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Boost Your Exposure at Healthtech Partnering Week – Apply for the Innovator’s Pitch Challenge (IPC)

19 Nov

By Claire Jeong, Vice President of Investor Research, Asia BD, LSN

claireWe are now accepting applications for the Innovator’s Pitch Challenge at Healthtech Partnering Week, taking place January 11-15, 2021.

The Innovator’s Pitch Challenge (IPC) is an opportunity for start-ups to boost their exposure and showcase their technology to conference attendees, particularly investors. Each company will be provided with a dedicated landing page on our virtual agenda, which will include their pitch video, slide deck, executive summary, and any other materials companies wish to feature on their page. In addition, the companies pitch to a panel of judges featuring active investors and prominent industry experts, and participate in a live Q&A. These sessions will provide valuable insights and feedback, as well as build connections between fundraising founders and potential strategic partners.

If you are a fundraising CEO, you do not want to miss out on this opportunity.

Example of a Company’s Landing Page

The Innovator’s Pitch Challenge at Digital RESI November and Healthtech Partnering Week

5 Nov

By Karen Deyo, Senior Investor Research Analyst, LSN

The Innovator’s Pitch Challenge (IPC) applications are now open for 4D Meets AI and Longevity, Health & Innovation at Healthtech Partnering Week. Through the IPC, start-ups can pitch directly to a panel of investors during a live Q&A session. Each company receives a dedicated page on the event live agenda, featuring a 4-minute pre-recorded pitch hosted as well as supplemental materials, for easy access and optimal exposure. Early-stage companies are encouraged to apply, along with a pitch deck and an executive summary. Once selected to pitch, companies pay a $500 pitching fee and submit their video and supplemental materials for investors to review prior to the live session.
The IPC is coming up fast at Digital RESI November. In two weeks, RESI will feature  live pitch sessions with investor Q&A. Check out a partial list of pitching companies.

See What Investors Are Saying about The Innovator’s Pitch Challenge

“It was a very economical use of time; the investors got to ask their important questions and the Innovators got a good idea of the most pressing questions from the investors point of view.”
William Kuziel, MedPro Investors
“The Pitch Sessions are a great opportunity to connect with startup CEOs and learn more about their work…It really has been an effective and efficient way to make connections, create deal flow and help startups raise money for their upcoming raises.”
Mayank Taneja, OSF Healthcare
“I look forward to LSN’s events because they provide an opportunity for our venture capital firm to find promising companies with exceptional technologies. The organization and technology platform make it very easy to hear numerous pitches from founders.”
Nat Brinn, VC23
“The Pitch Sessions were a great opportunity to engage with the CEO/Founders of very innovative Life Science startups. Despite the COVID-related transition from in-person to virtual meetings, the RESI team did an outstanding job organizing these sessions, ensuring that the live Q&A was very productive, and facilitating follow-up with these exciting companies.”
Gary Gershony, Life Science Angels / BayMed Venture Partners

Congratulations to Our Digital RESI September Innovation Challenge Winners!

17 Sep

By Claire Jeong, Vice President of Investor Research, Asia BD, LSN

claireOur 3-day Digital Redefining Early Stage Investments (RESI) September Conference came to an end yesterday, and we are very excited to announce the Top 3 Winners of the Innovation Challenge. Each participating finalist company had a dedicated page featuring a virtual poster, short pitch, and other supplementary materials available for viewing.

The Digital RESI September Live Agenda is open to registered attendees until October 14, so there’s still time to check out the Digital RESI September Live Agenda for virtual exhibit of innovative technologies across all life science & healthcare sectors!

The RESI Team would like to thank every Innovation Challenge company for their virtual presentations, and the hard work to promote their technologies to our RESI community. The Top 3 winners will be awarded with free tickets to future RESI conferences. Congratulations to the Top 3 winners, and thanks to all for voting!

First Place: SentiAR

SentiAR (St. Louis, MO) is developing the first application of Mixed Reality technology for use during cardiac ablation procedures, including the treatment of atrial fibrillation. The SentiAR platform provides an immersive command-center for the clinicians by presenting a 3D hologram of the patient’s electroanatomic data via the Microsoft HoloLens in real-time. Our solution gives the clinician unprecedented control via SentiAR’s patent protected, intuitive gaze interface and provides invaluable insight to guide physician diagnosis and catheter placement.


Second Place: InvivoSciences

Madison, WI based InvivoSciences (IVS) is a pre-clinical-stage biotech company developing heart failure (HF) therapeutics using a precision medicine approach to extend lifespan of patients.  Our mission is to cure heart failure one gene at a time. It is driven by the urgency of heart failure patients who need more effective and safe therapies.

Our Breakthrough platform discovery technology rapidly analyzes safety and efficacy profile of a given treatment for specific patient group cost-effectively before expensive trials. IVS matchmakes the best treatment for the patient group and expedites the early discovery, clinical trials, and post-product launch monitoring, bringing tremendous value before investing significant resources in human trials.

We have leveraged our breakthrough precision medicine discovery platform using patient-derived human micro heart on a chip Nuheart TM to identify and validate multiple drug pipelines rapidly.

Collaborative patient-driven precision medicine-based drug development empowered with our novel platform can lead to meaningfully better outcomes for heart failure patients, which we refer as InvivoSciences’ discovery engine to develop target therapies. To help move our programs forward InvivoSciences is seeking world class life science investors and strategic partners.


Third Place: Cybrexa Therapeutics 

Cybrexa Therapeutics is a private oncology-focused biotech developing a new class of therapeutics based on our alphalex™ platform.

The company anticipates its lead program, CBX-12 (alphalex™-exatecan), will enter Phase I/II in early 2021.  CBX-12 is an alphalex™ conjugate that includes the highly potent topoisomerase I inhibitor exatecan. CBX-12 was selected based on its strong efficacy and solid  safety profile demonstrated to date in preclinical studies. CBX-12 has potential synergy with PD-1 inhibitors and other immuno-oncology drugs. Cybrexa plans to publish preclinical data for CBX-12 in the first half of 2020 and to advance the program into the clinic in 2021, with clinical efficacy and safety data expected by 2022.

Digital RESI September Innovation Challenge Finalists

3 Sep

By Claire Jeong, Vice President of Investor Research, Asia BD, LSN


With the Digital RESI September conference less than two weeks away, Life Science Nation (LSN) is thrilled to announce the Innovation Challenge finalist companies!

These companies were selected based on innovative technology, strong management team, clear pathway to commercialization, and additional factors demonstrating high-growth potential.

As part of the digital Innovation Challenge, each company will have a dedicated webpage as part of our virtual conference agenda. These pages will feature a virtual poster with additional materials highlighting their products and technology.

Attendees can vote for their favorite technologies throughout the three-day conference, and the top three finalists will be announced on Wednesday, September 16 and featured on our weekly newsletter of over 36,000 subscribers on Thursday, September 17.

The RESI community appreciates all applicants for adding value to the event through the Innovation Challenge. If you haven’t yet signed up for Digital RESI September to participate, there is still time! You can register here for the opportunity to learn more about these impressive companies and vote for your favorite.

Congratulations to the selected finalists – please click the below logos to learn more about them!


Medical Devices


Digital Health

The Innovation Challenge for Digital RESI September is Accepting Applications!

30 Jul

By Claire Jeong, Vice President of Investor Research, Asia BD, LSN


One of the biggest challenges facing fundraising CEOs working to bridge the gap between potential and partnership is the ability to stand out among a sea of promising tech and connect with the right investors for their work. Life Science Nation (LSN) wants to make the choices clearer for investors, which is why we’ve developed the Innovation Challenge for early-stage companies.  The Innovation Challenge is designed to highlight the best of the best so deserving companies can showcase their work to strategic partners.

The Innovation Challenge for the 3-Day Digital Redefining Early Stage Investments (RESI) Conference in September is now accepting applications for two weeks only, due August 12!

For fundraising life science companies, participating in the Innovation Challenge is a great way to increase visibility. All participating companies will have a dedicated landing page featuring materials (example screenshot below) that the companies can use to promote and direct traffic, just like they would do at an in-person RESI.

In addition, they will be featured on the Next Phase blog and newsletter, as well as LSN’s social networking platforms. Finalists also are indicated with a special badge within our partnering system indicating their Innovation Challenge Finalist status.

Attendees are also encouraged to vote for their favorite, most innovative companies and the Top 3 Winners who receive the most votes can receive free tickets for up to 3 future RESI Conferences of their choice.

The Innovation Challenge review team has compiled a list of guidelines to help companies with their application process:

What makes a high-score company?

The evaluation process is based not only on scientific merit, but also on how ready the company is to present to an investor (“investor-readiness”). A perfectly scored company would have a transformational technology that can achievably address a high unmet need using a differentiable novel approach or target. Alongside high innovation, differentiation, unmet need, and market fit, a high-scoring company would have a broad IP position, an experienced management team and CEO with top-tier advisors, and strategic alliances with manufacturing and clinical partners. The company will also receive high marks for having what we call “investor-ready” marketing material (executive summary, pitch deck, website).

Clearly describe your technology.

Like any marketing material, you need to be clear. Be sure you understand and answer the questions fully. The team has seen unclear responses as to what a company’s technology is and its significance in improvement.

Be honest with your answers.

The team frequently reviews applications that state they have no competitors in the space, when most likely, they do. Novel products do have competitors before them, for established technology does exist in the indication your product targets. Be honest with whom your competitors are, and then address what the key differentiators are to your product. Even if your product is an incremental improvement, be honest and highlight this and it can still be attractive!

For example, competitors for your disease-modifying therapeutic may be symptom-treating therapeutics in the same indication that are either commercialized or being developed. You should identify these symptom-treating therapeutics and highlight your novel target approach that makes your product disease-modifying.

Explain your current standings in detail.

Outline everything you have in terms of your current standing, while also providing your outlook of where you hope to go. Avoid ambiguous statements such as, “CEO is an experienced entrepreneur”. Instead, provide details that highlight the CEO’s experience – years as an entrepreneur, number and names of companies exited, background expertise, etc.

Provide short-range and long-term horizons.

If you do not have certain criteria, such as a strategic alliance or IP, that’s perfectly fine. State your current standing and provide what steps you are currently taking to reach that milestone. For Alliances and Collaborations, state your verbal relationships; for IP status, state how many you have filed or are planning to file. Providing your strategy is better than a simple yes or no.

Put in a balanced effort.

You should not spend 5 minutes on this application, and neither should you spend 5 hours. Your answers should be brief, as well as detailed – the team has received hasty, effortless applications that are quickly discarded with a low score. On the other hand, you also shouldn’t spend an excessive amount of time on the application, as these are all straight-forward questions that you should be comfortable answering. Remember, as your executive summary should answer all these questions alone, this application is the backbone of the evaluation process and essentially your executive summary.

Send us your marketing material.

If you have marketing material, send it. This includes your slide deck, executive summary, website, videos – any supplemental material that can boost understanding of your technology and whether your company is investor-ready. The application provides limited space – while this forces you to get straight to the point, supplemental material explains what an application cannot (i.e. figures, graphs, pipeline, non-confidential data, etc.)

Companies can submit their applications for the Digital RESI September Innovation Challenge by August 12 at here. Learn more about Digital RESI September at

Increase Your Exposure at Digital RESI September

2 Jul

By Claire Jeong, Vice President of Investor Research, Asia BD, LSN


We are excited to announce the launch of two opportunities to increase your company’s exposure at the Digital Redefining Early Stage Investments (RESI) Conference in September – The Innovation Challenge and Featured Company Pitch Sessions.

Showcase Your Technology at the Innovation Challenge

This marks our third time organizing the Innovation Challenge in a digital format. The Innovation Challenge is always a great opportunity to increase your exposure and showcase your technology. 30 finalists will be selected from a pool of over 100 applicants, and all companies will have their own dedicated page to upload their virtual poster, video, and other supplementary materials. RESI attendees will be able to vote for up to 5 companies that they find the most innovative.

If you are interested in increasing your visibility to 400+ investors, please apply! The deadline is Wednesday, August 12th.

Pitch Your Company to a Panel of Investors

The Featured Company Pitch Session is a great opportunity to gain exposure for your company and get valuable feedback from a panel of investors. For an added fee, companies get a dedicated page featuring their pitch, followed by a virtual Q&A session with a panel of investors and a live audience. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis, so make sure to submit your application as soon as possible!

Congratulations to Our Digital RESI June Innovation Challenge Winners!

11 Jun

By Claire Jeong, Vice President of Investor Research, Asia BD, LSN


Our 3-day Digital RESI June conference came to an end yesterday, and we are very excited to announce the Top 3 Winners of the Innovation Challenge. Each participating finalist company had a dedicated page where you could view their virtual poster, short pitch, and other supplementary materials that the companies made available for viewing.

We will keep our Digital RESI June “live agenda” page open to the public for another month, so if you have not had the chance already, please visit Digital RESI June Live Agenda to see our virtual exhibit of some amazing technologies across therapeutics, medical devices, diagnostics, and digital health!

We would like to thank every Innovation Challenge company for their virtual presentations, and the hard work they put in to promote their technologies to RESI attendees. In all, we hope that all companies were able to make the most out of the digitally presented Innovation Challenge.

The Top 3 winners will be awarded with free tickets to future RESI conferences. Congratulations to the Top 3 winners, and thank you all for casting your votes!

First Place: Sen-Jam Pharmaceutical

Click Here to Check Out Sen-Jam Pharmaceutical’s Digital Poster

Sen-Jam Pharmaceutical is a therapeutics company focused on rapidly developing drugs to reduce pain and inflammation. We do this by combining approved FDA drugs that have never been combined before to create new formulations. Our 3 lead drugs are at varying stages of development for treatments including Viral Respiratory Infections (e.g. COVID-19), Opioid Withdrawal, and Alcohol Hangover prevention. We have 24+ Patents awarded and pending.

Jacqueline Iversen, RPh, MS, Head of Clinical Development, Sen-Jam Pharmaceutical | Jim Iversen, CEO/COO, Sen-Jam Pharmaceutical

Second Place: AyuVis Research

Click Here to Check Out AyuVis Research’s Digital Poster

AyuVis Research, Inc. is a late preclinical stage pharmaceutical company with novel small molecule compounds for treating complicated respiratory diseases like bronchopulmonary dysplasia (BPD), bacterial pneumonia, acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) and systemic inflammatory syndrome (sepsis). A pre-IND meeting with the FDA is completed. The compounds modulate the innate immune system to control hyperinflammation and eliminate microbial pathogens. AyuVis’ new class of drug can also prevent and treat conditions like severe COVID-19 infection related lung injuries, ARDS, multiple organ failure and death, where traditional protocols have had limited results. Preclinical testing in animal models have demonstrated effective results for intravenous (IV), intranasal (IN), and intraperitoneal (IP) administration of the drug depending on the target disease and tissue being treated.

Suchismita Acharya, PhD, President and CEO & Management Team

Third Place: Oxidien Pharmaceuticals

Click Here to Check Out Oxidien Pharmaceuticals’ Digital Poster

Oxidien Pharmaceuticals is a clinical stage drug development company developing a treatment for enteric hyperoxaluria, a large unmet need in kidney disease. We have excellent safety and efficacy data using our proprietary, oral biologic with significant advantages over products in development. Enteric hyperoxaluria is a condition that affects 250,000 patients in the US alone. The company spun out from Captozyme, Inc., in 2019, before Captozyme was acquired by Arranta Bio in November of 2019. Oxidien is now presenting a de-risked opportunity for an investment partner to come in early as we get ready for a dose-finding Phase 2 study.

Helena Cowley, CEO, Oxidien Pharmaceuticals

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