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Digital RESI Works! Interview with Don Kiepert, CEO at Seropeutics

2 Apr

Donald Kiepert

By Greg Mannix, Chief Conference Officer, Vice President International Business Development, LSN

Greg Mannix

When It became clear that the on-site RESI Europe conference would not be possible due to the Covid-19 crisis and travel restrictions that we are all aware of, many companies had already purchased their registrations.  It was understandable that many of these companies were skeptical when we announced, just 2 weeks before the conference, that we would offer all of the content and live partnering on a digital platform. I wanted to talk to a company that went through this phase of skepticism but decided to give it a try.

Donald R. Kiepert – Executive Chairman & CEO – Experienced CEO, Entrepreneur, and Pharmacist who has started 12 successful life sciences companies. Previous CEO roles at Point Therapeutics (NASDAQ:POTP) and Lantheus Medical Imaging. Currently on two pharmaceutical company boards and one medical device board. Raised $100M at Point with market capitalization value of $500M. Lantheus became a $350M global pharmaceutical company with three products in clinical development. Proven leadership skills, Experience leading drug development programs, FDA interactions, Board creation and management, and partnering and licensing deals.

Greg Mannix:  Seropeutics registered for RESI Europe Paris when it was still slated to take place on March 23rd in the City of Lights. What stage of fundraising is Seropeutics in and what were you looking to accomplish at RESI Paris when you originally registered?

Don Kiepert:  We have raised an angel round (from me) and received several NIH and other grants. We are now pursuing a 25M Series A.

GM:  What was your initial reaction when you heard the conference would no longer take place on-site and would change to a digital format?

DK:  I was concerned because I believe these types of meetings are normally more effective as face to face sessions.

GM:  Did you ask for a refund of your registration fee?

DK:  Yes, my first reaction was to request a refund or a discount.

GM:  Why were you skeptical about a Digital Conference?

DK: I was concerned about the ability of the IT system to operate flawlessly so the meetings could be effective and come off on schedule.

GM:  In the end, you decided to give Digital RESI a try. Were you able to book any meetings? What kinds of meetings did you have?

DK:  We had a total of 16 meetings which were on time and proved to be a highly effective approach.  We met with 6 Pharma company executives, 3 vendor/investor companies, and 7 VC type organizations.

GM:  How did you find the built-in video conferencing platform? Was it possible to have productive meetings on-line?

DK:  There were some minor technical issues but yes, the meetings were effective and productive.

GM:  How many new connections will you be having follow-up meetings or interaction with after the conference is over?

DK:  At this point, we have 6 follow up meetings scheduled.

GM:  Do you think Digital Conferences like this are useful moving forward?

DK:  Absolutely and I plan on attending the next one on 4/29 and 4/30. Like I said, I am a believer in face-to-face meetings, but I can honestly say that our experience at the digital conference was really productive, so we will do it again.

Seropeutics is an early-stage pharmaceutical company that is advancing breakthrough therapies to treat fragile X syndrome (no FDA approved drugs) and other neurological diseases. fragile X will have an orphan drug status. IND is targeted 12-months after program funding.  Seropeutics has developed two distinct first-in-class chemical platforms that precisely and selectively modulate novel combinations of serotonin (5-hydroxytryptamine, 5-HT) receptor types. Safety established in rodents and rhesus monkeys. Pre-clinical proof of concept established in fragile X mice demonstrating prevention of seizures and amelioration of repetitive behaviors and social deficits.

The (Virtual) Show Must Go On!

2 Apr

By Karen Deyo, Senior Investor Research Analyst, LSN

Did Digital RESI live up to expectations? You bet!

One investor, David Gordon, Head of Investments at Longliv Ventures, wrote the following article on LinkedIn. In it, he says “In less than two days, from the comfort of my home office, I saw some very exciting deal flow pitches and got to know more than a dozen potential investment partners. See in the picture Steve Seuntjens of PHS (Personal Health Solutions) and myself, enjoying a quick and good meeting of the minds.”

In addition to David’s comments, the following investors sent us the following feedback.

Bill Kuziel, an Investor at MedPro Investors, shared that he had many meetings on the first day, and all of them went off without a hitch.
Aaron Sandoski, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Norwich Ventures, even shared, “Actually, I preferred it to in-person meetings since the flexibility of the multi-day approach made it much easier to fit conversations into my schedule.”
Haifeng Cui, Senior Director, Scientific Innovation at Johnson & Johnson Innovation said “I really enjoyed the digital RESI meetings, very easy to use and convenient. Given the experience I had, I am highly interested to participate for the next two events.”
Jim Burden, President of Dorset Capital, made a note of mentioning that they would be following up with companies they ‘met’ at Digital RESI. As Jim said, “We intend to pursue at least three companies we both found interesting and worthwhile through the event. You stepped up to the challenge of one of the first video conferences and it was a success.”

We appreciate all of the support we have received from our investor network. It is not too late to sign up to our upcoming digital events, taking place on April 29-30 and June 8-10. To see a list of attending investors, make sure to take a look at this article!

Come Join These Registered Investors at the Upcoming Digital Events

2 Apr

By Joey Wong, Investor Research Analyst, LSN

After we concluded the first ever Digital RESI Conference with overwhelmingly positive feedback, we decided to launch 2 more digital events – the 2-Day Dedicated Partnering Event (April 29-30th) and the 3-Day Digital RESI Conference (June 8-10th), in order to continue facilitating valuable connections between startups and investors during this difficult time. Since announcing these two events, we have received so much support from investors across the globe, with over 100 investors signed up just within this week. We are expecting over 200 global investors to participate in the two events.

Below is a partial list of registered investors for the Dedicated Partnering Event and the Digital RESI conference – register now to meet them digitally. Hope to “see” you at our upcoming RESI events!

Confirmed Digital RESI Investors and Strategic Partners

Congratulations to our Digital RESI “Europe” Innovation Challenge Winners!

26 Mar

By Claire Jeong, Vice President of Investor Research, Asia BD, LSN

claireOur 3-day digital RESI “Europe” event came to an end yesterday, and we are very excited to announce the Top 3 Winners of the Innovation Challenge. This was a very special Innovation Challenge for the RESI team as all of the poster presentations were held in digital format, with each finalist company having a dedicated page where you could view their poster, short pitch, and other supplementary materials that the companies made available for viewing.

We will keep our RESI Europe “live agenda” page open to the public for another month, so if you have not had the chance already, please visit Digital RESI Europe Live Agenda to see our virtual exhibit of some amazing technologies across therapeutics, medical devices, diagnostics, and digital health!

We would like to thank every Innovation Challenge company for quickly adapting to our digital transition, and we hope that all companies were able to make the most out of the digitally presented Innovation Challenge.

Congratulations to the Top 3 winners, and thank you all for casting your votes!

First Place: Cerebriu A/S

Click Here to Check Out Cerebriu’s Digital Poster

Cerebriu is dedicated to improving workflow efficiency, quality and patient outcomes in diagnostic imaging.

Our software solution Cerebriu Apollo achieves this by automating image acquisition protocols and triage during MRI brain acquisition providing decision support at key stages of the diagnostic process. We offer workflow efficiency gains that result in improved productivity, better use of resources, and prioritization of the patients who need it most.

Initial focus is brain, namely tumors, haemorrhage and infarcts. Future roadmap expands to additional pathologies, body parts and advanced integration with hospital systems.

Second Place: MOWOOT

Click Here to Check Out MOWOOT’s Digital Poster

MOWOOT is a growth stage medical device company targeting intestinal transit disorders with a purely physical, non-drug, non-invasive solution.

MOWOOT offers a CE certified (Med.Dev. class IIa), IP protected, clinically validated and award-winning technology: the first Intermittent Colonic Exo-peristalsis (ICE) device on the market handling a large unmet need for patients with Neurogenic-Bowel-Disorders (NBD), Idiopathic Chronic Constipation (ICC) and Opioid-Induced-Constipation (OIC).

The Global Market for the indication “chronic constipation” alone has an annual worth of US$ 12.58 bn, with a healthy CAGR of 7.1%, estimated to reach US$ 22,93 bn by 2025.

Third Place: Injeq Oy

Click Here to Check Out Injeq’s Digital Poster

IQ-Needle is a hypodermic needle which can tell where its tip is. This makes demanding blind punctures, such as spinal tap, much easier and safer for the patient. Technology is based on measuring the impedance of the tissue the tip is touching using proprietary stylet design, allowing the needle bosy and styulet to be used as electronic measurement probes. IQ-Needle and Analyzer are in pre-production as we are finalizing clinical trials and starting the CE certification process with TÜV SÜD in Germany.

LSN Pivots Again: To Accommodate Early-Stage Life Science Fundraising CEOs and Investment Partners

26 Mar

By Gregory Mannix, Chief Conference Officer, Vice President International Business Development, LSN

After a record breaking Digital RESI Conference in March, replacing the RESI Europe 2020 on-site event, LSN now announces one new Digital RESI, 2-day, dedicated partnering event, taking place April 29th and 30th,  a new Digital RESI event June 8th-10th, replacing on-site RESI, San Diego and, last but not least, Boston RESI On-site September 21st at the Boston Marriott Copley Place.

The feedback from LSN’s Investment, partnering and entrepreneurial networks made this move obvious, as new fresh alternatives are needed to keep the bench to bedside technology assets flowing in the right direction. The main issue with raising early stage capital is that it is a numbers game and entrepreneurs need to regularly work their pipeline of investment partners. The fact that Digital RESI proved that the virtual model works means that LSN can now offer one dedicated Digital partnering event in April, a Digital RESI three day event in June plus the on-site, Boston RESI in September. Interested investors can contact us for a complimentary pass to all of these events here:

LSN is also offering a discounted packaged deal which is a much needed solution for engaging with global investment partners on regular basis. LSN will also be giving a free copy of the Life Science Entrepreneurs Fundraising Manifesto with each registration.  This book outlines how to prepare your branding and messaging, how to set up a CRM for keeping track of your Global Target List of investment partners and goes into the detail of both phone and email canvassing for setting up meetings.  LSN is convinced that this package will be a game changer in these coming months for all the global fundraising entrepreneur community.

Digital RESI in Numbers

26 Mar

By Karen Deyo, Senior Investor Research Analyst, LSN

Digital RESI was an idea that arose under unusual circumstances, to say the least. As RESI drew near, we were overwhelmed with the positive responses we received to the change, and our attempt to move forward with an alternative to the traditional on-site conference. Now that the first Digital RESI is behind us, what do the numbers say?

With about 550 attendees, we saw over 1200 meetings taking place over the 3 days of partnering. Below you can find the breakdown of attendees and meetings. With 70% of the meetings taking place between companies and investors, this goes to show that investors are still hungry for good investments, despite the current environment. And while coordinating across time zones is extremely difficult, over 85% of the meetings took place as scheduled.

The proof is in the numbers – digital conferences are providing a way for startups and investors to meet and form relationships with a virtual one-on-one meeting. Make sure to check out the future digital events we will be holding to help make it through the coming months!

Important Information about Digital RESI Partnering

22 Mar

By Karen Deyo, Senior Investor Research Analyst, LSN

Thank you for participating in the first-ever Digital RESI. We want to make sure that this event is a success for you, and the following information will help you use the partnering platform to best advantage in this virtual conference.

First, please note that all currently scheduled meetings take place in Paris local time (CET). Please be aware that you can block off time slots so that you are not getting scheduled by the system at a time that is inconvenient due to your local time zone. The good news is, if you have accepted some meetings, you can reschedule your meetings to a more convenient time.

This is one of the challenges in going from a physical to a global digital format and LSN wants to make sure that all the meetings you book will work for both parties. Also, LSN does recommend making sure you have exchanged phone numbers with the other person, so that if something does happen you can just call the person directly.

Depending on your location, this would mean that the partnering slots take place at:

San Francisco (PST) 12AM-12PM
New York (EST) 3AM-3PM
Paris (CET) 8AM-8PM
Shanghai 3PM-3AM

Digital RESI is giving us an opportunity to continue with LSN’s mission to connect early stage companies with investors and strategic partners who are a fit for them, and we urge all of you to take full advantage of the partnering platform by accepting meetings over the three days of partnering. Virtual partnering meetings will start in 5 short days – make sure to fill your schedule!

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