Hot Investor Mandate: A Foundation Making Venture Investments to Advance All Cancer-Related Technologies

26 Sep

The foundation operates a $25 million fund focused on capitalizing translational opportunities – that is, the commercialization of academic technologies / financing the first round of commercialization. The fund provides funding to early-stage translational companies via $1M – $5M recoverable grants which are essentially structured as convertible notes with 1) no expiration date and 2) no liquidity preference. Such grants do not reflect as debt on the investee’s balance sheet, and are converted to equity at very reasonable terms only in the event the valuation of the company increases about a pre-determined level.

The foundation has also helped to organize, and is a General Partner of, a $350 million fund focused on pre-clinical, Phase I, Phase II, and Phase III investments. The foundation issues grants primarily within the United States, and via its subsidiary, throughout Asia. The foundation’s funding vehicles invest primarily within the United States, but have a small allocation for foreign investments.

Sector interests include drugs, medical devices, and novel approaches. The firm is also open to funding technologies designed to accelerate cancer research and drug development, such as novel drug discovery tools or algorithms. By using its multiple funding vehicles, the foundation finances projects from the early discovery stage through to Phase III clinical trials. The foundation considers projects in any type of cancer.

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