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NEW! Global Partnering Campaign & Roadshow Preparation Entrepreneurial Education Series

2 Feb

By Caitlin Dolegowski, Marketing Manager, LSN

2023 is an important year for LSN’s Entrepreneurial Education programs. We have devised 16+ focused and very practical 1-hour classes that address genuine issues facing startups. At Digital RESI March Life Science Nation will be offering an educational track for the first time, consisting of 6 focused classes over 3 days and covering topics:

It All Starts with The Story

Tuesday, March 14, 11 AM EDT

The most successful entrepreneurs are always the best storytellers. Finding a way to naturally formulate your company’s unique story and portraying this through multiple modalities whether it be a 1-minute elevator pitch, or a 12-slide pitch deck is one of the most effective ways to get potential investors and partners on board with your value proposition. This bootcamp will cover the importance of entrepreneurial agency, finding your voice and developing a compelling narrative for the different players that will emerge along a deal chain, and language tools to refine your hook.

First-Time CEOs: Avoiding Pitfalls

Tuesday, March 14, 12 PM EDT

This session will cover some of the most common pitfalls that catch first-time and serial entrepreneurs off guard. From false premise and being tentative to surrounding yourself with executives that do not have augmentative and complimentary skillsets, there are many things that can slow the growth of your early-stage life science entity. By learning how to avoid these issues and not run yourself over, your chances of making it to the market will increase greatly.

Tagline & Elevator Pitch

Wednesday, March 15, 11 AM EDT

Distilling your company identity into a 5–7-word tagline and then expanding upon that in a 5-7 sentence elevator pitch is one of the most fundamental business development skills that early-stage entrepreneurs must master when launching global partnering campaigns. Join us to learn how to develop a compelling tagline and convincing elevator pitch to grip the attention of your target investors and licensing partners.

Executive Summary & Tear Sheet

Wednesday, March 15, 12 PM EDT

This session will cover how to develop a compelling 2-page executive summary and 1-page tear sheet, two of the most important materials to have at the ready for interested investors and licensing partners. While the executive summary covers a deeper dive into your company’s history, product, and management team, the tear sheet can be used to synthesize all of the most important elements of your company in 5-10 minutes (ideal for partners looking to skim through a document).

Pitch Deck & The 10 Myths of Fundraising

Thursday, March 16, 11 AM EDT

The pitch deck is the final piece of marketing collateral (having previously established your tagline, elevator pitch, executive summary, and tear sheet) that can help cogently tell your company’s unique story and highlight its key value points. As the pitch deck is one of the most requested materials by investors and licensing partners, this session will also cover the 10 myths of fundraising to help elucidate some common misconceptions when launching global campaigns.

Strategies for Successful Partnering

Thursday, March 16, 12 PM EDT

Take a deep dive into your outreach campaign. Learn more about our proven successful strategy and how to craft your messages from your initial outreach and each follow up message after that.

Additionally, this registration includes access to investor panels, pitch sessions and workshops live or recorded for $295. (No Partnering)


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Digital RESI March Panel Line-up

2 Feb

By Love Chung, Investor Research Analyst, LSN


The Redefining Early Stage Investment (RESI) conference series returns this March 14-16 in a fully virtual format. Through a carefully curated agenda including Innovator’s Pitch Challenges, educational workshops, panels, and more, entrepreneurs will be able to connect with investors and strategic partners who best match their product and stage of development. The panels will continue to feature investors, industry experts, and seasoned entrepreneurs providing valuable insight to our conference attendees.

Digital RESI March will be bringing on investor panels (featuring investors representing groups such as Angels, Corporate Venture Capital, Family Offices) that entail key topics of life science such as Therapeutics, Chronic Disease Management, Impact Investing, Health Systems, and more. Click here to see the agenda of the upcoming conference. To save $200 on Digital RESI, make sure to complete the early bird registration by February 10th!


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I Asked an AI Robot to Tell Me About Entrepreneurial Storytelling (I am not kidding)

2 Feb

By Dennis Ford, Founder and CEO of Life Science Nation, Creator of the RESI Conference Series

I asked the Robot, Open AI, Chat GPT to write an article on why scientist entrepreneurs and fundraising CEOs need to get their stories straight and develop a compelling company narrative. Here is the very impressive result!

In today’s business world, it is not enough for scientist entrepreneurs and fundraising CEOs to simply have a great idea or product. In order to be successful, they must also have a clear and compelling narrative that effectively communicates the value of their work to potential investors and customers.

One of the key reasons that a strong narrative is so important is that it helps to differentiate a company or product from its competitors. In a crowded marketplace, it can be difficult to stand out and make a lasting impression on potential investors or customers. By having a clear and compelling story, a scientist entrepreneur or fundraising CEO can effectively communicate the unique value proposition of their product or idea, and why it is worth investing in.

Another important reason that a strong narrative is necessary is that it helps to build trust and credibility. When a scientist entrepreneur or fundraising CEO can clearly and effectively communicate the value of their work, it helps to instill confidence in potential investors and customers that the company or product is worth supporting. This is especially important when seeking funding or investment, as investors are more likely to put their money into a company or product that they believe in.

Finally, a strong narrative can also help to build a sense of community and engagement around a company or product. When people are able to connect with the story of a company or product, they are more likely to become invested in it and to want to support it. This can be especially beneficial for fundraising CEOs and scientist entrepreneurs, as it can help to generate interest and enthusiasm among potential investors and customers.

In conclusion, scientist entrepreneurs and fundraising CEOs need to get their story straight and develop a compelling narrative in order to effectively communicate the value of their work and stand out in a crowded marketplace. By doing so, they can build trust, credibility and a sense of community around their company or product and increase the chances of success.

Click on the podcast/class below to hear my take on the question above.

Digital RESI March – Super Early Bird Ends Tomorrow! Take The Test Below and See What Ticket You Should Buy

26 Jan

By Greg Mannix, Vice President International Business Development, General Manager Europe, LSN

One positive lesson from the past 3 years is that digital partnering conferences can be extremely valuable and cost-effective. As much as we all value the chance to go back to in-person events, Digital RESI March 14-16 is a terrific opportunity to meet with 300+ early-stage investors and licensing partners at a fraction of the overall cost of attending an in-person event.

Life Science Nation (LSN) is committed to continuing to offer digital RESI events together with our signature in-person RESI conferences. Digital RESI March will again offer insightful investor and workshop panels, plus the chance to pitch live to a panel of domain-specific investors in the Innovator’s Pitch Challenge (IPC). Companies that compete in the IPC get great visibility, make valuable connections, and have found they are more successful in getting meetings with investors and licensing partners. IPC applications are now being accepted.

NEW! Global Partnering Campaign & Roadshow Preparation Entrepreneurial Education Series

2023 is an important year for LSN’s Entrepreneurial Education programs. We have devised 16+ focused and very practical 1-hour classes that address genuine issues facing startups. At Digital RESI March we will be offering an educational track for the first time, consisting of 6 focused classes over 3 days and covering topics like:

  • It All Starts with The Story
  • First-Time CEOs: Avoiding Pitfalls
  • Tagline & Elevator Pitch
  • Executive Summary & Tear Sheet
  • Pitch Deck & The 10 Myths of Fundraising
  • Strategies for Successful Partnering

Take The Test and See What Ticket You Should Buy

RESI March with Partnering

Have you already launched your global Partnering Campaign and attended partnering events? Are you into actively seeking capital investors and licensing partners? Do you have your story straight and your branding and messaging in place? Do you have a global target list of partners and are you using a CRM to organize and manage the interactions with that list? LSN suggests a full 3-day partnering conference registration. ($1,195)

Apply for the Innovators Pitch Challenge

Are you ready or have you participated in the Innovator’s Pitch Challenge (IPC)? This will get you feedback from qualified investors and licensing partner judges and help you with feedback and commentary on your pitch presentation. Click here to apply to the IPC. This package will include a full day 3-day registration plus the IPC package. ($1,795)

On the Edge and Need to Learn More as an Early-Stage Startup Looking for strategic Partners

Just getting started and trying to learn the ropes? Need to learn from the investor and licensing partner panels precisely what partners look for. Seeing is believing. Watch other startup CEOs participate and pitch their startups to global partners. Take advantage of LSN’s Global Partnering Campaign and Roadshow Preparation classes. This low-cost audience pass will give you access to all the RESI content through panels and classes over the three days. The audience pass is aimed at helping startups who are not quite ready for their global partnering campaign see how other colleagues have made the leap and are actively executing partnering roadshows. You can virtually attend our investor panels and entrepreneurial educational classes. ($295)

Super Early Bird ends tomorrow for Digital RESI March so be sure to register here today to save $300!


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Digital RESI March Innovator’s Pitch Challenge – Apply Now to Secure a Spot

26 Jan

By Joey Wong, Investor Research Analyst, Hong Kong BD, LSN

The Innovator’s Pitch Challenge (IPC) at RESI San Francisco made a splash during JPM week 2023, attracting over 50 companies and 60 investor judges to participate. Life Science Nation (LSN) will bring back this exciting opportunity at our next conference, Digital RESI March, taking place on the 14 – 16th, in a virtual format.

The IPC at Digital RESI March provides an unique opportunity to early-stage, seed to series B companies to pitch live to a panel of investors and industry experts, who are highly experienced in the sectors that they are judging for. During the virtual pitch sessions, each IPC finalist will have 4 minutes to present and 8 minutes for Q&A. In addition, all participating companies will be featured on Digital RESI March’s Live Agenda, and each have their own dedicated web page to host their company information and materials. With the flexible, virtual format, we welcome companies and investors from around the globe to join the IPC at Digital RESI March. The IPC sessions have been immensely popular in our previous conferences, so I encourage interested companies to apply early, before the final application deadline of February 7th.

To apply or find information about the Innovator’s Pitch Challenge (IPC) at Digital RESI March, please visit:

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Get to Know RESI Sponsor BE Health Ventures

26 Jan
Arthur Chen
Arthur Chen
Interview with Arthur Chen, Managing Partner, BE Health Ventures

By Caitlin Dolegowski, Marketing Manager, LSN

Caitlin Dolegowski

BE Health Ventures is the largest institution in Taiwan with a venture fund and accelerator dedicated to HealthTech, MedTech and digital health startups. Based in Taipei, they leverage the unique strengths of Taiwan’s thriving ecosystem to position themselves as the gateway to Asia for both local and international startups. BE Health was a valued sponsor this past RESI JPM San Francisco in January. In the following interview, BE Health’s Managing Partner, Arthur Chen, gives us insight into BE Health and how they are serving both local and international startups.

Caitlin Dolegowski (CD): Please introduce us to BE Health Ventures.

Arthur Chen (AC): BE Health Ventures is the FIRST and ONLY hospital-backed VC in Taiwan. We launched the accelerator program in 2018 and have helped accelerate about 100 different startups since then, backed by the support of two of the largest hospital networks in Taiwan. The total fund raised by the alumni has surpassed $150M USD.

In addition to helping secure funding, our accelerator program provides non-financial resources to help our startups to validate their solutions and business ideas with our hospital partners. And through our venture capital fund, we invest in companies with exciting potential and help them expand across Asia.

CD: What are some traits of the Asian markets that are different from the USA or Europe markets?

AC: Asia contains 60% of the world’s population and continues to grow. It is estimated that by 2030, the region will also have 60% of the world’s population aged 65 or older. According to a recent report I studied, the total estimated healthcare spending in Asia alone is estimated to exceed $4 trillion by next year, with hospitals, home care, telemedicine, medical device, and drug development expected to lead the way. In fact, the Asia-Pacific region has far surpassed the United States and Europe in terms of the demand for healthcare. Currently, the market growth in Asia Pacific is 19.9%, much higher than the 10% growth rate in the U.S. and Europe. However, unlike the US or Europe, Asia is not a single market. We have China, Japan, India, Southeast Asia… and so on. Different countries have different regulatory paths, such as NMPA in China, PMDA in Japan, and each country also has its own reimbursement policies and payer structure; not to mention that cultural differences add to the threshold for overseas startups to enter the Asian market. Therefore, we have launched the accelerator program to help.

CD: What should we as investors be looking for from startups that want to enter the Asian markets? How do you evaluate whether they made the most of it or not, and is that a good indicator for future success?

AC: Given the diversity of country profiles in Asia, it would not be easy to successfully penetrate different countries’ markets to achieve scale. Each market takes time to operate because of the differences in culture and government health policies. We find that the successful MedTech companies would be those that can offer differentiated technologies that are superior to the competitors but partner locally to provide a customized solution to attract customers in different markets. The companies that can provide end-to-end medical solutions that meet the full range of each customer’s needs will likely gain more market share.

CD: On the topic of American or international startups entering the APAC region, what makes Taiwan an attractive launchpad? Why did you choose Taiwan, and what is your plan for the Asian market hereafter?

AC: There are many reasons why Taiwan is a viable choice to start your business in Asia. Here are some.

1) Taiwan is in the center of Asia: The average flight is 2h55m to six major cities in the western Pacific- Tokyo, Seoul, Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, and Singapore. 2) Medical Resources: The NHI (National Health Insurance) in Taiwan has collected over 20 years of digitized, single-payer medical data. 3) Supply Chain: Strength in creating proprietary technology, R&D & manufacturing. 4) Convenient Entry for Foreign Talents: Foreign entrepreneurs can apply for the Entrepreneur Visa or the Employment Gold Card, both of which are routes for international talents to reach Taiwan. To sum up, Taiwan serves as an important bridge connecting the West to emerging Asia-Pacific markets. The geographical location of Taiwan makes it the perfect place to start your business in Asia, and then leverage Taiwan as a launchpad to expand your business presence to the rest of Asia.

CD: How would you characterize the current startup investment scene in Taiwan? What kind of opportunities should we be aware of?

AC: Startup investment in the health and medical sector in Taiwan has been heating up year by year. In 2021, the number of early-stage investments in this sector nearly tripled, with over 430 deals funded, reaching a record high. Cell therapy, CDMO, medical AI, and advanced medical devices are some of the hottest topics in Taiwan’s early-stage funding market, serving as the main drivers of this wave of healthcare investment boom. With new medical treatment and new technological breakthroughs, more ICT companies and cross-sector startups are expected to join the industry.

Due to the size and growth rate of the Asian healthcare market and the power of technology to transform the industry in recent years, more technology giants have chosen Taiwan as their base in Asia to form partnerships with the healthcare industry. For example, Microsoft, Amazon, and Google have all set up offices and formed R&D teams in Taiwan. This trend of Taiwan becoming a medical technology cluster in Asia Pacific is already taking shape.

CD: What can BE provides for the international startups?

AC: BE supports both local and international startups to start, scale and grow within the challenging healthcare ecosystem in Asia. One thing that sets us apart as a VC is our unparalleled access to hospital facilities. In Taiwan, we partner with two of the largest hospital groups, namely Show Chwan Memorial Hospital and Taipei Medical University. And with these two partnerships combined, we can access about 15 hospitals across the Asia-Pacific region as well as IRCAD Taiwan, the largest non-invasive surgical training center in all of Asia. We offer an acceleration program called PoC (Proof of Clinical Evidence) for every stage of startups to use Taiwan as their launchpad into the Asian market, to verify product feasibility and market demand. The program recruits 1 batch per year and it follows a 20-24-week curriculum.

The BE PoC Accelerator Program provides the ideal opportunity for international startups to explore business opportunities in Asia. With our network of hospitals, startups can explore unmet clinical needs through needs validation, establishing a hospital pilot site, and access to medical resources. Startups interested in clinical trial, manufacturing, data access and fundraising resources will also benefit from our network across Taiwan and Asia.

We are now in the process of recruiting startups for a new batch. Startups interested in Asian market are welcome to apply!

CD: We were thrilled to have BE Health Ventures as a sponsor and exhibitor at RESI JPM San Francisco! What were some of your takeaways from RESI? 

AC: The RESI conference connects startups with early-stage investors and strategic business partners. This year, we led 10 Taiwanese startup teams in the Pitch Challenge, many of which were highly rated by investors, and CytoAurora won second place. This is a proof to Taiwan’s innovative strength. As a startup accelerator and venture builder, BE Health continues to look forward to more cross-border collaborations, connecting the West and the East.

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Congratulations to the RESI JPM San Francisco Pitch Winners!

19 Jan

By Claire Jeong, Chief Conference Officer, Vice President of Investor Research, Asia BD, LSN


At RESI JPM San Francisco, we had over 50 companies participate in the Innovator’s Pitch Challenge (IPC). These finalist companies pitched to an audience and judging panel, as well as exhibited a poster showcasing their technology.

Registered RESI attendees (startup executives, early-stage investors and industry experts), vote for their favorite IPC company based on the pitch company’s poster board displayed at RESI’s exhibit hall and their performance in the Q&A portion of their pitch session.

Life Science Nation is pleased to share the winners who received the most votes during the RESI JPM San Francisco. Congratulations to the winners!

First Place: Field Orthopaedics

“Quick Procedure, Fast Recovery. We Nailed Hand Fractures”. Field Orthopaedics (FO) is a revenue stage Australian medical device company operating in the Orthopaedics Devices Market, dedicated to innovating and delivering best in class medical implants and solutions to advance extremity surgery, specifically targeting the hand and wrist market. We reimagine an underserviced extremity segment which traditionally experienced limited innovations and fragmented approaches to solving clinical problems, leading to lower complication rates and better patient outcomes. At FO, we bring together ideas & innovations to build what Hand surgeons want and get patients to activity faster. We are at the forefront to re-invent orthopaedic hand surgery.


Patryk J Kania, CEO of Field Orthopaedics

Second Place: CytoAurora Biotechnologies, Inc.

CytoAurora is developing single-cell technology and focusing on Diagnostic and CDMO application platforms. Our mission is to build a world-leading bio-company through a unique integration of Taiwan”s semiconductor, A.I. technology, precision machinery, and biomolecular technology. We developed a “Cell Reveal system,” IVD certified by TFDA and NMPA for performing rare circulating tumor cell detections in precision medical applications. CytoAurora has over 20 patents in various fields, such as semiconductor biochip and artificial intelligence systems. We insist on our technology, independent innovation, and sustainable invention. Moreover, we can select specific cells for gene amplification and analysis for future research. As the leader in single-cell technology, CytoAurora also provides robust and customized equipment in rapid drug screening, single-cell selections, cell therapy applications in the pharma market.


Chung- Er Huang (CE), CEO and founder of CytoAurora Inc.

Third Place: Max Kelsen

Max Kelsen is an award winning artificial intelligence and digital health solutions company supporting healthcare and life sciences institutions globally throughout the full product lifecycle from research and ideation, regulatory and market access planning through to end-to-end product development and post market surveillance. Max Kelsen has a proven track record in developing and translating clinical data platforms, companion applications, software as a medical device and digital therapeutics in partnership with healthcare providers and researchers as well as world renowned medical device manufacturers. In 2020, MK was a partner of the year for both Google Cloud (GC) and Amazon Web Services (AWS), was named in Deloitte”s technology fast 50 and was recently recognized as Google Cloud”s Healthcare Partner of the year.


Miriam Kent, General Manager of Brisbane Economic Development Agency
(Accepting on behalf of Max Kelsen a member of the BEDA group)

If you’re interested in the next upcoming Innovator’s Pitch Challenge, you can apply for the Digital RESI IPC taking place March 14-16 with a 3-day virtual conference. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis, so get your application submitted today!

Digital RESI March registration opens at super early bird rates. Register now to save $300 by Friday, January 27.

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