Hot Investor Mandate: VC Firm Invests Up to $7M in Early-Stage Medical Devices & Diagnostics in Markets of Unmet Medical Need, Ideally of at Least $10B

15 Nov

An early-stage venture capital firm based in the bay area is currently making Seed and Series A investments into companies ranging from $500K to $7 million, depending on the stage and financial requirements of the company – with up to $15 million over the company’s lifetime. The firm has a preference for companies based in Silicon Valley, but will consider opportunities globally.

The firm is sector agnostic having its main screening criteria be that the company is operating in a white space (meaning little or no competition) and having potential market sizes of at least $10 billion from a bottoms-up view. That being said, companies in the life science space that the firm is most interested in include medical technology, devices, and diagnostics for massive unmet markets such as diabetes, hypertension, and obesity. Additionally, the firm is interested in lab and provider service companies, although the firm is very sensitive to market size (need to meet the aforementioned market size). Areas where the firm has been involved previously include a genomic cardiovascular diagnostic, bioinformatics, lab services and other diagnostics companies.

The firm looks to be the first institutional investor in companies and acts as a lead or co-lead investor. The firm looks to take an active board seat into companies and assist with many aspects of the company’s development. The firm considers experienced management teams and a history of success as a strong plus, but is comfortable in working with first-time entrepreneurs.

If you are interested in more information about this investor and other investors tracked by LSN, please email

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