next 4 years. The firm will only invest in private companies.

The firm is an opportunistic investor and will consider medical devices, diagnostics, and healthcare IT companies. The firm is most interested in diagnostics and healthcare IT companies as well as data- analytics and IoT companies. Previous investments include a pharmacogenetic test company and a drug delivery technology platform, clinical trial analytics and others. The firm is very opportunistic in terms of subsectors and indications. For therapeutics, the firm will only consider products that are in phase 2 stage or later. In terms of digital health, the firm has interests in consumer-facing platforms and analytics areas, such as big data-driven technologies on complex medical research.

The firm looks for management teams with highly relevant experience and strong industry knowledge is a must. The firm looks for management teams that are willing to work alongside a hands-on investor, and the firm always looks to take a board seat. The firm is open to both leading and co-investing. The firm prefers companies to be backed by strong IP protection and must have already raised seed capital.

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