Hot Investor Mandate: China-Based Corporate Venture Firm Invests in Early-Stage Life Science Technologies with China Angle and Strong Market Potential

21 Aug

A firm with offices in China is managing two funds in RMB with a total of over 300M RMB, and is planning to raise a USD fund in the near future.

The firm is currently focusing on early-stage (from angel to series A) investments, each investment ranging from 5MM RMB (~0.7MM) to 20MM RMB (~3MM).

With the support of a synergistic incubator business and its accelerating program, as well as a dynamic innovation ecosystem built upon these business arms, the firm has a broad reach of disruptive technologies and is progressively investing in the field of life science to support the business strategy and organic growth of their parent company.

The firm is mainly looking at fields of next generation of molecule diagnostics, microfluidics, synthetic biology, omics technology, bioinformatics, genetic testing, gene therapy and immunotherapy, microbiome, etc. The firm is open to investing in the field of life science and precision medicine, focusing on the frontier research and technologies in DNA, RNA, protein, cell, tissue and other integrative omics. Therapeutics, especially gene therapy, oncology therapy, and eye disease therapy; diagnostics sector, especially in gene detection, molecular diagnostics, CNS and IVD; also some medical devices. However, the firm has less interest in technologies that are already in the field of very fierce competition, with big players already in.

The firm prefers companies with a China angle, especially companies who are willing to register an entity in China. They mostly are interested in companies with novel and original technologies and a clear direction of clinical applications.

If you are interested in more information about this investor and other investors tracked by LSN, please email

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