Hot Mandates: North America-Based Angel Investment group

1 Feb

An investment group that was founded in 2005 and is headquartered in New York with other offices in Boston, Silicon Valley and Texas. The group currently invests out of its angel network and venture funds. The group has managed 3 venture funds. The group’s angel network has 320 members, of which 100 are life science investors. The group invests in companies with a female founder or CEO, or with women in other C-level positions or with at least 10% of equity owned by women. The group prefers to invest in companies with a valuation under $5 million; the group’s first-round equity investments generally range from $ 0.25 million to $2 million. The group invests in companies based across the US and Canada.

Within the life science sector, the group is highly opportunistic and inclusive when considering opportunities. The group prefers to invest in products that have an addressable market of over $1 billion. The group is more interested in large marketplaces such as the cardiovascular space. In terms of validation, the group prefers to invest in device companies with positive in vitro data and ideally in vivo data; diagnostic companies with strong retrospective and ideally prospective, data; and therapeutics companies with data showing efficacy in animal models. As the group is interested in products with a shorter path to market, the group primarily invests in healthcare IT (including software-based diagnostic platforms) and medical devices.

The group only backs privately held companies in which women occupy key roles as managers, founders or equity owners, and prefers to back management teams with a strong scientific background. The group is looking for life science companies with protectable IP, articulated pathways for regulatory and payer approval, clear milestones, and in which the amount of capital required to reach the marketplace can be clearly stated. The group prefers to invest in life science companies that can reach market within 3-5 years.

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