Hot Investor Mandate: USA VC Firm Seeks Technologies in the Convergence of Life Sciences and AI, Investing Up to $10M in Devices, Digital Health, Advanced Materials, and More

28 Apr

A venture capital firm with multiple offices in the USA partners with and invests in entrepreneurs who are developing breakthrough products leveraging the convergence of biology and/or hardware with advanced computation and AI (referred to as Convergent Tech). The firm employs a multi-stage investment strategy, encompassing both seed and venture investment programs, and assist entrepreneurs with recruiting and customer and supply chain business development. The firm is generally a lead investor, and invests up to $10 million per opportunity; the firm also has an active seed fund that invests smaller amounts at earlier development stages.

The firm invests in life science start-ups developing advanced materials, process, and device technologies that leverage advanced computational approaches such as deep learning, and unique data generation capabilities. Specific areas of interest include drug discovery platforms, manufacturing platforms, drug delivery platforms, non-invasive diagnostics, and sustainability generally. The firm does not invest in pure-play therapeutic clinical development business models.

The firm favors companies with platform technologies and partnership-based business models. The firm has deep expertise in manufacturing and productization. Additionally, LPs include large pharma and medical device manufacturing companies; Phoenix Venture Partners helps portfolio companies develop relationships with these strategics.

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