Terran Biosciences Creates A New Record With 45 Investment Partnering Meetings at Digital RESI – Congratulations

9 Apr

By Bryanna Allison, Business Development Manager, LSN

Sam Clark
CEO of Terran Biosciences

Dustin Tetzl
CBO of Terran Biosciences

Bryanna Allison
BD Manager of LSN

To say that Digital RESI event worked BIG TIME for Terran Biosciences would be an understatement  When LSN gathered up metrics and investor testimonials Terran really stood out. To get an idea of what the secret sauce was I spoke to Sam Clark, CEO, and Dustin Tetzl, CBO, of Terran Biosciences on how they managed to make Digital RESI work so well for them.

Bryanna Allison (BA): It was impressive to see how successful you were with the digital platform! I saw that you managed to book 45 meetings over the three days, correct?

Dustin Tetzl (DT): Yes! 7 of our meetings took place outside of Digital RESI. We woke up early to take meetings, to maximize our availability to global investors.

Sam Clark (SC): We made an effort to reach out to a lot of investors, as we feel we have a unique value proposition to offer them. Our assets are uniquely late-stage, with near-term catalysts, and they address large unmet needs in the CNS space, and we made sure to highlight that.

BA: How many RESIs have you attended?

DT: This was our first RESI introducing our Series A round. We attended one last year for a previous financing round.

BA: Tell me what you thought about Digital RESI in comparison to the on-site RESI you attended last year – what were the advantages and disadvantages?

SC: Well, Digital RESI was certainly more convenient and less expensive – we probably wouldn’t have been able to attend RESI in Paris, as it was originally planned.

DT: However, nothing can truly replace the value of a face-to-face meeting. But for now, everything has to shift to digital and we have to adapt, but a hybrid model of digital and on-site could be the future of events like RESI.

BA: How many meetings did you get at an on-site RESI, in comparison to the digital event?

SC: Well, our company has achieved significant milestones since the last RESI we attended, and this the first real showing of this fundraising round at a RESI event. We had a pretty full schedule previously as well, but the digital format allowed us to stack them up more easily.

BA: What advice would you give to fellow CEOs on how to secure a large number of meetings at Digital RESI events?

SC: There are a multitude of factors. For us, the first priority was presenting a clear value proposition, and then fine-tuning our message and marketing materials. We spent a lot of time combining these effectively into an initial outreach message for investors, which has led to a large increase in investor interest. It’s important to be concise but also comprehensive in your messaging—for us it was about clearly outlining the value of our assets and the unique and near-term ROI potential for investors.

DT: We also spent a good amount of time reaching out to all investors who could be a fit. We followed up with them to secure as many meetings as we could. We have found that RESI provides us with a good way to showcase our assets, make good connections, and get valuable feedback.

BA: Did you find it useful to have partnering spread out over three days?

DT: Yes! If it had been four days of partnering, we might have even filled that one, too, as we had to schedule several meetings over subsequent days.

SC: The 30-minute meetings are just long enough to make an initial impression. It’s a great format and we found it useful for getting enough information across to pique investor interest, while still allowing us to meet with as many investors as possible.

BA: Were the investors responsive on partnering? How important was it for you to follow up?

SC: Many investors accepted the meetings after a single request, but we did need to follow up with some before we got meetings. Overall, the response we received was excellent.

BA: Did you continue reaching out to investors outside of your meetings?

DT: Yes, in large part due to the fact that we ran out of time to meet with investors during the scheduled slots in partnering. We made sure to get their contact information so that we could follow up outside the system and set up meetings.

BA: What are some of the obstacles you are currently facing in your company, in light of COVID-19?

DT: The most obvious challenge is that we can’t meet these investors in person. It’s always preferable when you can meet face-to-face, which allows the investor to get a sense for the team they’re investing in. In our case, our management team members have led multiple successful FDA approvals in the CNS space (including Abilify), and have founded multiple successful biotech companies, so it’s nice to have everyone in the room when possible.

SC: Digital RESI videoconferencing is a good alternative though, and it has helped us keep momentum  even during COVID-19.

BA: So, Digital RESI contributed to your investor pipeline?

SC: Yes! We’re now managing this influx of investor interest. Some groups are making progress quickly, already in the middle of their due-diligence, and they in turn have also brought other potential investors to the table. This RESI conference has certainly helped us expand our reach – thanks!

About Terran Biosciences:


Terran is a new biotech company based in NYC developing a uniquely late-stage portfolio of therapeutics and technologies for patients with psychiatric and neurological diseases:

  • Our lead program is TR-01, a phase 2b therapeutic for schizophrenia, with a novel mechanism and robust safety and efficacy already demonstrated in multiple phase 2 studies.
  • Our preclinical asset, TR-36, is backed by promising animal and in vitro data in models of schizophrenia and depression
  • Additionally, we are developing a biomarker software platform that can provide information to aid in the diagnosis and monitoring of schizophrenia, Parkinson’s, and Alzheimer’s disease using standard MRI. This program enhances our own clinical trials, and is well positioned for a near term FDA approval where it could capture the majority of a multi-billion-dollar clinical market.

Our management team members have over 20 FDA approvals in the CNS space and have founded multiple successful biotech companies. We are backed by seed capital from Peter Thiel, Christian Angermayer, and Presight Capital, and are currently raising our Series A.

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