Hot AI Mandate: US & China-based VC Invests in Both Early and Late Stage Companies is Interested in Healthcare AI Technologies

1 Mar

A venture caputal firm was founded in 1996 and has offices in Palo Alto, CA, Shanghai, Beijing, Hongkong, Taipei. The firm is currently making investments in early-stage healthcare companies from one of its funds. The firm invests exclusively in the healthcare sector; the firm invests primarily in the USA and Greater China but will also invest in other regions such as Europe and ASEAN countries. Within China, the firm makes growth investments in companies but also find some companies with interesting and innovative product in recent years there; in the USA and other regions, the firm makes both venture and growth-equity stage investments in both pre-revenue and revenue-stage companies. The firm’s allocations are highly varied. The firm makes investments of typically $5-20 million. The firm is open to syndication. The firm is also particularly interested in working with companies that are open to or actively interested in seeking partnerships or opportunities in China.

The firm invests in therapeutics, medical devices, diagnostics, healthcare services, and clinically-oriented healthcare IT, and will consider investing in any indication area or technology subsector; however, orphan indications, dermatology/aesthetics, oncology, gene therapy, cell therapy, are of particular interest in the biopharma space; general surgery, neurovascular, cardiovascular, minimally invasive technologies, women’s health, respiratory care, novel diagnostics and orthopedics are of particular interest in the device space. Healthcare AI is an area we are interested and exploring. For devices and diagnostics, the firm only invests in commercial-stage companies. Generally, the firm does not invest in imaging.

The firm is flexible regarding management teams and works with both serial entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs who lack industry experience. In addition to investing in private companies, the firm is able to invest in public companies by means of PIPEs or public market placements. The firm is interested in investing in companies with products that can demonstrate cost-effectiveness.

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