Hot Investor Mandate: Venture Firm With Global Presence Looks For All Innovations Related to Longevity and Age-Related Diseases, Most Interested in Therapeutics & Diagnostics Companies

28 Apr

An investment firm headquartered in Europe, with additional offices in USA and Asia seeks to invest in innovations directly related to the prevention of age-associated diseases, extension of a healthy lifespan, and improving the performance of humans and animals. The firm’s initial check size can range from $500K – 1.5M, and the firm is open to global opportunities.

Within life sciences, the firm is most interested in therapeutics and diagnostics companies, and will also consider digital health. Medical devices with traditional regulatory pathways are generally out of scope for the firm. Within these sectors, interest areas can include gene therapy, telomere attrition, proteostasis, regenerative medicine, personalized diagnostics/biomarkers, preventative therapies, cognitive enhancement, and more. That said, the firm has no strong interest in particular technologies and is open to all modalities. The firm is also opportunistic in terms of stage of development.

The firm seeks companies with strong, protectable IP with clear origins and ownership, backed by a diverse team with a strong track record and technologies with validated proof of concept. The firm has a 3-step due diligence process which includes: (1) initial review, (2) additional review – where the firm looks more closely into main differentiating factors of the company (IP, business model, etc.), and (3) final review. The firm is open to leading, co-leading, or co-investing, and has a strong co-investment and syndication network of likeminded investors.

If you are interested in more information about this investor and other investors tracked by LSN, please email

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