Hot Longevity Mandate: UK-Based Venture Fund

12 Oct

The firm is a venture builder founded in 2016 and is headquartered in the United Kingdom. The firm seeks to build new ventures from scratch, generating innovation in novel science and technology from the earliest stages of development. Currently, the firm is focused on 4 main pillars: energy, agriculture, curative therapeutics, and computation. The firm invests pre-seed/seed capital into the companies they build. The firm will consider global opportunities.

Within life sciences, the firm is indication agnostic and has worked in areas including cystic fibrosis, oncology, neurodegeneration and microbiome. The firm has partnered with groups such as the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and Cancer Research UK to devise new therapeutic approaches in their key focus areas. The firm has a strong interest in cell & gene therapy and synthetic biology, but is open to considering all other modalities – the firm has also launched companies that work on a more traditional approach. In terms of stage of development, the firm invests in the companies it builds at formation stage and is open to working together with other organizations to undertake company creation and support proof-of-concept data generation. The firm generally does not currently build, or invest in, medical devices, diagnostics, or digital health companies.

As a venture builder, the firm does not have strict requirements or expectations on company operations or management team. The firm has generally built companies in the UK. That said, the firm has worked with scientists all across the globe to build its companies, and their portfolio also includes companies in other geographies such as the USA.

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