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Mark Your Calendar: RESI Boston Summer on June 4th, 2018

12 Apr

By Samuel Rubin, Business Development Manager, LSN

Life Science Nation (LSN) and the RESI Conference now sets its sights on RESI Boston on June 4th, the day before the annual BIO Convention. This is the second year in a row LSN is holding a RESI Conference during BIO week, which promises to bring more than 15,000 life science executives to Boston. RESI specializes in early stage investor partnering, touting hundreds of qualified investment firms interested in meeting with innovative life science startups. No other Conference has such a deeply-rooted focus on early stage investment, complete with a robust data platform to connect with only those firms who are the right match. RESI will therefore offer significant value to folks traveling to BIO looking for something to do the Monday before BIO kicks off.

Registration is now open at the Early Bird Rate. If you would like to learn more about RESI Boston and why it’s a great choice for incorporating into your summer fundraising plans, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Canada is a Rising Power in Life Science Innovation

15 Feb

By Lucy Parkinson, Director of Research, LSN

RESI is headed to MaRS in Toronto for the third time. Our annual visits to the city have allowed LSN to take the pulse of Canadian life science, and we have seen Canada go from strength to strength over the years and attract an increasing amount of investment interest. Taking a look at a sample of startup data from the LSN Company Platform, we can examine life science trends in Canada.

While every region of Canada is home to some life science startup activity, the main hubs are in Ontario, Quebec and British Columbia. Let’s see how the different verticals within life science and health innovation are represented in those three hubs. From our sample, we took a look at early stage therapeutic companies (Preclinical through Phase II), development-stage medical technology companies, and all digital health companies.

While biotech activity is occurring throughout Canada, we see a concentration of digital health and medtech activity in Ontario. The city of Toronto is home to several major research universities and institutions, and innovation has grown up around this research hub.

Looking more closely at those early stage biotech assets, we find that Canada’s drug development startups have developed a strong base of preclinical assets and many of those assets have moved through to Phase I and Phase II.

Much like in other regions, oncology is the dominant area of research, but Canada is also home to a wealth of biotech development in neurology, infectious diseases, dermatology, and other fields.

It’s little wonder that investors are starting to look north of the border for life science deals. Taking a look into the LSN Investor Platform, we find that LSN tracks over 700 investors who will consider an investment opportunity in Canada. Over 80% of those investors are located outside of Canada! We anticipate that from those investment firms, over 300 investment staff will be in attendance at the upcoming RESI on MaRS event. As novel life science technology becomes an increasingly global marketplace, LSN encounters more investors who have a global rather than a regional mindset when it comes to finding high quality assets, and with so much research being generated by top institutions, Canada is well placed to take advantage of that trend.

Hot Investor Mandate 2: Newly Launched USA Investment Firm Focused on Diagnostics Investments

8 Feb

A recently formed venture capital firm is focusing on the big-data aspect of personalized diagnostics. The firm is seeking early-stage companies raising seed to Series B rounds. The firm has a $200M target fund and seeks to make 15 –20 new investments within the year. The firm seeks to make $2M – $4M initial investments per company, but will make smaller initial seed investments as well. The firm prefers to be actively involved in their portfolio companies, and therefore prefers companies based near the west coast, though is open to other U.S.-based companies.

The firm is focused on early-detection diagnostics, such as discovering cancer when it is still monogenetic versus heterogeneous and already invaded in other parts of the body or detecting Alzheimer’s 8-10 years before dementia symptoms are present. The firm is interested in point-of-care diagnostics (for influenza A/B/bacterial, etc.) that can diagnose specifically and efficiently. The firm is especially interested in technology with a big-data component, and involved in genomics and personalized medicine to provide the right treatment as early as possible. The firm seeks preclinical to clinical-stage technology, though will also look later-stage depending on the opportunity.

The firm requires a smart management team that is diverse in knowledge, and a company with good IP that may come from a leading institution. The firm will usually seek early-stage companies with less than half a dozen people.

If you are interested in more information about this investor and other investors tracked by LSN, please email

Hot Investor Mandate 2: Cross-Border VC Interested in Early Stage Life Science, Focused on CNS Drugs

27 Jul

A healthcare-focused venture capital firm based in Taiwan is investing from its new fund that is set to close in Q3 2017. The firm seeks to lead or co-invest in Pre-A to Series A rounds. Typical allocation size ranges from US$500 K to 1 million. The firm is looking for companies across the world with a focus on North America and Europe.

The firm is most interested in therapeutic projects, especially in the CNS space. The firm prefers assets with preclinical or early clinical validation. The firm is open to all modalities. The firm also considers medical devices and diagnostic technologies.

The firm is looking for experienced teams and typically requests board representation post-investment.

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Early Bird Rate Extended

21 Oct


We are currently experiencing technical issues regarding RESI Registration due to the wide spread internet outages. We will be extending the RESI Earlybird Rate through Monday, 10/24 at 5pm ET. We apologize for any inconvenience!

If you have any questions, please call (617) 580-5013 or email

LSN Summer Reading Series Chapter 6: “Branding and Messaging”

2 Jul

By Michael Quigley, Director of Research, LSN

mike-2Last week we discussed how to determine where your company fits within your marketplace. Once you have completed that process, the next step in a fundraising campaign is to develop your marketing materials. In this week’s edition of the summer reading series, we describe the importance of and what constitutes a strong set of marketing materials in the life science fundraising world. While your team and your technology are what will ultimately secure an allocation, having marketing collateral that clearly and concisely communicates your message will help you tremendously in getting in the door with investors.

Chapter 6 of The Life Science Executive’s Fundraising Manifesto discusses in depth the different pieces of marketing collateral you should be putting into the marketplace and how to develop everything from your logo to your pitch deck.

Click here to download/print the PDF.

Join us next week for Chapter 7: “Building a Web Presence,” where we take an even deeper dive into how best to use a website as a fundraising tool.

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Hot Life Science Investor Mandate 4: VC Fund out of Southern United States Looking for Personalized Medicine Diagnostics

2 Jul

A venture capital firm based in the southern United States is currently making investments out of its vintage 2013. The fund currently has approximately $200 under management. The firm is looking to make equity investments in companies ranging from $500,000 to $3million. The firm will invest in companies across the United States and plans to make approximately 3-4 investments over the next 6-9 months.

The firm is currently most interested in areas of personalized medicine diagnostics, particularly in the genomic and proteomic subsectors. Other areas of high interest include: digital health, platform technologies, nutrition, clean environment, and much more selectively drug development and medical devices. The firm has experience in immunology and is more familiar with vaccine and antibody based technologies. The firm is open in terms of indication and considers orphan indications as well but requires strong data and a clear pathway to exit. The firm is looking to invest in early to mid-stage companies and generally does not make seed investments.

The firm invests in privately help companies and will both lead or co-invest. The firm looks to take a board seat in some of its portfolio companies though it is not a requirement. The firm looks for smart and passionate management teams with high levels of experience in the field.

If you are interested in more information about this investor and other investors tracked by LSN, please email