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Over 100 Investors Registered in the Last 24 Hours 250+ Registered for Digital RESI Europe (Is this the future?)

10 Mar

By Claire Jeong, Vice President of Investor Research, Asia BD, LSN

claireAs many of our readers know, our upcoming RESI Europe event, which would have taken place in Paris on Monday, March 23rd, has now shifted gears towards a virtual 3-day conference due to the growing COVID-19 outbreak. Our inaugural virtual conference will be held entirely in digital format from March 23rd through March 25th, and will feature 12 hours of partnering per day, with full video integration, from 8am to 8pm CET to allow for flexible scheduling among different time zones.

We are excited about this new development, and we are delighted to announce that in the last 24 hours, over 100 investors have confirmed to participate in our digital RESI event for a total of over 250 investors. As we have just started announcing our new conference format, we expect these numbers to grow rapidly until the first day of RESI.

COVID-19 has been posing challenges for everyone across the globe, and we truly appreciate the positive feedback and support we’ve been receiving from our investor network. We look forward to meeting you all “digitally”. Check out the participating investors below!


The Digital RESI Europe Experience

10 Mar

By Gregory Mannix, Chief Conference Officer, Vice President International Business Development, LSN

The program guide and the “live” agenda will navigate you to the right RESI event and meeting.

A typical RESI conference attendee in the physical world receives the program guide and uses the agenda to plan out their day. So, the first hurdle for the digital event is how to navigate through a virtual conference? LSN is taking the “agenda page” of the Digital RESI Europe program guide and making it an interactive navigation vehicle for the three-day virtual event. All attendees will have 24/7 access to the RESI investor and workshop panels, Innovation Challenge finalist presentations, Featured Company Pitches, Exhibitor portal and, most importantly, an enhanced and expanded Partnering Platform.

The Digital RESI Europe Agenda.

LSN is going to embed links throughout the agenda that will allow RESI Europe attendees to easily navigate through all the aspects of the virtual conference. This means more opportunity to get at the amazing content presented by the who’s who of early stage global partnering. Click on the panel or workshop you wish to attend, and you will be connected to a prerecorded panel video. Click on the Partnering Platform of the agenda and be linked to a new enhanced partnering software powered by Meeting Mojo for your live video conference with screen sharing functionality. As compared to the standard 1-day physical conference, Digital RESI Europe Partnering has now been expanded to 12 hours per day over 3 days for you to maximize your number of meetings. Click on the company presentation you want to see/hear, and the prerecorded video will surface for your viewing pleasure. Click on the Exhibition Portal and see the 30 top ranked Innovation Challenge companies and meet all of our featured exhibitors and tech hubs.

LSN is fortunate in that for Digital RESI Europe to succeed, LSN must stick to our core value, which is matching early stage companies with early stage partners and facilitating 1:1 partnering meetings. If we get that bit right, we will have preserved our value. LSN is confident that the virtual meeting scenario will be a success and may be a new way to connect buyers and sellers!

1:1 Partnering Meetings

Digital RESI Europe is a dedicated global partnering event. RESI has the most powerful partnering platform because we can match companies and partners based on stage of development and product fit. The core value is our 1:1 partnering, that RESI has used since 2013. The partnering software is owned and operated by our partner Meeting Mojo, which is implementing a video meeting component embedded in the application. Any RESI attendee can use this video capability to “attend” their scheduled meeting. The challenge for all the attendees will be the geographic time zone issues and that may require some flexibility. Fortunately, being virtual and being able to extend the conference from a one day physical to a three-day virtual conference means more availability to find mutual time slots that will work for both parties.

Investor and Workshop Panels

RESI is unique in that we dedicate most of our panels to the ten categories of investors and partners who play in the early-stage space, cross-border and across the silos of drugs, devices, diagnostics and digital health. What attendees learn from these panels is who the right players are, the best way to reach out, how they source technology (including RESI), how they vet companies and how they help early stage companies with whom they have relationships develop. The information that entrepreneurs receive from these panels is invaluable in helping them understand the nuances of how all the different players in the space approach early stage startups.


Featured Company Pitch Session Presenting Companies

Early stage life science companies that are actively raising seed capital ($25k to 2 MM), Series A ($2 MM to 10 MM) or Series B ($10 MM to 50 MM) use RESI to get in front of a panel of qualified investors in their market segment and pitch their company and product. The investors ask questions, provide feedback and commentary on the pitch, company and product. These presentations are invaluable in the journey to raising capital. Digital RESI Europe will feature presenting companies prominently on the conference website, and program guide and will post a prerecorded version of their pitch. Investors and industry experts will be encouraged to submit written questions to the pitching companies.

LSN Created a Virtual Exhibitor Hall

The Exhibition Portal will feature all our Digital RESI Europe exhibitors and our Innovation Challenge finalists.

Innovation Challenge

RESI is world renowned for its Innovation Challenge where, at every RESI conference, we feature select companies that have been scored and ranked with the LSN expert system for “investability.” We take the top 30 firms who apply and feature them with an easel in the exhibition hall. LSN has created a virtual exhibition hall where partners can see their poster board and also hear them give a prerecorded 3-5-minute pitch on their technology. The Innovation Challenge participants are virtually voted on with “RESI cash” and the winners will be awarded prizes and get featured in the LSN weekly newsletter.

Virtual Exhibitor Hall

The RESI exhibitors and sponsors will be featured on a dedicated page with a virtual exhibitor booth, showcasing their services and the value they can provide. Participating tech hubs can highlight their programs and constituent companies.


10 Mar

By Karen Deyo, Senior Investor Research Analyst, LSN

How exactly will Digital RESI Europe work?

LSN is going to embed links throughout The RESI Europe Agenda that will allow Digital RESI Europe attendees to easily navigate through all the aspects of the virtual conference. This means more opportunity to get at the amazing content presented by the who’s who of early stage global partnering. At their discretion attendees can now immerse themselves in ALL the content being delivered, and have more time to engage with participating companies and investors.

Will the panels and workshops be available over the three days?

Yes, attendees will have full virtual access to navigating all components of the conference over these three days. Not only will you be able to see “day of” content but also past panels where you can hear firsthand, how these investors and strategic partners source, vet and develop relationships with early stage technology firms.

How will Investor and Workshop panels be presented?

LSN is taking the “agenda page” of the RESI Europe program guide and making it an interactive navigation vehicle for the three-day virtual event. All attendees will have 24/7 digital access to the full day of panels scheduled in the agenda. At the click of a button attendees will be able to review pre-recorded panel discussions at their convenience. LSN will also provide access to past RESI panels of investors and strategic partners explaining their investment mandates for the 4Ds, drugs, devices, diagnostics, and digital health. In addition to providing access to the scheduled panels as well as content from previous RESI conferences, attendees have the additional flexibility of working around scheduled meetings without struggling to balance their schedule.

Is RESI still doing 1:1 partnering?

Yes. Because Digital RESI Europe is now virtual, LSN can extend RESI 1:1 Partnering from one physical day to three virtual days. This will give you more opportunity to arrange more partnering meetings. The RESI Partnering Platform will allow for video conferencing and screen sharing to make your meetings more effective.

Will RESI partnering cover the three virtual days?

Yes. Digital RESI Europe attendees will be able to take advantage of more than three times as many partner meeting slots, have more opportunity to see relevant partner content and the ability to pick and choose meetings, panels and workshops from the comfort of your home or office.

I go to RESI to meet investors and strategic partners – how will that be affected?

RESI is unique in that it is a dedicated partnering conference. At any given RESI conference, LSN will have between 300 and 600 entrepreneurs and, amazingly, the same number of investors, making for a 1:1 ratio of buyers and sellers. The core value is the capability to utilize the RESI Partnering Platform (powered by Meeting Mojo) for an early stage life science company to meet investors and partners that are a fit for their stage of development and their product set. This makes for compelling, dynamic meetings based on fit.

RESI has been working with Meeting Mojo for RESI as a proprietary partnering software since LSN started the RESI Conference series back in 2013. Originally, LSN jointly designed and developed a capability to match the scientist-entrepreneurs and fundraising CEOs with investors and strategic partners based on data parameters in each parties’ profile. The partnering system includes detailed company profiles, preventing meetings where attendees spend the time discovering they are not a fit for each other, wasting a valuable time slot. RESI partnering stands out in the industry because mismatching is dramatically reduced, ensuring maximum value of your partnering schedule. The three day Digital RESI Europe format will allow attendees to take even more advantage of this unique LSN resource.

Please explain how the Meeting Mojo video software partnering module will work?

We are all familiar with video conferencing and video meetings via our PC applications and mobile cell devices, so this is not a big leap to integrate the video capability into the Meeting Mojo partnering and scheduling software. Most RESI attendees are already familiar with the Meeting Mojo/RESI partnering. You log in as you have in the past and schedule your meetings as before, and at the designated time of your meeting you simply go to the Meeting Mojo partnering site and with a few mouse clicks will be “live” for your partnering meeting.

The virtual meeting platform is seamlessly integrated into the partnering software, and LSN and Meeting Mojo will make step-by-step instructions available. It is easy to use, intuitive and very good quality. We can use Meeting Mojo partnering software to provide a functional equivalent of the physical 1:1 meeting that make RESI a very important global event.

RESI Europe 2020 Innovation Challenge – Check Out the Finalists!

5 Mar

By Claire Jeong, Director of Research, Asia BD, LSN


With less than 3 weeks left until our second RESI Europe conference, we are very excited to announce the RESI Europe Innovation Challenge finalists. The RESI team received applications from all across the globe, boasting an even stronger diversity than our inaugural RESI Europe in Vienna last year.

All registered RESI attendees will receive 5 “RESI Cash”, which they can use to “invest” in the most promising Innovation Challenge companies. As always, we highly encourage all attendees to reserve some time during the conference to browse around the exhibit hall and engage with the finalists who will be eager to pitch their company and the innovative work they are doing to address unmet medical needs.

Thank you for everyone who applied for the Innovation Challenge. For those of you who were not selected, please look out for future opportunities including RESI San Diego (June) and RESI Boston (September).

Congratulations again to the selected RESI Europe Innovation Challenge companies – please see them below!



Medical Device

Digital Health



RESI Europe: New Top Investor Speakers Added

27 Feb

By Jessica Yang, Investor Research Analyst, LSN

In addition to RESI’s industry-leading one-on-one partnering experience, RESI Panels provide a great chance for entrepreneurs to hear insights from experienced investors as well as direct interaction opportunities with these speakers. Every panel will be a 50-minute moderated discussion in which the audience can be involved as well asking questions as the panelists discuss and move from topic to topic. RESI Europe will also feature different panels focused on informing entrepreneurs on how to go about raising capital for their life science technologies. Check below to see our updated speakers that will participate in RESI Europe in Paris on March 23, 2020.


Adriaan Hart de Ruijter
Managing Director
Cascara Ventures

Allan Daisley
Managing Director
Digital Health Miami

Amine Benmoussa
Founding Partner
Apogee Ventures

Arpita Maiti
Executive Director & Global Head, Emerging Science & Innovation Lead, Inflammation & Immunology
Pfizer, Inc

Baudouin Hue
CapDecisif Management

Ben Evans
Investment Director
InHealth Ventures

Caroline Sai
European Coordinator of EIT Health Investor Network
EIT Health

Catherine Boule
Managing Partner
CapDecisif Management

Christian Soschner
CS Life Science Invest

Christoph Massner

Donald Xu
Managing Director
Lynx Financial

João Ribas
Novo Holdings

Julian Vasilescu
Director of Licensing, Business Development
Roche Diagnostics

Luc Marengere
Managing Partner
TVM Capital Life Science

Markus Wanko
Managing Partner

Matthieu Chareyre
Serial Angel Investor

Mirko Scherer
CoFeS China

Natalia Novac
Director, Emerging Technology & Innovation
Eli Lilly & Co

Neha Tanna
Joyance Partners

Patrick Burgermeister
KIZOO Technology Ventures

Stephen Kearney
Innovation – Life & Health
Hannover Re

Varun Gupta
Wellington Partners Venture Capital

Walter Stockinger
Managing Partner
Hadean Ventures

Want to learn how RESI partnering works? Watch Our Tutorial Video

27 Feb

By Bryanna Allison, Business Development Manager, LSN

In the weeks following up to each RESI conference, we spend a lot of time on making the most of RESI Partnering. We have written multiple articles about the importance of partnering, and how to use the system to the greatest effect. In addition, we have recently featured interviews with RESI attendees using partnering successfully, ultimately leading to successful fundraising campaigns. To help RESI attendees, below is a video featuring a full tutorial of the partnering platform. Make sure to check it out to see all of the features available on partnering!

RESI’s Innovation Challenge Drove A Seed Round for This Medtech Startup – Interview with Yuan-Ren Cheng, COO of Heroic-Faith Medical Science

20 Feb

Yuan-Ren Cheng

An interview with Yuan-Ren Cheng, COO of Heroic-Faith Medical Science

– By Jessica Yang, Investor Research Analyst, LSN

Jessica Yang

International early-stage companies often seek cross-border investment opportunities and strategic partnerships. How do these companies start at the beginning? What can they do to meet global investors and expand beyond regionally available resources? LSN invites 10 different types of investors from across the globe to meet with early stage companies at the RESI conferences, allowing companies to take advantage of the chance to meet many investors who are a fit for them in one day. I recently spoke to Yuan-Ren Cheng, COO of Heroic-Faith Medical Science, who won second place in the RESI San Francisco 2019 Innovation Challenge and successfully raised their seed round. Heroic-Faith Medical Science is a Taiwan-based medical device company developing AI-powered respiratory monitor for the critical care medicine.

Jessica Yang (JY): Congratulations on raising your seed round! What is the recent progress of your company?

Yuan-Ren Cheng (YRC): Thank you! We raised our seed financing round of $2.96 million, and we are looking to raise our Series A round for $7 million this year. Our exciting story was that, before we attended RESI SF last year, we had secured only $900K for our seed round, and after RESI SF, we raised an extra of $2.06 M to make it $2.96 M in capital. We grew from 7-8 team members to 21 employees now. We also received our key patent in the US recently, and we expect our device to receive US FDA clearance this year.

JY: That’s amazing! How do you think RESI helped you?

YRC: I think applying for Innovation Challenge was an important decision for us. We got selected as a finalist at our first RESI and won second place. This helped us gain a lot of exposure via RESI’s newsletter announcement and promotion for the top 3 Innovation Challenge winners, and RESI’s media partners also promoted our company and technology. I think this make our respiratory monitor became more famous.

Besides some investors from Taiwan that we’d seen before, most investors are new to us. We got 11 confirmed meetings at our first RESI, including big firms like Siemens. Interestingly, though the VP of Business Development from Siemens told us we weren’t a fit for their investment focus, she still sees our product promising and further introduced her connections in the patient monitor area. This is the power of RESI! You get to meet right people in similar industries at RESI, and if you are well-prepared, you could get even more opportunities from these people. That’s why we always recommend other startups that we know to apply for Innovation Challenge and proactively attend RESI.

JY: What was your strategy of sending out meeting requests in the RESI partnering platform?

YRC: We sent 100+ meeting requests through the partnering platform. We especially increased our efforts in the week before RESI. We noticed that many investors start to lock down their schedules in the week prior to the conference, and that’s why we sent follow-up messages in the partnering system to grab their attention. Also, we regularly researched the partnering system for newly added investors. We searched and sorted hundreds of investors in the partnering system, then we prepared three kinds of executive summaries targeting different categories of investors that fit us. For example, we had executive summaries specifically for Medtech investors, Healthcare IT investors, and investors who are interested in pulmonary and cardiovascular sectors.

JY: How do you think Innovation Challenge is different from other startup competitions? What is the key advantage of Innovation Challenge?

YRC: Overall, I think RESI really organizes the Innovation Challenge very well! The RESI team provided instructive information to let everyone know the purpose of this competition is for startups to network with investors at their poster. It’s very straightforward and condensed, and the Innovation Challenge allows us to have interactions with many RESI attendees. We got tons of business cards and recognized new business opportunities because of the Innovation Challenge. This is crucial to us because we know whom to contact and with whom to follow up after the conference. After all, you need a list to send your emails with company updates.

Speaking of this, I will also recommend that two people from the same company attend RESI together, to allow one to focus on partnering meetings and the other to stay at the Innovation Challenge poster. I think this is the most productive way to attend RESI.

JY: In your seed round you also raised money from non-Taiwan investors, what is your suggestions to international companies who are currently fundraising?

YRC: I think one point is that international startups have to step out and attend global conferences like RESI. Looking for cross-border partnership isn’t an easy task. We know that some investors with geographical restrictions of their investments could be the barrier. But if you have strong arguments to convince other global investors with your actual execution and performance, I think there are always chances to get funding. For example, you really need to understand the unmet medical needs, digitize your company’s progress, and even find out the advantages from where you’re based. This is also why RESI is such a great platform that you can keep attending the conferences and following up with potential opportunities. Otherwise, you won’t know where to start and find targets that aren’t based in your region. You can also learn what other early-stage companies are developing in RESI and analyze your competitiveness.

JY: Thank you so much for sharing your story!

Established in June 2018, Heroic-Faith Medical Science Corp., LTD. is focused on the development of medical devices for the critical care medicine. The total annual spending on ICU care in North America in 2018 reaches $108 billion USD, being second only to cancer care which totals $158 billion USD, making it a key market that is marked by costly spending, as well as one that is open to new ideas. We hope to combine Taiwan’s advanced medical expertise with its cutting-edge electronics capabilities to develop break-through products, so that we can realize the ideal of our CEO, “Saving lives through innovation”, in the global market.


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