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Selling, Cold Calling, and Follow-Up Are Not Dirty Words

13 May

By Dennis Ford, Founder and CEO of Life Science Nation, Creator of the RESI Conference Series

The coaching and mentoring universe is divided between those who think that selling, cold calling, and follow-ups are dirty words. They’re likely to proselytize that if you do not have a warm referral, you are wasting your time. The other camp (where I live) supports finding partners based on the fit of product and stage of development and reaching out until you book that meeting or are told, “No.” Life Science Nation created the RESI conference to be a vehicle to make this happen, based on fit – the other “warm referral.”

Opportunity abounds in the golden age of life science with new tools and technologies adding to the dynamic, but we’re also seeing startups fail faster, and therefore pivot, restart, and draw a straighter line to viable targets and products. I hear frequently that the magic combination is being smart and lucky, but somewhere in the middle of being smart and lucky is determination, commitment to hard, tedious work, and navigating the path to a new product. This is the case for founders taking their companies from regional to global and finding investors and licensing partners that are a fit.

RESI is a conference designed for these entrepreneurs to flourish. It’s frustrating to see partnering events with little vetted investors or licensing partners, but rather services providers wanting to charge for their partnering services. These other partnering events are more of a social gathering for reconnecting business acquaintances, which makes it a challenge in choosing the right event for you. None of this is inherently wrong, but the current need is for real vetted partners who are looking to fulfil investment mandates and product pipelines.

The early-stage marketplace is heating up with growing buy-side players seeking these startups. Join us for Digital RESI, June 7-9 and mark your calendar for the first in-person RESI since 2020 – RESI Boston, September 21-22.

Book Meetings, Form Partnerships, Save the World

12 May

By Karen Deyo, Director of Investor Research, Israel BD, LSN

The time has come to launch the partnering platform for Digital RESI, June 7-9. Launching on Monday, May 16, the partnering platform – powered by the LSN Investor Database – enables companies to identify investors and strategic partners who are a fit for their sector, product, and stage of development, among other important criteria.

Using the partnering platform to its fullest capacity can seem like a daunting task, and it is a lot of hard work! We have compiled a lot of tips and tricks to help companies get the most out of their partnering experience. Check out the links below.

Still have questions? Our business development team is happy to aid and answer any questions!

Want to learn more? The Business Development team at Life Science Nation is available to answer questions and share additional details to help you meet your partnership goals!
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Greg Mannix
Vice President International Business Development
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Candice He
VP, Business Development & Global Investment Strategist
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The Story of Innovator’s Pitch Challenge

12 May

By Claire Jeong, Chief Conference Officer, Vice President of Investor Research, Asia BD, LSN


Just as a good story is the backbone to any pitch, so the story behind the Innovator’s Pitch Challenge (IPC) explains why it has become a RESI mainstay and one of the event’s most popular sessions with both startups and investors alike. Prior to the Covid-19 global pandemic, pitch sessions were included in the RESI agendas, but not met with the same enthusiasm we now see. In early 2020, the entire life science industry scrambled to figure out how to best adjust and shift perspectives and workflow.

As the world came to a halt, RESI had to pivot, and we reassessed how to best add value to the growing need for early-stage technology assets in life science and healthcare. Pitching is necessary for startups to share their story and increase their exposure to investors and other relevant industry experts. However, there is often a noticeable lack of engagement. At other conferences, we saw companies that had dedicated hours and days to practicing and perfecting their pitch got little value-add beyond the single encounter. Adding this value to a virtual format became our singular goal.

The IPC is unique in that all companies have a dedicated landing page where they can share any relevant company materials, viewable by all conference attendees. All IPC finalists are assigned to a live Q&A session with investor and industry expert judges who actively work with companies in their sector and stage of development and receive early access to each company’s marketing materials, which allows for more targeted, detailed questions. These judges often self-select, so they participate with genuine interest in the participating companies. See what judges have had to say about their participation:

“The Pitch Sessions were a great opportunity to engage with the CEO/Founders of very innovative Life Science startups. Despite the COVID-related transition from in-person to virtual meetings, the RESI team did an outstanding job organizing these sessions, ensuring that the live Q&A was very productive, and facilitating follow-up with these exciting companies.”

Gary Gershony, Life Science Angels / BayMed Venture Partners


“The Pitch Sessions are a great opportunity to connect with startup CEOs and learn more about their work…It really has been an effective and efficient way to make connections, create deal flow and help startups raise money for their upcoming raises.”

Mayank Taneja, OSF Healthcare

“It was a very economical use of time; the investors got to ask their important questions and the Innovators got a good idea of the most pressing questions from the investors point of view.”

William Kuziel, MedPro Investors
To date, 700+ companies applied to present and 300+ unique investors and industry expert judges have participated in the live pitch sessions. Join the companies featured below and apply to pitch at Digital RESI, June 7-9 by Friday, May 13!

400 Reasons to Not Miss Out

5 May

By Greg Mannix, Vice President International Business Development, General Manager Europe, LSN

Are you looking for early-stage investors? Digital RESI, June 7-9 is the (virtual) place to be! Don’t take my word for it, though. Check out the investors and strategic partners who are already registered for Digital RESI June and decide for yourself how you want to connect with 400+ top early-stage investors and strategics. You can book meaningful meetings with the right players on the powerful RESI Partnering Platform, and you still have a chance to compete in the Innovator’s Pitch Challenge. Be sure to register by this Friday, May 6 to save $200 on registration.

Confirmed Investors and Strategic Partners*

*As of May 4, 2022


Building the Perfect Pitch

5 May

By Karen Deyo, Director of Investor Research, Israel BD, LSN

A perfectly honed pitch is an important part of a startup’s bag of tricks. Many think that having a good pitch is easy because no one knows their company better than they do, and telling people about it is simple enough, right? Wrong! Building a concise pitch with the right amount of information to tell enough of the story to catch an investor’s attention can be a long and arduous process. When working with some of our branding and messaging clients, the elevator pitch can go through dozens of drafts before finding the right balance.

A good pitch should give investors a snapshot of your technology, your stage of development, what makes your technology unique, what you are looking to raise and what milestones you are looking to achieve. Some companies may also choose to highlight any relevant experience with the management team, the involvement of a KOL, or maybe a key partnership that they have developed. Each elevator pitch is unique, depending on the company and what part of their story is crucial to highlight. The one thing that all pitches have in common is that they take a lot of practice to perfect. However, you cannot practice in a vacuum – getting solid feedback is a critical part of developing a solid pitch.

This is where pitch sessions, like RESI’s Innovator’s Pitch Challenge (IPC) come in. The IPC provides a chance to hone your pitch, practice pitches in different lengths, from the 4-minute prerecorded pitch to the 1-minute live pitch during the Q&A session and get a glimpse of what questions an investor may ask for clarification. Participating in pitch sessions like the IPC gives you a glimpse into what questions investors are frequently asking you. This may indicate an area of your pitch that needs more work, or a part of your company strategy that you should develop more fully to appeal to more investors. Joining the IPC is a wonderful tool to help you make a great first impression.

Join Life Science Nation for a FREE Bootcamp in preparation for the Innovator’s Pitch Challenge.

Tuesday, May 10, 11AM EDT
Preparing to Pitch at RESI 
  • Greg Mannix, Vice President International Business Development, General Manager Europe, Life Science Nation
The Innovator’s Pitch Challenge (IPC) is an opportunity for early-stage companies to gain additional exposure to conference attendees, pitch directly to a panel of relevant investors, and participate in a live Q&A session. This bootcamp will walk through the process of preparing your pitch materials and what to expect in a live pitch session, including frequently asked questions from investor judges.

The application deadline for the IPC has been extended, so it’s not too late to apply for the IPC for Digital RESI June – apply here!

The Voices of RESI

5 May

By Rory McCann, Marketing Manager & Conference Producer, LSN

Panels are an integral part of the Redefining Early Stage Investments (RESI) conference series. They cover topics relevant to the fundraising entrepreneur, but they also feature prominent voices from both sides of the deal-making equation. RESI panels demystify the investment process by highlighting speakers from various investment firms representing different types of capital, including corporate venture, impact investors, endowments, foundations, private equity, family, offices, angels, incubators, and accelerators. RESI panels also shine a spotlight on entrepreneurs who have successfully raised funds and are willing to share their early-stage journeys, as well as best lessons learned along the way.

Check out the most recent list of speakers joining Digital RESI June who are participating virtually to shed light on the ever-changing landscape of early-stage life science and healthcare. Join them June 7-9 and save $200 on early bird rates by Friday, May 6.

Michael Baran
Executive Director, WRD and Principal
Pfizer Ventures
Kaitlin Christine
Founder & CEO
Marina Cortes
Venture Partner
SandBanks Capital
David Gordon
Head of Investments
Longliv Ventures
James Hardiman
Data Collective
Sarah Hippert
Program Manager
Brenda Hogan
Chief Investment Officer
Ontario Capital Growth Corporation
Baudouin Hue
Ozan Isinak
President, Central Canada
Keiretsu Forum
Kristin King
Boston Harbor Angels
Bill Kuziel
Analyst and Investor
MedPro Investors
Sebastien Latapie
Dynamk Capital
Seo Lee
SV Investment
Eric Levitan
Founder and CEO
Ben Nahir
Venture Principal
Elevate Capital
Maria Luisa Pineda
Founder & CEO
Gayathri Radhakrishnan
Senior Director Venture Capital – AI Fund
Micron Ventures
Katherine Relle
Vice President
Jane Rho
DaVita Venture Group
Surbhi Sarna
Group Partner
Y Combinator
Yaniv Sneor
Founding Member
Mid Atlantic Bio Angels
Eran Steinberg Imaging Arts Vangelis Vergetis
Co-Founder & Executive Director
Sa’ar Yaniv
Director of Business Development
Fortress Biotech
Derek Yuan
Senior Associate
LYFE Capital
Lu Zhang
Managing Partner
Fusion Fund
Alex Zhavoronkov
InSilico Medicine
  Cheryl Zimberlin
Investment Director
M Ventures

Hot Longevity Mandate: Midwest-Based Pharma

3 May

The company was founded in 1897 and is based in midwestern US. The firm is a family-owned company active in several areas of the healthcare industry, and is interested in forming strategic relationships with companies working in its core fields. The structure of these relationships varies, but generally involves in-licensing and co-promotion. The firm prefers to form relationships with companies that are (or very soon will be) at the commercial stage and are seeking a partner that can provide a distribution channel and support rapid growth.

The firm’s current primary interest is in medical devices that address infection prevention, particularly prevention of hospital-acquired infections; the group is also interested in partnering with companies developing diagnostic devices that are used in a critical care or ICU setting, and products for gastrointestinal and anal-rectal health. While the firm generally forms partnerships involving devices that have received FDA approval, the group may also be interested in devices that are not yet approved but have strong clinical evidence that shows a significant advantage over the current standard of care. Additionally, the firm is interested in non-prescription medical products that address age management for women (including aesthetics and menopause), and non-prescription topical products.

The firm is primarily focused on forming relationships with companies in the US market. As the company uses a launchpad strategy that involves deploying a nationwide salesforce to create fast market uptake for a partner’s product with the goal of growing the value and market share of their partner’s assets prior to attaining an exit, the firm invests in opportunities that can achieve an exit in 2-3 years.

If you are interested in more information about this investor and other investors tracked by LSN, please email

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