Registration for RESI Partnering Week November is Open!

23 Sep

By Claire Jeong, Chief Conference Officer, Vice President of Investor Research, Asia BD, LSN


Thanks to the support and enthusiasm from the RESI community, another week of early-stage life science and healthcare partnering and innovation is in the books! We are excited to announce our last event of the year, RESI Partnering Week November, which will be a robust 3-day partnering conference, November 16-18.

Registration is now open featuring Super Early Bird rates until Friday, October 8. Innovator’s Pitch Challenge (IPC) applications are also open, giving companies a platform to present their technology to hundreds of RESI attendees. If your early-stage company is fundraising, you do not want to miss out on these discounted rates and unique presentation opportunities.


Looking for more ways to get involved? Check out sponsorship offerings and learn more about how you can boost your exposure to the RESI network and optimize your experience and connections!


RESI Longevity Innovator’s Pitch Challenge Winners

23 Sep

By Caitlin Dolegowski, Marketing Specialist, LSN

Last week, early-stage companies with a focus on conditions of aging were given the opportunity to pitch live at the digital RESI Longevity conference to relevant investor judges and industry experts as part of the Innovator’s Pitch Challenge (IPC). We were thrilled to host 15 pitching companies! The companies were divided into three pitching sessions – Medical Devices, Diagnostics & Therapeutics, and Digital Health. Congratulations to our RESI Longevity Innovator’s Pitch Challenge Winners! As the companies with the most votes, each will receive complimentary tickets to future RESI conferences to continue their fundraising efforts. Thank you to all our IPC finalists for providing great pitches and to our judges who came prepared with excellent questions. We look forward to future opportunities to highlight early-stage companies and gain valuable insight into what investors are considering.

Session 1 (Medical Devices) Winner


Alertgy has developed DeepGluco, a wearable noninvasive continuous glucose monitor and alert system which captures the dielectric spectrum of a user that can be used to measure glucose and other important compounds in the body. This will allow people a means to prevent becoming diabetic and increase their life span even with diabetes by giving them a means to better manage their lifestyle through instantaneous biometric feedback.

Session 2 (Diagnostics & Therapeutics) Winner


Praetego is biopharma company developing first-in-class Advanced Glycation End-product (AGE) inhibitors able to deter AGE formation at the initiation of pathology. Through this novel and proprietary small molecule technology, Praetego’s candidates are designed to slow or prevent diseases driven by oxidative stress. This includes the highly burdensome diseases of Neurodegeneration/Alzheimer’s, Diabetic Microvascular Disease, and Cardiovascular Disease.

Praetego’s AGE inhibitor platform technology applies to the chronic conditions of aging.
Praetego’s management team are drivers of successful drug development programs across therapeutic areas and regulatory pathways. The scientific leadership has spent 3 decades studying AGE inhibitors. A robust and growing patent estate protects this proprietary technology. Praetego is raising capital to reach clinical trials in 2022.

Session 3 (Digital Health) Winner

Embrace Prevention Care

We provide Personal Prevention Care to older adults with heart failure and other chronic conditions to improve health and reduce preventable hospital stays. We extend physicians’ reach into the home to help patients and caregivers take actions that achieve the goals that matter most while reducing the cost of care.

Our local nurse practitioners have weekly telehealth interactions with patients and build trusting relationships to help them take daily actions to implement care plans developed with their physicians. Our geriatric pharmacy ensures patients take the right meds with monthly deliveries in dose-time adherence packages. We empower caregivers to effectively help patients achieve their goals and coordinate actions with the entire care team. Our personalized, integrated care is reimbursed by Medicare.

Interested in joining the RESI November IPC? Apply today and save on super early bird rates! Applications are accepted on a rolling basis, so get started today!


RESI AI Innovator’s Pitch Challenge Winners

23 Sep

By Rory McCann, Marketing Manager & Conference Producer, LSN

Last week’s digital RESI AI conference connected early-stage AI startups with the investors, service providers, and strategic partners founders are looking for. The conference featured insightful panels, educational workshops, fit-focused partnering, and opportunities for fundraising entrepreneurs to pitch directly to a panel of investors, such as the Innovator’s Pitch Challenge (IPC).

Innovator’s Pitch Challenge winners were selected by attendees for the best pitch. Each company submitted marketing materials and a pitch video to their dedicated webpage, available to view by all attendees and judges. The live session included elevator pitches and time for Q&A with the judges and audience.

Congratulations to our IPC winners! Click the logos to learn more about each company:

Session 1 (Devices and Therapeutics) Winner


NeoPrediX develops decision support tools with maternal, neonatal and perinatal screening platforms to evaluate, optimize and personalize medical strategies in pediatrics. We utilize intelligent algorithms and digital health solutions for neonatal and perinatal care based on deep medical data and science, developed by experienced scientists, pediatricians, and neonatologists.

Session 2 (R&D/Manufacturing Services and Digital Health) Winner


SingularityAI builds an AI-driven medical image and data analytics platform of cloud software and smart devices with data privacy preserving technologies, to make AI-driven insights a broad reality for medical innovation.

Interested in joining the RESI November IPC? Apply today and save on super early bird rates! Applications are accepted on a rolling basis, so get started today!


Hot Investor Mandate: USA-Based Fund Invests Up to $20M in Therapeutics, Medical Devices, Diagnostics, Digital Health Companies

23 Sep

A VC fund based in the USA invests in many sectors, including cloud based enterprise SaaS, Property Tech, and life sciences & healthcare. Within the life sciences, the firm is interested in therapeutics, medical device, digital health and healthcare IT companies. The firm invests in Series A and later rounds, and can invest anywhere from $1-20M in the initial check, and may participate in follow-on rounds. The firm is generally focused on investing in companies based in North America, but will consider global companies if they have a large presence in the US and are focused on the US market.

The firm will invest in therapeutics, medical device, digital health and healthcare IT companies. Within therapeutics, the firm is seeking companies in IND or later stages. In addition, the firm is interested in platform technologies, and will also invest in AI or machine learning based drug discovery companies. The firm will not invest in single asset or single modality companies. For medical devices, the firm primarily invests in 510K pathway devices that are FDA approved. The firm will not invest in DTC devices, and is less likely to consider de novo or PMA devices as well. Furthermore, the firm is most interested in devices that have a continuing source of revenue, such as a software application component. For digital health and healthcare IT companies, The firm is primarily focused on companies with B2B services, and will not invest in digital therapeutics. The firm is interested in companies that have greater than of $3M in ARR.

The firm is willing to lead or co-invest, but will generally take a board seat if they lead the investment round.

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Hot Investor Mandate: VC Firm Invests in Therapeutics, Devices, and Diagnostics in USA & Canada, Investing Openly in All Clinical Stages of Development

23 Sep

A venture capital firm based in Canada is making seed and venture investments and usually seeks to be the first institutional capital in a company. Equity investments are the preferred capital structure; however convertible notes may be employed for seed investments. Initial investments may be as small as $1M (seed-stage companies) with up to $15M allocated over the life of the investment. The firm prefers to lead financing rounds of Canadian companies and co-lead investments based in the United States.

The firm is focused on investments in therapeutics, medtech and diagnostics. The firm is agnostic in terms of subsector and indication and invests in early pre-clinical up unto Phase III therapeutic assets with the caveat being that the capital needs of the company fall within the fund’s criteria for investment size. As for devices and diagnostics stage of development, the firm invests in products in development and in clinical settings given the aforementioned capital constraints for therapeutics. For medtech, the firm has a preference for 510(k) regulatory pathways but will also evaluate devices with a PMA pathway.

The firm has no strict criteria for management teams and will work with novice entrepreneurs, however those management teams with experience are favored. The firm looks to originate 2/3 of its investments in Canada and the rest in the United States, and typically seeks a board seat along with investment.

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Hot Investor Mandate: USA Investment Firm Seeks Technologies with AI/Machine Learning Components, Primarily Investing in Software-Based Companies

23 Sep

An investment firm with offices in the USA invests in companies of all sectors that have some AI/ML component. Within healthcare, the firm invests in revenue-generating companies. The firm will not invest in any company that requires FDA approval. The firm invests primarily in the US, but reserves about 30% of their fund for investments in India. The firm invests in Series A and later companies, and will invest $0.5-2M per company.

The firm does not invest in therapeutics or medical devices, anything that requires FDA approval. The firm primarily invests in software-based companies, as long as the technology has an AI/ML component. This could include enterprise software, diagnostic image analysis or drug discovery platforms, as long as the therapeutics are then out-licensed, and not developed in house.

The firm can lead or co-invest, and will take a board or observer seat for larger check sizes. The firm is an active investor, and looks for management teams that are open to suggestion and are willing to benefit from the expertise of the firm and their network. The firm looks for companies that have at least $1M in ARR.

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Hot Investor Mandate: PE Firm Seeks Late-Stage Assets and Devices Close to Market Approval That Have Strong China Market Potential, Investing As Much As $20M

23 Sep

A private equity firm with offices in Asia makes late venture and growth stage investments exclusively in the life sciences. The firm has raised 3 funds to date. The firm recently raised its third fund of USD 200 million in April 2014. The firm’s target investment size is USD 15-20 million per company and typically USD 5 million for cross-border investments. The firm primarily focuses on opportunities in China; however the firm is also interested in companies abroad that have a strong China angle or China strategy in near term (target market, R&D/manufacturing, sales, etc). The firm is actively seeking new investment opportunities.

The firm seeks to invest in late-stage assets that are on market or close to commercialization. The firm is interested in therapeutics/pharmaceuticals, medical devices, diagnostics, and healthcare services. For therapeutics, the firm will consider small molecules and biologics as well as biosimilars and reformulated drugs. At minimum, the product should be in Phase III of clinical trials. The firm may look at Phase II candidates that have a relatively less complicated clinical trial. For example, the firm will not consider biologics in Phase II. For indications, the firm focuses on products that address a large unmet medical need in China. This includes diabetes, cardiovascular, cerebrovascular, liver, and degenerative diseases. For medical devices, the firm is opportunistic in terms of subsectors. Similar to therapeutics, the firm focuses on indications relevant to China. The firm looks for devices that are very close to market or market approved.

The firm is only interested in companies that have a strong China angle or strategy. The firm typically seeks board representation post-investment.

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