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Come See the Companies in the Innovators’ Pitch Challenge!

23 May

By Karen Deyo, Investor Research Analyst, LSN

With RESI Philadelphia just over a week away, we are excited to announce the 8 companies participating in the Innovators’ Pitch Challenge! The Innovators’ Gathering and Pitch Challenge continue to showcase the earliest stage companies who will be pitching to a panel of investors, as an opportunity to hone their pitches and receive feedback.

Selected from the tech hub constituents attending RESI, these companies are developing technologies in therapeutics, medical devices, diagnostics and digital health. The Innovators’ Pitch Challenge takes place from 1:00-2:30 PM at RESI, and we encourage you to stop by and listen to these companies pitch!

Moderated by Greg Mannix, VP of International Business Development at LSN, the panelists are:

  • Phil Grayeski, Venture Associate, KdT Ventures
  • George Syrmalis, CEO, The iQ Group Global
  • Chris Hanson, Partner, Grant Park Ventures
  • Renee Selman, Member, Robin Hood Ventures
  • Stephen Nagler, Executive Director, MedPro Investors

The presenting companies are:

Aruga Technologics

Aruga Technologies is a vascular device company that integrates a novel and nature-inspired self-wiping surface technology platform into the design and manufacture of synthetic vascular devices. Aruga inspired devices are engineered with biomimicry to extend implant lifetime due to their ability to keep blood clot buildup from depositing on the device surface. Aruga’s product aims to provide unparalleled performance and value potential to patients, surgeons, and hospitals in a world of healthcare which continues to put more emphasis on preferred outcomes at affordable costs. Our first indications address small caliber (<4mm) vascular grafts (>$3B device market) that are direct 510(K) regulatory pathways with existing reimbursement codes.


BioACT Matrix is an easier-to-use, safe and cost-effective synthetic bone graft substitute for orthopedic surgeons to implant, promoting more successful bone-healing in patients with challenging fractures. BioACT Matrix is a bioactive composite matrix that has a unique, fibrous structure made of FDA-approved biomaterials of biodegradable polymer embedded with nanoceramics. The material can be used either alone, as an autograft extender, or in combination with a patient’s bone marrow. BioACT Matrix is a flexible electrospun material that is easy to shape, reducing costly time in the operating room, and saving patients the cost for the surgical procedure. Its superior bioresorption, as well as optimized pore size and porosity for bone in-growth, will result in longer-lasting repair of bone fractures.

dB Diagnostic Systems

dB Diagnostic Systems is a medical devices company looking to overcome the barriers that exist in the $8 billion hearing testing market with an easy-to-use hardware & software-powered solution that can provide accurate evaluations in just minutes. They are bringing hearing diagnosis out of the specialist and sound proof room and into the clinic exam room for 75% of hearing impaired with 97% predictive value. Fully developed with 510(k) FDA clearance, the Hearing Healthcare Pro platform has been validated and piloted at Ochsner Clinic (which provides over 50% of Louisiana’s healthcare) as well as Montefiore in New York and Summit Medical Group (the country’s largest multispecialty private practice). Pilots are anticipated shortly at Northwell (NY) and Temple (PA). They have secured the first patent, have two more pending, and operate two active manufacturing facilities in Florida and Connecticut.

EndoCyclic Therapeutics

EndoCyclic Therapeutics’ CEO Tanya Petrossian is fighting against an overlooked disease that affects more than 150 million girls and women worldwide. Endometriosis is the #1 cause of both infertility and disability in working women. Currently, there is no curative therapeutic available for the disease. EndoCyclic Therapeutics is dedicated to developing the first preventative disease-modifying therapeutic for endometriosis. EndoCyclic Therapeutics initiated their Series A financing and is raising $15 million to fund the company through Phase IIA clinical development, including drug manufacturing. The company has already received $4 million commitment from two A-list institutional investors to be invested upon selection of a lead investor. The NIH granted EndoCyclic Therapeutics high priority on their Fast-Track SBIR grant and awarded them $2.3 million in funding.

IVIEW Therapeutics

IVIEW Therapeutics Inc. is a clinical stage development pharmaceutical company focusing on the areas of Ophthalmology and Otolaryngology. IVIEW was established by serial entrepreneurs and ophthalmologists in 2015 and located at Pennsylvania Biotechnology Center in Doylestown, Pennsylvania. IVIEW has assembled a top-notch management team composed of serial entrepreneurs and ophthalmologists and an Ophthalmology Advisory Board. We are building a solid novel drug product pipeline with both clinical and preclinical assets in ophthalmology and otolaryngology through in-house innovation research and global product in-license. Our lead compound, IVIEW-1201 is currently starting global phase II human clinical trials in US/India/China for the treatment of adenoviral conjunctivitis. There is currently no broadly effective therapy that treats all causes of infection and there is no approved treatment for viral conjunctivitis. This represents a massive unmet need in ophthalmology.


Become the gold standard in Real World Data by providing analysis of treatment efficacy & safety for consumers taking multiple medications, OTC and nutritionals, while also using Augmented Intelligence during treatment decisions to empower consumers and eliminate Adverse Drug Reactions.


BioPharma: FDA recognizes the need to use Real World Evidence

Payors: Adverse Drug Reactions costs the U.S. up to $30 Billion annually

Consumers: Need for Consumerism in Healthcare

Our product, i-HealthAssist, provides analysis on how treatments work in various real settings e.g.:
• What diabetes treatment works best for patients also on high cholesterol medications?
• Which MS drug is most effective for patients also being treated for urinary incontinence & high blood pressure?


Nunetz cybersecurely tells a complete patient story using integrated, high-resolution data and thus revolutionizes the workflow for physicians and nurses using a unified data dashboard. Our platform increases care quality, reduces costs, and increases revenue to healthcare organizations and life science companies.


Vascor has developed an innovative vascular assist device (VAD) that treats advanced heart failure more safely and overcomes existing device shortcomings. Annually, about 8,000 advanced heart failure patients are treated with a VAD. The global VAD market is expected to grow from $1 Billion in 2017 to $2 Billion in 2024. On average, VADs extend the patient’s life but have serious complications including infection, bleeding requiring reoperation, device failure, severe stroke and death. 72% of current VAD recipients incur a serious adverse event within one year.The Vascor failsafe non-rotary implantable counter pulsation heart assist device is powered by a transcutaneous energy transmission system that addresses the root causes of these serious adverse events.

Don’t Wait! There is Still Time to Apply to RESI Innovation Challenge. Deadline May 1st…Go for It!

25 Apr

By Gregory Mannix, Vice President International Business Development, LSN

The deadline to enter the RESI Innovation Challenge for the RESI Philadelphia event (June 3rd) is fast approaching, coming up May 1st. I would encourage every fundraising CEO and scientist/entrepreneur who will be in Philadelphia in early June to go for it! The RESI Innovation Challenge is a great way to instantly get your company from regional mode to global mode as RESI Philly is going to be loaded with international biotech, medtech and digital health partners and investors. A great strategy is to apply for the Innovation Challenge and if you are one of the 35 early stage startups selected, you can use that prestigious selection to help garner more partnering meetings. We are expecting over 300 investors in attendance at RESI, and the ratio of investors to startups is typically 1 to 1. These global investors and partners come to RESI seeking innovative technologies with high potential to scale in global markets. The RESI partnering system is designed to ensure that meetings between investors and startups are based on a strong fit for each other’s criteria, and we have often heard that makes RESI a much more productive place to meet than other events.

We encourage all applicants to read our article on How To Be Successful in the RESI Innovation Challenge. There is not much time left to apply – interested applicants, please complete your online application through our application portal here or submit your PDF application and supplementary materials by sending them to We look forward to receiving your submissions!  Here is a list of the companies that placed in the top three at the last 4 RESI events.  Take a look at the companies who have won in the past – they represent a very compelling and diversified group of technologies.

Company Description of Technology Location
Miniaturized auto injector for patients who need to carry emergency injectable medications North Carolina
Light emitting swallow-able capsule for treating Chrome’s disease Israel
Electronic Catheter Guidance System England
Online speech tele-therapy solutions Israel
Medical devices for ICU monitoring Taiwan
Revolutionizes blood flow imaging through PET scanning Denmark
Doctors office  MRI imaging California
NICU feeding management and lactation analytics Pennsylvania
Minimally invasive device for treating post surgical pain Pennsylvania
Micro-machine for monitoring and treating ventricular heart conditions Massachusetts
Novel brain imaging for monitoring sedation Massachusetts
Noninvasive devices for monitoring and treating hypertension and migraine headaches California

RESI Europe 2019 Innovation Challenge – Check Out the Winners

28 Mar

By Claire Jeong, Director of Research, Asia BD, LSN


On Monday, March 25th, companies from North America, Western Europe, Israel, etc. showcased their technologies in the Vienna Marriott Hotel exhibition hall, where LSN organized the first ever (and quite successful!) RESI Europe conference. As usual, conference attendees were provided with 5 pieces of “RESI Cash” which they could use to “invest” in the companies of their choice. Again, congratulations to all finalists who were selected to present, and we hope RESI was able to serve as a great venue for creating valuable connections. But most importantly, we are excited to announce the Top 3 winners of this Innovation Challenge – please check their details below!

First Place: Rx Bandz

Rx Bandz provides a game-changing, cost-effective solution for millions of people globally who need to carry emergency injectable medication. Nearly 60% of them do not carry their prescribed auto-injectors with them. MiniJect,™ our miniaturized auto-injector, delivers a wide range of injectable drugs. Its small size and intuitive design make it easy to carry and simple to use. The first drug delivery platform for epinephrine will allow active patients to take it with them, thus increasing compliance and saving lives. Our world-class team has designed and tested a medical device that is also an attractive accessory. We have been deemed eligible for FDA- 505(B)2, the expedited pathway to market.  We have the options of either licensing the device for multiple medications, or taking it to market. Accessory attachments to the MiniJect,™ offer yet another revenue stream.

Jessica Walsh, Founder & CEO, Rx Bandz


Second Place: PhotoPill Medical

PhotoPill Medical develops a revolutionary state-of-the-art disposable swallow-able capsule for treating Crohn’s disease flare-ups and as a preventive treatment in-between flares, by implementing Photo-Bio-Modulation treatment (PBMt) and gut microbiota modulation light-protocols as it travels through the intestine. The PhotoPill capsule is personalized for each patient based on disease location and individual peristaltic rate. Photopill’s unique disruptive technology would be a first of its kind for intestinal tissue treatment and gut bacteria related disorders. This would be a safe, easy to use, cost effective solution for a huge market and a painful problem. PhotoPill has demonstrated excellent pre-clinical results, and preliminary data in IBD Proctitis patients, using Photopill’s dedicated rectal device. PhotoPill has strong IP portfolio and strong and experienced team.

Sharon Ben Yehuda, Co-Founder, PhotoPill Medical


Third Place: Pathfinder Medical

Pathfinder Medical is developing a novel electronic catheter guidance system that will enable clinicians to connect blood vessels in a minimally invasive way. This platform technology has a variety of clinical applications in peripheral vascular and dialysis procedures, together representing a €4.5 billion yearly market. Open surgery is the current standard for preparing patients for dialysis and bypassing blocked peripheral arteries. High failure rates (approximately 50%) in both cases present a serious danger to life and require repeat procedures, for US dialysis patients alone this adds up to $4.6 billion per year. The ePATH catheter platform aims to eliminate need for open surgery in several vascular procedures, improving outcomes and reducing the burden on patients and healthcare systems.

Sorin Popa, Founder & CEO, Pathfinder Medical

If you missed out on the opportunity to compete in the RESI Europe Innovation Challenge, we would be happy to take your applications for our upcoming RESI Philadelphia on Monday, June 3rd. Please visit our online application portal at to get your application started!

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