Hot Investor Mandate: Corporate VC Firm Invests Up to $10M in Diagnostics and Digital Health Companies Based in the USA or Those Interested in USA Markets

5 May

A corporate venture firm headquartered in USA invests $1-10M in Seed stage and beyond, with Series A being their sweet spot. Because of the flexibility in their balance sheet and investment committee, the firm has also looked at investments greater than $10M in Series C and D companies. The firm typically makes equity investments but has used notes for later stage investments. The firm is USA focused; however, the firm will look at companies headquartered elsewhere if there’s USA commercial traction or intent to commercialize in the US.

The firm is interested in diagnostic and digital health sectors and is open to all subsectors and indications. The firm is not interested in therapeutics or medical devices, unless they’re noninvasive medical devices. The firm is especially interested in technology that impacts their polychronic patients, especially since the firm has a strong intention of moving upstream into the CKD and ESKD space. The firm has done a lot of work in the cardiometabolic and comorbidity space, more specifically looking at technology for cardiovascular disease, diabetes, COPD, social determinants of health, end of life and behavioral health.

The firm is open to all types of management teams but have a preference for entrepreneurial experience, however the firm has also backed first time founders. For companies not in the diagnostics or device space, the firm likes to see at least $1M in ARR. They firm has led in the past but prefers to join syndicates.

If you are interested in more information about this investor and other investors tracked by LSN, please email

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