Attend the Enmore Bio Conference to Connect with China’s Bio Industry – Suzhou, China February 20-22, 2020

12 Dec

By Candice He, Global Investment Strategist, LSN

As a co-organizer of RESI Shanghai, Enmore has become a valuable partner of Life Science Nation, utilizing their expertise in the local market and as conference organizers to make RESI a success, with more than 450 investors, startups and service providers in attendance. LSN and Enmore have a common goal of creating an international ecosystem for advancing life science technologies to market in a global economy, and will continue to partner to achieve this. For those interested in exploring the China market and establishing relationships with key players in the China life science ecosystem, we invite you to attend the Enmore Bio Conference, taking place at the Suzhou International Expo Center from February 20-22, 2020.

What is EBC?

Enmore Bio Conference (EBC) is the largest and most influential bio-industry conference in China, as well as the most open conference platform jointly created by Enmore Healthcare, the organizer, and many industry associations, institutions, companies and experts for the whole industry chain.

EBC consists of four parallel conferences: the 10th Antibody Drugs & Novel Biological Summit, the 8th Molecular Diagnostics Summit, the 6th Immunotherapy Industry Summit, and the 3rd 17TALK Healthcare Investment & Financing Leadership Forum. The four-in-one event covers topics concerning the whole industry chain of diagnosis, treatment and medication, and other topics like CDx, target development, clinical research and policy discussion will also be touched through a dozen of special forums. The Enmore Bio Exhibition, as part of this event, will attract more than 200 suppliers of instruments, consumables and services. The EBC, which combines conference and exhibition, has become a benchmark platform for high-level exchanges and cooperation in the bio-industry in China and abroad.

Conference website:

Why choose EBC?

EBC is committed to building China’s largest and most influential bio industry event through four parallel conferences, a dozen of co-organized forums, three invited-only meetings for CEOs and pre-event business visits. More than 150 enterprise leaders and experts will make presentations during this event.

Previous reports of EBC:

Co-organizations of EBC 2020

Guangzhou KingMed Diagnostics Group Co., Ltd.


Wuhan Tongji Hospital

Renmin Hospital Of Wuhan University

Shanghai Junshi Biosciences Co., Ltd.

Hengrui Medcine

Innoforce Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd.

TOT Biopharm


Everbright Medical & Healthcare Fund

EBC parallel conferences:

10th Antibody Drugs & Novel Biological Summit

The 10th Antibody Drugs & Novel Biological Summit is co-organized by Junshi Biosciences, Hengrui Medicine, Innoforce Pharmaceuticals, TOT BIOPHARM and SAPA-China. It covers the whole process of early research and development, process development, mass production, industrialization and commercialization. We will bring together CEOs and top leaders of functional departments of local listed companies, as well as heads of R&D, production, quality, process and business of antibody enterprises at home and abroad through a platform of exchanges and cooperation for thousands of people.

8th Molecular Diagnostics Summit

The 8th Molecular Diagnostics Summit is co-organized by Enmore and KingMed Diagnostics. This time we focus on “molecular diagnostics market structure and corporate strategy”, “multi-platform detection technology for clinical diagnosis” and “to create competitive molecular diagnostic products”. Authoritative experts in precision medicine and outstanding enterprises such as Jiangsu Center for Clinical Laboratories, Shanghai Center for Clinical Laboratory, Berry Genomics, Geneseeq, and KingMed Diagnostics Group will participate in this summit. An invited-only CEO meeting will happen during the summit, organized by Clinical Laboratories leaders.

6th Immunotherapy Industry Summit

The 6th Immunotherapy Industry Summit aims to provide businesses with the industrialization of cellular immunotherapy in the next two years. The forum is jointly developed by experts and scholars in the field of cellular immunotherapy study, quality control leaders of first-tier companies, and CEOs of domestic and foreign companies with extensive industrialization experience! Companies and institutions involved include Fosun Kite Biotechnology Co., Ltd, JW Therapeutics, Cellular Biomedicine Group, PersonGene, Tongji Hospital, etc.

3rd 17TALK Healthcare Investment & Financing Leadership Forum

The 3rd 17TALK Healthcare Investment & Financing Leadership Forum is co-hosted by Enmore Healthcare and Everbright Medical & Healthcare Fund. The forum features healthcare investment trends and corporate listing, inviting local and international top investors to participate in the discussions. Special financing roadshows will be held to provide a financing platform for enterprises.

Who will attend EBC?

EBC 2019 attracted 2,208 attendees, and EBC 2020 is expected to exceed 3,000 attendees. The participating groups include entrepreneurs, scientists, clinicians, investors and suppliers, mostly CEOs and heads of R&D, production, quality, process and commercialization.

Part of EBC 2019 attendees

Antibody Drugs BIO-THERA Immunotherapy Gracell
Antibody Drugs BeiGene Immunotherapy Lion TCR
Antibody Drugs JOINN Laboratories (Beijing) Immunotherapy HRYZ BIO TECH CO.
Antibody Drugs Boehringer-Ingelheim Immunotherapy GENE
Antibody Drugs KANGHONG PHARMACEUTICAL Immunotherapy CARsgen Therapeutics
Antibody Drugs TOT BIOPHARM Immunotherapy Nanjing Legend Pharmaceutical & Chemical Co., Ltd
Antibody Drugs HARBOUR Immunotherapy Genscript
Antibody Drugs Hutchison MediPharma Immunotherapy IASO BIO
Antibody Drugs NCPC Immunotherapy Innovative Cellular Therapeutics Co.,Ltd.
Antibody Drugs CR PHARMA COMM Immunotherapy Shanghai Cell Therapy Group Co.LTD
Antibody Drugs Pfizer Immunotherapy JW Therapeutics
Antibody Drugs Genor Biopharma Co. Ltd. Immunotherapy Cellular Biomedicine Group
Antibody Drugs Alphamab Co. Ltd Immunotherapy Eureka Therapeutics, Inc
Antibody Drugs Elpiscience Immunotherapy Vcanbio
Antibody Drugs Livzon International Limited Molecular Diagnostics Eppendorf
Antibody Drugs Lunan Pharmaceutical Group Molecular Diagnostics ACON Laboratories
Antibody Drugs Transcenta Molecular Diagnostics Genetron Health
Antibody Drugs Mabtech Limited Molecular Diagnostics Leadmanbio
Antibody Drugs GenScript Biotech Corporation Molecular Diagnostics DIAN DIAGNOSTICS GROUP CO LTD
Antibody Drugs Qilu Pharmaceutical Molecular Diagnostics Berryoncology
Antibody Drugs Johnson&Johnson Molecular Diagnostics Guangzhou KingMed Diagnostics Group Co., Ltd.
Antibody Drugs Humanwell Healthcare Molecular Diagnostics Sansure Biotech Inc.
Antibody Drugs RemeGen Molecular Diagnostics BGI
Antibody Drugs ChemPartner Molecular Diagnostics Getein Biotech, Inc.
Antibody Drugs 3SBIO INC. Molecular Diagnostics Singlera Genomics
Antibody Drugs Luye Pharma Group Molecular Diagnostics Luminex Corporation
Antibody Drugs EpimAb Biotherapeutics Molecular Diagnostics Roche diagnostics (shanghai) limited
Antibody Drugs Henlius Molecular Diagnostics Geneseeq Technology Inc.
Antibody Drugs JMT-BIO Molecular Diagnostics PerkinElmer
Antibody Drugs Shanghai Junshi Biosciences Co., Ltd. Molecular Diagnostics Hitachi
Antibody Drugs Etana Biotechnologies Hong Kong Limited Molecular Diagnostics Amoy Diagnostics
Antibody Drugs Roche Molecular Diagnostics Shanghai Kehua Bio-Engineering Co., Ltd.
Antibody Drugs Shanghai Miracogen Inc. Molecular Diagnostics 3dmedcare
Antibody Drugs NewBio Therapeutics, Inc. Molecular Diagnostics Liferiver Bio–Tech
Antibody Drugs Wuxi AppTec Molecular Diagnostics HaploX
Antibody Drugs Klus Pharma Inc. Molecular Diagnostics Shenzhen New Industries Biomedical Engineering Co., Ltd.
Antibody Drugs Suzhou Yabao Pharmaceutical R&D Co., Ltd. Molecular Diagnostics Wuhan YZY Medical Science&Technology Co.,Ltd
Antibody Drugs Tasly Group Molecular Diagnostics simceredx
Antibody Drugs Simcere Pharmaceutical Group Molecular Diagnostics Abbottmama
Antibody Drugs Innovent Molecular Diagnostics Autobio
Antibody Drugs YST Molecular Diagnostics Vcanbio
Antibody Drugs WuXi Biologics Investment Northern Light Venture Capital
Antibody Drugs Yichang Humanwell Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd Investment DeCheng Capital
Antibody Drugs Zai Lab Investment GTJA INVESTMENT GROUP
Antibody Drugs HISUN Investment GUOTAI JUNAN Securities
Antibody Drugs Zhejiang Huahai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Investment China SDIC GaoXin Industrial Investment Corp., Ltd
Antibody Drugs Teruisi Investment China Resources (Holdings) Co., Ltd.
Antibody Drugs CTTQ Investment Jemincare
Antibody Drugs Akeso Biopharma Investment Legend Capital
Immunotherapy IQVIA Investment Warburg Pincus
Immunotherapy PersonGene Investment PING AN Ventures
Immunotherapy BoyaLife Investment PWC
Immunotherapy Fosun Kite Biotechnology Co., Ltd Investment SBCVC
Immunotherapy Fosun Pharma Investment Oriza Holdings

Conference Agenda of EBC 2020

Registration at EBC

Online registration:


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