Fill Your Dance Card in March

10 Mar

By Joey Wong, Investor Research Analyst, Hong Kong BD, LSN

As Digital RESI, March 22-24 ramps up, so has interest from the RESI investor community. With over 300 investors already registered for the event, including large pharma/medtech, traditional VCs, family offices/private wealth, and angel groups, this virtual event is shaping up to be buzzing with activity and digital meetings.

What sets RESI apart from many partnering events is the Life Science Nation (LSN) dedicated Investor Research Team responsible for ensuring that each investor’s partnering profiles are comprehensive and up-to-date. This conference is an excellent opportunity for entrepreneurs and founders to expand their network in the industry and connect with investors and strategic partners that are a fit for their company. With less than two weeks left, the partnering activities are at their peak and there is no better time to reach out to investors and book meetings. Register now to connect with these investors at Digital RESI March:



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