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RESI Europe Innovation Challenge – Meet the Startup Finalists

14 Mar

By Karen Deyo, Investor Research Analyst, LSN

The inaugural RESI Europe is just around the corner, and with that, we are happy to announce the finalists for the RESI Innovation Challenge. On March 25th in Vienna, these finalists will present posters of their technologies in the Exhibition Hall. From therapeutics to devices, diagnostics to digital health, the technologies are as diverse as the countries these companies represent, with startups participating from all over Europe, Israel and even from the US. We encourage all attendees to take the opportunity to check out all of these companies and their technologies and to “invest” your “RESI cash” in your favorite(s). The top three companies will receive prizes at the end of the day, so make sure to go through the exhibition hall and cast your votes!

Thank you to all of the companies that submitted applications to the Innovation Challenge – we encourage you to try again at a future RESI. Good luck to the finalists, and we look forward to seeing you in Vienna!





MedTech Device


Digital Health

At RESI Europe, Investors Discuss the Challenges for Diagnostic Startups

14 Mar

By Lucy Parkinson, VP of Investor Research, LSN

There’s a widespread perception that funding and launching new diagnostic technologies is a difficult undertaking.  In addition to the scientific and technical challenges of developing a new product, diagnostic entrepreneurs need to build a solid business case that will indicate future success.  Many fail to realize that investors will be as interested in evidence of market traction and physician support than in signals of diagnostic sensitivity and specificity.

At RESI Europe, five experienced senior staff from investment firms and major strategics in the industry will explain how they look for good bets in the diagnostics field.  Representing a spectrum from early stage investment to potential exit partner, these investors will explain to the audience what it takes to get a diagnostic funded and how they help startups bring new tests and monitoring solutions to market.

Moderator: Tom Miller (Managing Partner, Greybird Ventures)

After receiving a degree in Nuclear Engineering from the University of Massachusetts at Lowell, Tom studied Medical Physics at the Harvard/MIT Health Sciences and Technology joint program graduating with a Masters degree in 1982. During his academic career he worked at Los Alamos, the Swiss Institute for Nuclear Research (now the Paul Scherer Institute), Brookhaven National Laboratory, and the Massachusetts General Hospital as a research associate in radiation biophysics. Tom then joined Siemens Medical Systems where, after 9 years, he became the first non-German CEO of a German factory and business unit. He left Siemens after 15 years to become CEO of the global medical operations of Carl Zeiss. Completing a successful turnaround, he joined Analogic Corporation as CEO. After three years and a doubling of the stock price, Tom left to become CEO of LightLab Imaging, a start-up that he helped to establish. Completing a profitable sale of LightLab, Tom re-joined Siemens eventually serving as a member of the operating board of Siemens Healthcare and the CEO of Customer Solutions Division, responsible for 26,000 employees in over 130 countries. Tom co-founded GreyBird in mid-2013 with an investment focus on technologies enabling precision medicine diagnosis.

Walter Stockinger (Managing Partner, Hadean Ventures)

Walter is a seasoned healthcare investor with previous experience in strategy consulting and basic research. After joining the Boston Consulting Group as a member of the Healthcare Practice Team Walter advised pharmaceutical companies and PE firms in the context of commercial projects as well as during buy and sell side M&A transactions. In 2009 walter joined the London office of one of the largest specialist healthcare VC firms. Being responsible for deal sourcing, due diligence and exit management Walter gained significant experience by successfully investing into and exiting portfolio companies.

Walter received a master’s degree and a PhD in biochemistry from the University of Vienna. After his graduation, he worked for over five years as a research fellow at Harvard University. He has published 15 peer reviewed papers in top scientific journals including Cell and EMBO.

Michael Sidler (General Partner, Redalpine)

Dr. Michael Sidler has co-founded Redalpine Venture Partners 2007 and acts as General Partner for Redalpine Capital Funds I to IV. Redalpine invests in European tech and health tech companies. Before Redalpine, Michael was responsible for corporate investments and M&A at Prionics AG, a Diagnostics / Biotech company in, Switzerland, where under his guidance several acquisitions have been completed. From 1998 to 2003, Michael was with The Boston Consulting Group in Zürich and Toronto. Michael Sidler holds a PhD in Life Sciences from University of Zurich. He is a member of several organizations, juries and boards for the support of innovation and startups.

Ekkehard Kauffmann (Global Business Development M&A, Roche Diagnostics)

M&A and Strategy lead in Roche Diagnostic Global Business Development, responsible for external growth strategies as well as evaluating and securing early to commercial stage innovation for Roche Diagnostics through acquisitions and other deal types. Previous leadership roles in business development and R&D at Bayer and in the Novartis spin-off company Zeptosens. Ph.D. in Biophysics and executive MBA education background.

Are You Ready To Pitch To Investors? Enter the RESI Europe Innovators’ Pitch Challenge

14 Feb

By Karen Deyo, Investor Research Analyst, LSN

LSN first introduced the Innovators’ Pitch Challenge at RESI Boston in September of 2018. This new aspect of RESI was designed to give the earliest stage companies spinning out from incubators, accelerators and universities a platform to pitch to a panel of investors.  The aim of the RESI Innovators’ Pitch Challenge was to give these companies a chance to practice their investment pitch and get valuable feedback from real investors. To get a perspective on the value of participating in the Innovators’ Pitch Challenge, I spoke to Scott Stout, CEO of MedVector Clinical Trials (one of the companies selected to participate in the West Coast Innovators’ Pitch Challenge at RESI San Francisco), and Ravi Mistry, an angel investor part of TiE Silicon Valley Angels, who was part of the investor panel at the same event.

Especially for those earliest stage companies just starting their first major fundraise, the ability to practice your pitch before a panel of investors can be helpful. The questions asked by the experienced investor panelists can help the participants anticipate what investors will ask when pitching to them, as well as helping you identify what areas of your pitch may need to be clarified. As an angel investor and very active mentor for entrepreneurs, Ravi pointed out how valuable an exercise this can be, both as a way to potentially catch the interest of the investor panelists, as well as a practice for the future. Ravi also noted that the diverse range of expertise the investors had, across all sectors of the life sciences, can be helpful to the exercise.

Beyond the value of practicing his pitch, Scott said that one of the major benefits of applying to and participating in the Pitch Challenge was the additional exposure he received via RESI’s website and on-site guide, and the ability to highlight to current and potential investors that their company was selected to participate by LSN’s scientific review team. This serves as valuable external validation of the company and technology.

To apply for the European Innovators’ Pitch Challenge, please fill out the application and make sure to indicate that you are a tech hub constituent!

Accelerating clinical trials speeds up medicine. MedVector is a turnkey solution using telemedicine to increase clinical trial participation, generate revenue for hospitals, reduce costs to clinical trial sponsors, and bring life-saving, advanced medicine to market more quickly.

Ravi Mistry, Member, TiE Angels

Ravi Mistry is a leader, entrepreneur, angel investor, educator and mentor. His professional career has spanned the life sciences, technology, non-profits, and academics as Founder, Board Chairman/Director, President, Vice President, Sr. Director, Manager, and Adjunct Professor. He brings experience covering all areas of business operations. He has managed closing of Seed, Series A/B funding totaling over $35M. Ravi served as VP/BizDev at MedTree, a life sciences start-up, and as Executive Director of Indian Institute of Technology Gandhinagar Foundation to raise endowment funds. Previously, Ravi was member of founding team of Virident Systems, a technology startup acquired by HGST/Western Digital. Ravi has held management positions in the life sciences companies DiscoveRx (acquired by Eurobond) and BioImagene (acquired by Roche). He is Gold Medalist from Gujarat University, India, with a bachelor’s degree in Engineering. He received his Master’s in Engineering from Stanford, and an MBA in Finance from CSUEB.

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