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Life Science Nation Scores A “Hat Trick” with the Third RESI in Toronto – April 10th at MaRS Discovery District

18 Jan

By Dennis Ford, Founder & CEO, Life Science Nation; Creator of RESI Conference Series

LSN is pleased to announce that RESI on MaRS is on schedule to land in Toronto April 10th, and JLABS and MaRS Discovery District will be the Title Sponsors. The big news here is that this event will be larger from an international perspective than previous RESI on MaRS events. The global early stage life science investor and partnering community has stepped up efforts to source technology assets throughout North America, and Toronto has a trove of up and coming startups across the domains of drugs, devices, diagnostics, and healthcare IT.

LSN has built a compelling group of investors and strategic partners (dubbed “the tribe”) that use the RESI conferences as a vehicle to source and vet new technologies. These investors all have a mandate to allocate capital resources in order to fill their portfolios and product pipelines and expand their global channels. LSN has already seen very strong interest from investors based in Asia, Europe and the U.S., who are vying for panel slots at the upcoming conference. RESI’s panels will feature investors from Asia-based pharma and strategics, global family offices, venture capital firms, angel syndicates, private equity, corporate venture, foundations and impact funds. The market is heating up for early stage technology, and 2018 looks like it will be a banner year for dynamic global partnerships.

Last year, RESI on MaRS hosted over 250 Canadian and international investors who participated over 900 meetings with fundraising CEOs and scientist-entrepreneurs in one day. These investors went to Toronto with mandates for investment and indeed fostered relationships that led to deals. Part of RESI on MaRS is the Innovation Challenge which will feature 30 top life science startups that has become a major draw for the investors that attend the event. The Innovation Challenge showcases these local startups on a global stage.

MaRS and JLABS will work together to showcase best-of-breed technology to the global players at this event. RESI is also part of the Toronto Health Innovation Week, which features a bevy of activity over the course of five days, leveraging the fact that RESI on MaRS will bring in the global players. Looking forward to seeing you on MaRS!

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RESI on MaRS 2017 Dynamic Statistics

18 Jan

By Chris Cummings, Senior Marketing Manager, LSN

In April 2017, RESI brought over 250 qualified life science investors to the Toronto ecosystem. The investors came from all corners of the globe; large strategic partners flew in from China to join local family offices just down the street from MaRS Discovery District. Over 900 meetings occurred over the course of the day. Taking a closer look at exactly where investors came from and who they met with confirms the global cross-pollination of early stage life science RESI fosters.

RESI, for that day, was able to expand the pool of capital in Toronto beyond Canada’s borders. About 50% of the investors who attended the event were from the United States, Europe, or Asia.

Investment firm types were far from homogenous as well. No single category of investor dominated the event, creating a platform where every fundraising company can find the capital that most accurately suits their needs.

Investors came to RESI on MaRS primarily to meet with new interesting technology. Over 80% of investor meetings were with fundraising companies.

RESI also offers a platform for fundraising companies to collaborate with relevant service providers, non-profits, and even other fundraising companies.

This data goes to show that RESI on MaRS truly offers an unparalleled platform for players in the early stage life science game to find partners from across the world, driving innovation forward and, ultimately, putting much needed treatments in the hands of patients.

Toronto Health Innovation Week – 2018

18 Jan

By Gregory Mannix, Vice President International Business Development, LSN

Where Health Means Business
For the second year running, RESI on MaRS will be the centerpiece event of the Toronto Health Innovation Week, taking place from April 9th to 13th, 2018. 30+ events will be taking place that week in the Toronto Region, bringing together key players in the life sciences from Canada and around the globe. Life science entrepreneurs, investors, opinion leaders and many others will converge on the region for an intense week of partnering and discussions. Here are some of the highlights:

Impact Health Summit. April 9th (All day)
Industry leaders and stakeholders from Canada and the world come together to build new partnerships and accelerate the ecosystem. The day will include keynotes and panels from industry leaders, roundtables, workshops and the Health Partnering Forum.

HealthKick Investor Summit. April 9th (Afternoon)
An inside look at the emerging trends, opportunities and challenges shaping the investment climate for human health and life sciences. Gain insight into the state of financing in healthcare today and the industry developments driving investments.

RESI on MaRS. April 10th (All day)
350+ global investors and strategics will meet 350+ early-stage life science companies and quality service providers in the industry’s premier partnering event for funding.

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Hot Investor Mandate 1: Canada-Based Family Office Interested in Early-Stage Medtech and Healthcare IT, Including AI/Big Data Applications

18 Jan

A multi-family office based in Canada has historically focused on the mining, oil and gas industries, but is beginning to become more involved with direct investments in the early stage healthcare space. Initial investments can range from $500k – $5M, but has a large network of family offices that they may syndicate with on larger deals. The group is flexible in terms of financing structures, and is open to straight equity in priced financing rounds as well as convertible notes, depending on the stage and specifics of the deal. The group has the capability to lead, but has no preference and will also co-invest as a syndicate, and is focused on companies in the U.S. and Canada.

The group is fairly new to the healthcare space and is primarily focused on the medtech and healthcare IT sectors, and is open to a variety of technologies/companies in these areas. The group has a specific interest in AI/big data applications in healthcare, and the primary screening criteria for all prospective companies being that the company have a very scalable business model. Further, the group looks for companies that have exhibited some sort of traction or customer support. In the medtech space, the group will look at medical devices pre-FDA approval on a secondary basis.

The group invests in companies in North America, but has no strict requirements for companies or management teams. The group does not require a board seat along with an investment.

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Hot Investor Mandate 2: Single Family Office Seeks Emerging, Pre-Clinical Life Science Technologies with Strong Interests in Ophthalmology and Dermatology

18 Jan

A single-family office organization based in California is generally looking to make Seed and Series A investments in emerging life science companies. The firm can make investments ranging for $100,000 to $2 million and is currently interested in companies based throughout the US.

The firm is looking for companies in sectors of therapeutics, diagnostics and medical devices. The firm is generally open to all indications but has increased interests in ophthalmology and dermatology. The firm is focused on pre-clinical stage companies and is comfortable working with early university spinouts.

The firm is looking for privately held companies. The firm is open to working with firms that have incomplete management teams and has experience in helping form a team around an idea. The firm also has relationships with a CRO and can offer additional strategic value in addition to capital.

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Hot Investor Mandate 3: Boston-Based VC Firm Invests in Medtech and Diagnostic Companies Targeting Global Unmet Medical Needs

18 Jan

A Boston-based venture firm specializes in early stage opportunities in med-tech, diagnostics, and instruments. Currently, the firm has a total AUM of $125 million. Typically, the firm initially invests in a start-up at the early stage, but reserves capital for participation later on. The firm typically makes a first investment in the range of $1-3 million, but is open to making larger or smaller allocations as opportunities arise. The firm expects to invest a total in the range of $7-12 million in a given portfolio company as it makes progress toward a successful exit. The firm prefers to act as a lead investor for early stage deals.

The firm is most interested in companies developing Medical devices, Diagnostics tools and Instrumentation. The firm is looking for companies targeting global unmet clinical needs in areas such as oncology, cardiovascular disease, obesity, and women’s health. The firm is willing to invest in companies that are pre-prototype as well as those that have a working prototype of their product.

The firm looks to act as a long term strategic partner with its portfolio companies. The firm looks for experienced management teams and generally looks to take a board seat into companies.

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Hot Investor Mandate 4: Non-Profit Foundation Provides Funding and Equity Investments to Early-Stage Ultrasound Technologies

18 Jan

A non-profit foundation is dedicated to accelerating the adoption of focused ultrasound to be used with therapeutic treatments. The foundation provides funding in the form of non-dilutive research grants as well as equity investments within early stage technologies that utilize focused ultrasound within their therapies. Examples include the use of focused ultrasound as a drug delivery mechanism. The foundation invests globally and focuses can invest anywhere between $100 thousand USD and a couple million to get early stage focused ultrasound using therapeutics to the proof of concept stage. The foundation invests globally.

The foundation is interested in technologies that utilize focused ultrasound and can aid in the adoption of this technology as a standard in the therapeutics world. This includes the use of focused ultrasound as a drug delivery mechanism, as part of a therapy (non-invasive thermal ablation), etc. Within these sectors, the firm is particularly interested in neurological indications, cancer indications, immunotherapies, and pediatric indications. The firm currently focuses on pre-clinical and phase I assets, but is also willing to invest in phase II assets that are nearing a significant milestone.

The foundation is looking for a team that is capable of taking the technology to a proof of concept stage as their main goal while investing is to accelerate the adoption of ultrasound for use in therapeutics.

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