RESI Asia Partnering Launches Monday, October 28th

24 Oct

By Karen Deyo, Senior Investor Research Analyst, LSN

The partnering platform has always been one of the main differentiators of the RESI Conference. Powered by the LSN Investor Platform, the detailed investor profiles that allow companies to book one-on-one meetings with partners who are a fit for them streamlines the process and improves the quality of the meetings that take place at RESI. The partnering platform allows attendees to filter by sector, stage of development, indication, among other factors, to find only those investors and strategic partners who are looking for technologies like theirs. Once an attendee requests a meeting, and the recipient has accepted it, the partnering platform will automatically assign a time and a table for the meeting to take place. Starting on Monday, Oct. 28th, attendees of RESI Asia will be able to take advantage of this system to book up to 16 high-quality one-on-one meetings. If you are interested in learning tips on how to make the best use of the partnering platform, here are a few articles that can help:

Confirmed RESI Asia Investors

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