Hot Investor Mandate: Corporate Venture Arm of Large Materials Engineering Company Seeks to Invest in Early & Growth-Stage Companies With Strategic Alignment

15 Sep

Corporate venture arm of a large company has set up their fund with $100M to invest each year, with a portion of that going to investments in the life sciences. Within the life sciences, the firm is looking for investments that are both financial and strategic, and will only consider companies that can make use of the parent company’s expertise, or those that align with new strategic areas of interest. The firm is interested in companies with technologies in diagnostic, imaging, omics tools and pharmaceutical manufacturing processes. The firm invests globally, and will consider companies from prototype stage and on. The firm mostly invests in companies at Series B and later, but will consider Series A opportunities as well, and will invest between $0.5-7M per round.

The firm is interested in technologies that can make use of the parent company’s expertise in semiconductors, display, and material engineering. Examples of potential areas of interest include imaging technologies that adapt the company’s inspection ability to detect defects on a nano scale, diagnostics platforms making use of semiconductors or other novel materials as part of their instrumentation and devices, or companies that can adapt the parent company’s advanced manufacturing to control chemical deposition and use different time release formulations to advance drug delivery techniques.

The firm can lead or co-invest, but will take a board observer seat when co-investing, and a board seat when acting as a lead. The firm looks to invest in companies where the expertise of the parent company is applicable to moving the technology forward.

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