Hot AI Mandate: UAE-based Family Offices Interested in Medical Device Companies

19 Oct

An established group of companies headquartered in Dubai, UAE specializes in the steel and oil industries is run by a family of doctors. Outside of their business in these industries, the firm actively makes direct investments into life science companies in Seed to Series A rounds, and sometimes Series B. Initial average check sizes are between $500k – 1M, though the firm has invested up to $2M. The group does occasionally participate in pre-IPO rounds with larger commitments, but this has been in companies outside of the life sciences industry. In addition, the group is an LP in some micro-VCs that invest in various sectors, and works with them to identify promising co-investment opportunities. The group has mainly considered opportunities in USA and Western Europe, but is open to all companies across the globe with the exception of India, as the group already has a strong network there.

Within life sciences, the firm is most interested in medical device companies and has looked into surgical devices, robotics, etc. The firm is open to all regulatory pathways, but prefers 510k companies. Current areas of interest include elderly care/longevity, genetics, and microbiome. The group will not consider therapeutics or in vitro diagnostics companies; digital health may be considered but is not a high priority.

The group has no specific company or management team requirements. The firm usually acts as a co-investor. The group has a strong hospital network in India as part of their business, and they actively help with the due diligence process.

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Hot AI Mandate: Boston-based Life Science Accelerator Looking for Therapeutics Companies and AI/ML-based Technologies

19 Oct

A Boston-based life sciences accelerator founded in 2016 funds, supports and advances life science technologies from early development through clinical proof-of-concept. The accelerator’s experienced leadership team works with scientists and entrepreneurs to provide active mentorship, financing solutions and operational guidance to increase the probability of success in early drug development. The accelerator has access to capital to support companies from seed investment through Series A and B financings through the accelerator and a $210M venture fund. The size of initial seed investment can range from $0.5M to $1.5M. The subsequent Series A investments will be sized to get through preclinical and IND-enabling work and/or through a clinical development study and can range between $8M-$20M, with flexibility to syndicate with investors for larger rounds. For more mature companies that don’t require a seed round or the need to do complete activities/studies prior to a Series A, the venture fund can invest directly as a Series A investment along with participation in related Series B investments. Lastly, the venture fund is part of some later-stage funds, which can support companies in later-stage private/mezzanine/crossover financings, debt financings, and IPO/follow-on public offerings. The firm is open to global opportunities.

The accelerator and venture fund support opportunities across all therapeutic areas and drug modalities (small molecule, peptides, antibodies, genetic technologies, cell therapy, etc.). Additionally, open to technologies beyond drug therapeutics, including medical devices, diagnostics and emerging healthtech opportunities (digital health, telemedicine, enabling technologies utilizing AI/ML, etc.). Founder and entrepreneur friendly, supportive of first-time CEOs, and works side by side to drive value inflections with the goal to optimize program development and successful outcomes.

The accelerator is open to working with all types of management teams, including first time entrepreneurs. The group works hands-on with its portfolio companies by bringing a powerful network, access to resources and expertise to support their growth. The firm prefers to lead but is open to participating with likeminded co-investors to form syndicates.

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Hot AI Mandate: US-based Family Office with Flexible Investment Size Invests in Therapeutics, Medical Devices and Diagnostics

19 Oct

A single family office of Maryland and New Jersey-based family is very flexible in terms of investment size. The group generally looks to invest a minimum of $.5 million per round, depending upon size of round and estimated capital call. The group prefers A round and later stage companies. Pre-A interest depends upon technology stage. Our preferred geography is North America and Europe.

The group is looking for breakthrough technologies with a strong social ethos in the Therapeutics, Medical Devices, and Diagnostics Sectors that address underserved medical needs or provide innovative and disruptive approaches to common medical procedures and treatments. The firm invests on an opportunistic basis in areas of intersecting technologies, such as nucleic acid-based drugs and delivery, regenerative medicine and cell-based therapeutics and other immune-directed therapies. The group generally will not consider single target small molecules, biosimilars or other technologies for which there is already multiple therapeutic options. The firm is looking for niche disease areas where disruptive therapeutics have the potential to be truly disease-modifying, not just provide symptomatic relief or palliative care. The firm typically is interested in preclinical stage assets that have well-developed animal model dossiers to Phase II or early Phase III stage assets. The firm’s investment mandate particularly focuses on “smart” clinical trial formats such as adaptive trials and Master Protocol trials for capital efficiency. For devices, the firm is looking for devices that address and perhaps substitute for a pharmacologic in a given therapeutic market, such as deep brain stimulation technologies and orthopedics. The firm is generally not interested in cardiovascular disease or diabetes.

The firm is currently reviewing co-investment opportunities in private companies and on an opportunistic basis, considering investment in micro-and small-cap public companies as a direct investor.

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Hot Longevity Mandate: Europe-Based Pharma Company

19 Oct

The pharma is based in Europe. The company forms relationships with early-stage biotech companies, usually structured in the form of rights (worldwide, world excluding US & Japan, or regional rights), co-marketing, or R&D collaborations. The company may also consider participation in equity financing rounds. Recently, the company has entered an agreement to develop an incubator which is expected to open in 2023. The company is open to partnering with companies globally.

Currently, the company focuses on 5 disease areas: oncology, CNS, immune-inflammation (early-stage); cardiovascular disease, and metabolic disease (late-stage).

Within oncology, the company is interested in apoptosis (BCL2 family), novel oncogenes/oncogene stability regulators, epigenetic regulators (with biomarker validation), synthetic lethality associated with genetic defect, stroma/tumor microenvironment, T cell activation, immunosuppression, and innate immunity. In terms of modalities, the firm is primarily looking at small molecules (discovery to early clinical stage) and monoclonal antibodies/bispecifics (early clinical stage).

Within CNS, the firm is looking for small molecules, oligonucleotides, or PROTAC that address rare synucleinopathies, rare tauopathies, repeat expansion diseases, and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis by menas of clearance of toxic proteins and targeted degradation, as well as regulation of transcription and translation of targets. The company is not interested in epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, pain, psychiatry, or infectious diseases, and is currently not seeking antibodies, cell therapy, or vaccines.

Within immuno-inflammatory diseases, the company is most interested in lupus, systemic sclerosis, Sjögren syndrome, and other chronic inflammatory and fibrotic diseases that share similar pathophysiological mechanisms.

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Hot Longevity Mandate: New York-Based Venture Fund

19 Oct

The firm is a New York-based Life Sciences investment firm. Typical allocations are up to $4M in projects. With follow-on allocations, the total investment can reach up to $10M per company. The firm takes a mid-to-long-term investment approach. The firm often syndicates with major US venture capital firms, but it can also lead a financing round. The firm is currently seeking new opportunities in the US and Canada, and Western Europe.

The firm puts 70% focus on therapeutics and 30% on medical devices and diagnostics. In therapeutics, the firm prefers late-stage assets with human proof of concept and blockbuster potential, while it also has a minor interest in early-stage breakthrough science with strong management teams. In medical devices, the firm seeks to provide growth funding in de-risked medical devices and diagnostics in final approval steps, launch and international marketing efforts.

The firm considers both single assets and platform technologies. The firm’s investment strategy is strictly patient-centric. Lab equipment, health IT, and biosimilars/generics are not of interest. The firm focuses on five key disease areas: oncology, cardiovascular, anti-infectives, CNS/pain, and women’s health. In oncology, the firm seeks therapies with novel mechanisms of action and delivery, human data and signs of efficacy, and it also considers new generation diagnostics technologies. In cardiovascular diseases, the firm seeks life-saving therapies and technologies with strong human data. In anti-infectives, the firm is considering pre-clinical assets managed by serial entrepreneurs. In CNS, the firm seeks therapies with human proof-of-concept and clear mechanism of action. In women’s health, the firm seeks a wide range of therapies and technologies at all stages, which predominantly help women give birth to healthy children.

The firm is looking for high-caliber serial entrepreneurs with unmatched track-record of success and strong credibility. The firm typically takes a board seat in the companies it invests in.

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Hot Longevity Mandate: Texas-Based Venture Fund

19 Oct

The firm is a venture capital firm founded in 2020 and is located in Texas. The firm is different from a traditional VC in that it focuses on investing, building and scaling life science start ups. The goal is to co-innovate and grow with the startups they invest in. The firm has a fund that is financed by 35 angel groups as well as a hedge fund. Investments are mainly in the form of equity and in-licensing, but the firm is flexible on a case-by-case basis with convertible notes. The firm has 7 life science companies in their portfolio to date. The firm’s main focus is biotech, medtech, and AI and machine learning technologies. The firm’s goal is to build innovations in hospitals that transform the lives of patients and make doctors jobs easier. The firm focuses on Pre-Seed, Seed and Series A financing rounds. The firm is open to global opportunities.

The firm focus on AI, machine learning, and other biotech/medtech technologies, and within those domains, are open to all 4 main sectors. The firm looks for technologies in: consumer health, connected health practices, patient engagement related arenas, telehealth, distal therapeutics, and consumer health solutions and services. The firm doesn’t focus on traditional medical devices, but is looking to invest in “smart” medical devices that support connected health practices. The firm is open to most indications, especially oncology, women’s health, mental health, respiratory, cardiology, and pediatrics. The firm is not interested in drugs therapeutics or immunology with the exception of mRNA vaccines. The firm invests in pre-clinical companies.

The firm is looking for a team that they can work and co-innovate with and do channel partnering with to scale their businesses. For this firm, the concept or idea is the most important part and they are looking for more than what companies built today, they look for the future impact. Interested companies should have management teams that are in alignment with the firm’s values and that their end outcome is patient success. The firm can lead or co-invest on a case by case basis and will seek board seat representation on a case by case basis as well.

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AI Diagnostics from Oncology, Cardio, and Beyond – Interview with Jonathan Cohen, JD, Founder & CEO of 20/20 Gene Systems

19 Oct

By Erika Wu, Business Development Representative, LSN

Past RESI AI panelist, Jonathan Cohen returns to give an update on 20/20 Gene Systems, including an expansion from cancer detection to respiratory and cardiovascular diagnostics. Learn how Jonathan and the team are using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to expand their offerings, and how they’re working to create more opportunities for early-stage diagnostic startups. Digital RESI November (16-18th) returns with dynamic panels, as well as opportunities to pitch to a live panel of investors. Learn more about how you can get involved and tell your story at November’s Innovator’s Pitch Challenge!


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