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The Who’s Who at the Digital RESI June Service Provider Showcase

29 Apr

By Ashley Zborowski, Director of Business Development, LSN

The Redefining Early Stage Investment (RESI) Service Provider Showcase helps companies gain unprecedented visibility into the early-stage life science community and leverages Life Science Nation (LSN)’s close-knit network of key decision-makers to make promising connections with future clients.  Service providers are an important asset in the fundraising ecosystem, and this new program is designed to increase their exposure to the RESI community.

Digital RESI, June 8-10, proudly features service providers advancing early-stage startups within drugs, devices, diagnostics, and digital health. Often the unsung heroes of fundraising startups, these powerful partnerships are essential in commercializing, building teams, conducting research, manufacturing, and so much more! Meet and get to know some featured service providers at Digital RESI June, and contact us to learn more about this special offer.


image002MERIT is an innovative specialty CRO providing clinical trial data collection and interpretation in the ophthalmology and respiratory disciplines. Our portfolio of solutions offers deep clinical expertise, unique technology, and exceptional service for our partners, sponsors, and CROs.


pharmadirections-logoAt PharmaDirections, gain access to top talent without the cost or risk of a full-time, in-house team. More than just a consultant or outside vendor, we are an extension of your team and are accountable for all aspects of a project, from discovery to regulatory approval.

SPH Phililab

logosph-phililab-purple-english-600x131-1SPH Phililab an innovation pharmaceutical company that develop, registrar, and manufacture generic and modified new drug product in USA and China. Our product portfolio focuses on the two largest pharmaceutical markets in the world, plus our unique background of management team and scientists made us a pioneer as an international player in the pharmaceutical industry.

Hot Mandates: Canada-Based Venture Fund

7 Apr

The venture capital firm based in Vancouver, Canada and actively invests in health technology, sports technology, fitness, and nutrition businesses. The firm is an early-stage investor and focuses on investing in Seed to Series A rounds. The firm makes initial investments up to $100K through equity or convertible notes and will make 2-4 investments per year. The firm is raising a new fund that will focus on companies along the Pacific Coast of the USA and across Canada, but currently focuses on investing in Canada-based companies. With the launch of the new venture fund, the firm will invest up to $500k in first rounds.

The firm is dedicated to investing in preventative health and proactive technology solutions that optimize health, activity and longevity. As social impact and technology investors, the firm is committed to the development of technologies, products and services that both enhance and promote an individual’s ability to stay optimally healthy and active over an entire lifetime. The firm focuses on innovative health technologies including digital health, mobile health, sport technology, wearable technology, and those that help with chronic disease management and corporate wellness initiatives. The firm is very interested in consumer-facing technologies that can enhance health and wellness, quality of care, as well as technologies that could be used in developing preventative health strategies and solutions. The firm does not have minimum revenue requirements and will consider companies in their earliest stages as long as they demonstrate high growth potential. The firm will not consider therapeutics or diagnostic companies. Medical devices subject to a 510k approval process will be considered.

The firm seeks to invest in private companies developing technologies that positively impact health and wellness. The firm can work with all types of management teams with flexibility, although strong experience and a successful track record is a plus. The firm works closely with their portfolio companies and will provide needed expertise, including access to an international network of strategic advisors to support their growth.

If you are interested in more information about this investor and other investors tracked by LSN, please email

Hot Mandate: Investment Firm with Advisory Arm Looking for Technologies in Preclinical Stage, Including AI Applications

5 Apr

A specialized life science investment and advisory firm provides a turnkey solution for life sciences companies, spanning venture capital, corporate advisory and investment banking, through to preclinical, clinical research, development, commercialization and sales.

Headquartered in Sydney and with offices in London, Shanghai and New York, the firm has a unique business model that serves to finance and advise across the entire spectrum of the drug development cycle. The Group consists of several tech transfer and financing entities and currently manages two, one hundred million-dollar funds that focus on the biotech theme through investments realized in companies at different R&D and corporate stages.

The firm typically invests $5M-10M AUD per company, the amount varies depending on the technology and structure of investment opportunity. The firm also has the capability to structure special purpose vehicles and/or financial instruments to realize specific investments that fall out of their mandate. The science, advisory, and capital arms work in synergy with each other to further the development of the research and development cycle.

The firm seeks biologic therapeutics, theranostics, medical devices, diagnostics, genomics, medical artificial intelligence applications, bio-printing and biosensors. The main focus is in discovery to preclinical stage assets but will also review clinical stage assets.

The firm typically leads investments, has the ability to invest globally and through various structures and/or financial instruments it may remain invested for several years across the R&D cycle.

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Hot Mandate: Large Healthcare Company Looking for Strategically Related Medical Technologies, Focus Areas Include AI in Healthcare

5 Apr

A large healthcare company with offices worldwide invests in medical technology companies that are strategically relevant to them. The firm invests in new technologies via venture investing, collaborations, incubation, or M&A. The firm invests globally.

The firm’s primary focuses within healthcare include in-vitro diagnostics (particularly immuno and molecular diagnostics), digital lab services (including capacity management, care coordination, technologies that help physicians make diagnoses and other key decisions) and AI technologies in healthcare. The firm will invest in any medical indication area, and prefers companies that have at least attained proof of concept data or with a product on market demonstrating traction and revenue.

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Hot Mandate: European Focused VC Interested in Big Data Driven Technologies

5 Apr

A European-focused venture capital firm founded in 2015 has partners based in Europe and the US. The firm has a current fund that is actively investing in Spain, Portugal, the UK, and Ireland. The firm is expanding into the Baltics and raising a new €100 million fund. The firm looks for companies mainly in Europe and works closely with the team to expand the business into new markets. The firm invests in series A & series B financings as a Lead or co-Lead with investments ranging from €3 million to €8 million over the life of the company. The firm is actively looking for investment opportunities and plans to make around 12 investments with the new fund over next 4 years. The firm will only invest in private companies.

The firm is an opportunistic investor and will consider medical devices, diagnostics, and healthcare IT companies. The firm is strongly interested in diagnostics and healthcare IT companies as well as data- analytics and IoT companies. Previous investments include a pharmacogenetic test company and a drug delivery technology platform, clinical trial analytics and others. The firm is very opportunistic in terms of subsectors and indications. For therapeutics, the firm will only consider products that are in phase 2 stage or later. In terms of digital health, the firm has interests in consumer-facing platform and analytics areas, such as big data-driven technologies on complex medical research.

The firm looks for management teams with highly relevant experience and strong industry knowledge is a must. The firm looks for management teams that are willing to work alongside a hands-on investor, and the firm always looks to take a board seat. The firm prefers companies to be backed by strong IP protection and must have already raised seed capital.

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Hot Mandate: China-Based VC Interested in Global Opportunities with China Angle

23 Mar

Founded in 2017, a venture capital firm is headquartered in Shanghai and has an office in San Francisco, managing a venture capital fund in RMB with a total of 500 MM RMB (~70MM USD). The firm is currently focusing on early-stage (from angel to series B) investments, with each investment ranging from 3MM RMB (400,000 USD) to 5MM RMB (700,000 USD). The management team of the firm has decades of experience in both the U.S. and China and is open to investing globally.

The firm has a general interest in early-stage life science technology assets, especially therapeutics and medical devices. The fund is also interested to diagnostics and healthcare IT, with the proven record of investing in the hospital AI service platform.

The firm prefers companies with China angle, especially companies who are willing to register an entity/branch/joint venture in China.

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Hot Mandate: Investment Firm Focuses on Data-Driven Healthcare/Biotech Companies, with specific Interest In Big Data, AI, Computational Health & Digital Health

19 Feb

Founded 2013 and headquartered in San Francisco, the firm is investing from its most recent fund, which closed in early 2020 at $50 M. The firm invests in pre-seed through Series A rounds in exchange for equity. Typical allocations average in the $500k to $1.5M range. The main areas of interest for the firm are data-driven healthcare/biotech, enterprise software, and deep tech. The firm tends to focus on companies headquartered in North America.

The firm invests in software and hardware with proprietary algorithmic and design principles. For example, big data, AI/ML, robotics, and autonomous vehicles are of interest. Within data-driven health/biotech, the firm focuses on core technology innovations in computational health, synthetic biology, and digital health. Their portfolio includes companies involved in deep learning for medical imaging, genomics platforms and tools, in silico therapeutics discovery, large-scale custom DNA synthesis, and a digital health platform consisting of software and integrated wearable hardware.

The firm seeks to work with management teams that have prior entrepreneurial experience or domain-specific technical or medical experience in the market they are targeting. They typically have regular check-ins with portfolio companies and can take on board seats.

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