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Hot Mandate: Singapore VC Firm Invests Globally in Novel Medical Device, Therapeutics, Diagnostics and Digital Health Companies

1 Oct

A venture capital firm was founded in 2005 with headquarters in Singapore and Shanghai, with additional offices in Hong Kong, New York, and San Diego. The firm closed fifth fund, Fund V, of over $220M and is actively seeking investment opportunities across a wide range of industries. 1/3 of the fund is dedicated to global/USA-based life sciences and healthcare investments, while the rest of the fund will focus on investing in China and Southeast Asia-based companies. On average, the initial size of investment is in the $2-5M range but the firm has the capacity to invest more in companies they identify as a strong fit. The firm can participate anywhere from Seed to Series B, but Series A is their sweet spot.

The firm is an opportunistic investor and will consider therapeutics, medical devices, diagnostics, and healthcare IT companies. However, the firm will generally avoid single therapeutic assets and those that are pre-clinical or earlier. The firm is open to novel medical devices of all FDA regulatory pathways, including 510k and PMA. The firm is strongly interested in platform plays, or technologies that have implications in multiple disease areas or indications.

The firm considers the management team’s character and entrepreneurial spirit – more so than the team’s experience – as one of the most important factors in the investment screening process. Each partner of the firm will dedicate their time to become acquainted with the management team and determine their degree of fit. The targeted market and the company’s competitive edge are also important considerations. The firm prefers to act as the lead investor and will seek board representation, but is also open to co-investing.

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RESI Live Agenda Available until October 14

17 Sep

By Rory McCann, Marketing Manager & Conference Producer, LSN

We’ve had a great Digital RESI September partnering conference this week and are excited to announce that the RESI Live Agenda will be accessible until October 14. If you’ve had a full week of meetings and partnering, don’t worry! Our expert investor panels and recorded company pitches will be available for an additional month following the conference.

In addition to panels and pitches, you can still learn about and connect with our sponsor lineup on the RESI Live agenda.  Today, we’d like to introduce Yuhang Capital.

Yuhang Capital aims to cultivate innovation, support entrepreneurs, and ultimately realize the vision of improving human health and creating better life. Headquartered in San Francisco, California, with offices in Hangzhou, China, Yuhang team manages both an USD and a RMB fund across public and private company investments worldwide.

The 2020 Global Bio-Economy Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition, co-hosted by Yuhang Capital, is dedicated to sourcing and supporting startups in entering and thriving in the Chinese market. To learn more and apply for the competition, please visit Yuhang’s website at

Your Next Investor Should Be More Than an Investor

3 Sep

-An Interview with Onelin Capital

Judy Lee
General Manager, Onelin Capital

Candice He
Global Investment Strategist, LSN

Life Science Nation (LSN) is pleased to announce that Onelin Capital Corporation will be a Title Sponsor of the upcoming Digital RESI Conference, taking place September 14-16. Onelin Capital, a multi-billion-dollar global conglomerate, is actively seeking life science startups interested in investments and business opportunities in the Asia market. In this interview, Judy Lee, the General Manager of Onelin Capital, will share how Onelin helped its portfolio companies to grow, what kinds of companies Onelin is seeking for future collaboration, and how Onelin is participating in the upcoming RESI.

Candice He (CH): Could you briefly introduce Onelin Capital and its mandate for early-stage life science investments?

Judy Lee (JL): Thank you, Candice. A bit about us, we are a family office backed by a 30+ year real estate global conglomerate with offices in Silicon Valley, Seattle, and Asia. We are active tech investors, meaning that our investments need to be tech-enabled, but tend to be more long-term focused. We invest across various asset classes, including direct investments into early-stage companies from Seed to Series A. Currently, we have close to 30 companies within our portfolio that are direct investments. We also participate in funds, secondaries, SPVs, etc.

For early-stage life science investments, generally, we are interested in companies that are in the analytics, diagnostics, and early prevention space as they tend to be more healthtech-related. However, if the company has a strategic value for us (meaning has an interest in going to Asia), we are still interested in the partnership/investment side.

CH: Could you please share an example or two of the life sciences companies that Onelin Capital has invested in so that our readers can know more about what kinds of companies Onelin is looking for?

JL: Of course! Our venture investment arm is Constellar Ventures. Through Constellar Ventures, we have invested in several healthtech/life sciences companies, including BioTrillion and Patchd Medical.

BioTrillion is developing a mobile health technology platform called BioEngine4D™ to digitally detect drugs and diseases by measuring data from life, analyzing it through computational advancements in machine vision and artificial intelligence, and applying it back for life. Its mission is to enable smart device technology to empower ordinary consumers with extraordinary health abilities.

Patchd Medical leverages deep learning and off-the-shelf wearables to predict the onset of sepsis in high-risk patients who have been discharged from the hospital. Its early studies have shown it can predict sepsis 8 hours earlier, and more accurately, than existing standards of care.

Both companies are healthtech-related and are much needed in the future of healthcare, especially during Covid-19. Both seek to focus on early detection, diagnostics, and remote monitoring.

CH: I noticed both companies applied to the RESI Innovation Challenge for the first time. Does Onelin always help portfolio companies to connect with useful resources and platforms like RESI? In addition to the investments, how does Onelin help portfolio companies to grow?

JL: Every single one of our investments is quite important to us. We are a family office, and our investments become part of this family. We are always open to lending a helping hand to our portfolio companies, including but not limited to connecting our portfolio companies to useful resources, introducing them to our later-stage investors, providing insights if we are able, and aligning them with strategic partners from a business expansion and development perspective. After all, we are an investor, and we want to see them succeed.

CH: As the RESI Title Sponsor, Onelin Capital is selecting 20 companies to join Onelin PitchBuzz FREE of charge. For the readers who are interested in applying, could you tell them what you look for in potential portfolio companies?

JL: Onelin Capital is looking for all life sciences-related companies who are seeking partnerships in the Asia market to work with, and tech-enabled startups for investments. If you are not selected for our PitchBuzz this time, don’t worry! We still want to get in touch with you and explore opportunities working together. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at

CH: Thank you very much for the interview, Judy.

For our readers who want to know more about Onelin Capital, RSVP for the live investor panel discussion that will be moderated by Judy, at 8 PM EST, September 10. The full panel lineup is as below. Please also check out Onelin’s website at


Judy Lee
General Manager
Onelin Capital

Judy is a veteran in the investment world with 15+ years of both public and private equities experience.  Coupled with years of global marketing experience, Judy is energetic and widely regarded as a growth catalyst with contagious passion. Judy currently serves as Onelin Capital Principal & General Manager, overseeing the entire family office’s operation as well as fund investments.

Judy’s LinkedIn:


Weiyong Sun
Senior Director, Specialty Medicine Search & Evaluation
Daiichi Sankyo

Dr. Weiyong Sun is currently Senior Director, Searching and Evaluation, Global Business Development at Daiichi Sankyo Group. He joined Daiichi Sankyo Japan in April 2002. He was involved in a broad range of R&D activities from target discovery to clinical development of a number of anti-diabetes drugs. In October 2007, Dr. Sun was elected to be assigned to work for Daiichi Sankyo Research Institute in the U.S. He was responsible for identifying and evaluating in-licensing, partnering and research collaboration opportunities. His current focus is in Immunology Cardio-Renal, Ophthalmology and Rare Disease. Dr. Sun received an M.D. from Beijing Medical University (now Peking University Medical School), a Ph.D. in Biochemistry from the University of Tokyo and an MBA from Columbia Business School. He was a postdoctoral fellow in the Blood Research Institute, Medical College of Wisconsin.

Yao Li Ho
Senior Director of Business Development
LYFE Capital

Yao Ho is a Senior Director of Business Development at LYFE Capital. Previously, he was a part of Yangtze River Pharmaceutical Group, where he was a BD Manager. At Yangtze River Pharmaceutical Group, he was part of a team that would help the parent organization source, evaluate, coordinate due diligence and negotiate with potential international partners for pharmaceuticals, biologics and medical devices. Yao has also worked at various diagnostics, nanotechnology and digital health startups where he started as an R&D Engineer and was a member of the founding team at other companies. Yao is an MBA graduate from Tsinghua University in partnership with MIT and Bachelor’s in Biomedical Engineering from UC-Irvine with a specialization in bio-photonics and research in microfluidics.

Haolin Sung
Managing Partner
Chaperone Investment

Haolin Sung is the founder and the managing partner at Chaperone Investment, a Taiwan based VC fund focusing on angel and early stage investment in healthcare and biotech sector. He has 10+ years of experience in this field and serves as a board director for several companies including Panlabs, MountainVet, and was the board director at Pharmigene. Mr. Sung also serves in critical roles at several of the Chaperone portfolio companies including Celtech and Caliway to assist these companies in funding and business development/ licensing activities. Prior to Chaperone Investment, Mr. Sung was the director of the direct investment department for Diamond Biofund, the largest Biotech VC in Taiwan and the deputy director of Microbio Biotech Shanghai. He also worked for First Capital Management as a healthcare/biotech industry analyst. Mr. Sung earned his EMBA at Columbia University and London business school and has a B.S. in Biochemistry from Dong Hwa University.

Haruhiko Sugino
Director, Global Business Development
Otsuka Pharmaceuticals

Currently on an expatriate assignment from Japan, Haru Sugino is leading the global scouting activities for Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd working closely with Otsuka’s US and EU BD affiliates. Haru is a part of Otsuka’s evaluation and negotiation team, charged with identifying, evaluating, and negotiating transactions to in-license new innovative compounds that address unmet medical needs in CNS/neuro and renal diseases for both global development or for regional development in Japan and Asia. Haru has been with Otsuka for 22 years in various roles, including sales, pre-clinical drug discovery, clinical R&D, commercial, and business development. Haru has a PhD for neuropharmacology, and moved to business development in 2016 after successfully launching a drug in US on which he worked for 10 years from pre-clinical discovery through to commercialization.

Digital RESI September Panel Highlight – Oncology Innovation

27 Aug

By Joey Wong, Investor Research Analyst, LSN

Oncology research is a massive industry within healthcare, and the interest in innovation is only growing. One may worry that entrepreneurs are challenged to stand out and differentiate themselves in this space, however, funding cancer therapeutics remains one of the most attractive economic and philanthropic opportunities available in healthcare, and there are many firms that strongly or even solely focus on oncology.

The Oncology Innovation panel at the upcoming Digital RESI September Conference will feature 5 speakers actively seeking investment opportunities in this space. Panelists will discuss the latest in industry-wide changes, as well as the opportunities and challenges that both investors and companies are facing as they search for success in this rapidly advancing field.

The live panel session will happen on Thursday, September 10, 12:00 – 12:50 pm ET. For those who are unable to attend, the panel video will be available afterwards on the RESI September digital agenda. Check out our panelists below and click here to register for Digital RESI September.

This panel is moderated by Steve Yoder, Vice President, Business Development, Taiho Oncology

Dr. Yoder is an accomplished business development professional who has participated in many significant transactions; bringing more than 25 years of industry experience in business development, strategic planning and new product development, including in the areas of oncology and hematology, on top of his clinical experience.

Dr. Yoder joins Taiho Oncology from Bristol Myers Squibb, where he most recently served as head of the company’s Hematology and Cell Therapy Search & Evaluation team in Business Development. Prior to Bristol Myers Squibb, Dr. Yoder was Head of Search & Evaluation at Celgene Business Development, and held positions in business development, strategic planning, marketing and new product development while previously working at Bristol Myers Squibb and Pfizer. Dr. Yoder has worked as a consultant in life sciences at Easton Associates and Arthur D. Little and currently serves on the Board of Directors of Life Sciences Pennsylvania.

Anthony Bajoras, Managing Director, Cancer Fund

Anthony Bajoras is the Founder and Manager Director of the Cancer Impact Fund. He also serves as a BioAccel Board Member, manager of their for-profit BioAccelerator investment fund, and is a limited partner in the Arizona Founders Fund.


Barbara Lavery, Chief Program Officer, Alliance for Cancer Gene Therapy

Named for the 1965 hit song by the Beach Boys, Barbara Ann Lavery has a passion for creativity. Whether she’s transforming the landscapes of Ireland, Iceland, and California into large-scale abstract paintings or finding and funding life-changing opportunities to cure cancer, Lavery is guided by an inspired sense of appreciation for innovation.

“Cell and gene therapies embrace an entirely new paradigm,” says Lavery whose years of experiences with non-profit and for-profit organizations, government agencies, and academic institutions helped build her framework of knowledge in life sciences. “Since its inception, ACGT has led the way in recognizing and advancing revolutionary new ideas that really matter.”

As Chief Program Officer, Lavery is responsible for many ACGT initiatives, including leadership of the Academic Research Program and the Biotechnology Investment Program. “This is my dream job,” says Lavery. “It combines science and research with business development and venture philanthropy in a forward-thinking, non-profit environment that’s dedicated to brilliant people who are finding creative new solutions to some of cancer’s toughest challenges. I love it!”

Mark Krul, Partner, Aglaia Oncology Funds

Mark has been involved in anticancer drug development since 1993 and has a background in molecular biology and immunology. Before founding Aglaia in 2003 he was Program Director of the NDDO Research Foundation. He held several positions with NDDO Oncology BV (formerly the EORTC New Drug Development Office) with respect to oncology drug development strategies (1997-2002). From 1993 until 1997 Mark was Research Manager of the European Cancer Center and headed the Department of Molecular Virology at the National Institute of Public Health and Environmental Protection from 1989 until 1993.

Duncan Young, Director, Search and Evaluation Oncology, BD&L, AstraZeneca

Duncan is a Experienced Business Development professional passionate about early innovation and technology, with keen interest new models of collaborative working and open innovation between academia, the charity sector and industry, and supporting and mentoring life science entrepreneurs.

Specialities: Open Innovation, Drug Discovery, Mentoring, Medical Technologies, Technology Transfer, IP Management, Technical Due Diligence and Evaluation, Networking, Agreement Negotiation, Consortia Drafting, Strategy.

Hot Investor Mandate: Global Company’s Corporate Venture Arm Strategically Invests in Therapeutics with Strong Interest in Breakthrough Platform Technologies

17 Aug

A corporate venture arm of a global company seeks to make strategic investments into early-stage companies that are aligned with the company’s R&D focus. For equity investments, the firm will lead, co-lead, or participate in syndicated financings. With deep connections into the firm’s global research and development centers, the firm is ideally placed to nurture innovative pharmaceutical companies and to connect these into the parent company.

The firm’s core focus is on therapeutics. Currently, the firm is most interested in oncology, gastrointestinal diseases, neuroscience and rare disease. The firm is also interested in breakthrough platform technologies that improve peptide, antibody, cell, and gene based therapies. The firm does not invest in medical devices or diagnostics.

The firm’s primary focus is on start-up/seed rounds, through mid-stage financings – pre-clinical through Phase II. The firm respects the autonomy of the institutions it invests in and seeks standard institutional venture investment terms without special rights or options.

If you are interested in more information about this investor and other investors tracked by LSN, please email

Hot Investor Mandate: USA Investment Firm Seeks Early-Stage Technologies that Intersect Biology, Technology, and Data Science

17 Aug

A venture capital firm based in the USA invests in companies dedicated to working on the intersection of biology, technology, and data science. The firm is focused on early-stage investments from Seed to Series A and also dedicates funds to follow-on investment. Initial check sizes are usually between $1-2M but can fall outside of this range on a case-by-case basis. The firm will consider global opportunities.

The firm invests in the intersection of biology, technology, and data science and the areas of interest fall beyond traditional sectors. The firm is focused on (1) technology driving biology (miniaturization, automation, data sciences); (2) biology as technology (synthetic biology, genetic engineering, stem cells); (3) biology beyond healthcare (agriculture, chemicals/industrials, consumer). The firm will consider cutting edge therapeutics/drug development and platform technologies and diagnostics, is not interested in traditional medical devices or digital health.

The firm focuses on privately owned, early stage companies and is open to working with all types of management teams. The firm likes to step in early and prefers to act as the lead investor, but is open to co-investing as well.

If you are interested in more information about this investor and other investors tracked by LSN, please email

Check Out the Digital RESI September 14 – 16 Agenda

25 Jun

By Karen Deyo, Senior Investor Research Analyst, LSN

RESI is continuing to improve our digital events, adding features and content to increase the efficiency of interactions between investors and fundraising company CEOs. While RESI is a partnering-focused conference, the panel and workshop content offer key insights for startup CEOs, helping them avoid common pitfalls when interacting with investors. LSN is pleased to announce our panel lineup for our upcoming Digital RESI, taking place September 14-16. With panels focusing on different sectors and indications, such as Medical Device Investors, Diagnostics Investors, and Oncology Innovation, as well as panels featuring different investor types, such as Health System Partners, Seed Funds, and Impact Investors, startups can find a panel of investors that can provide them with valuable tips to help in their fundraising campaigns. While most of the panels will be prerecorded, attendees will be able to listen in to live sessions during the conference, with the ability to submit questions for Q&A. Make sure to register to gain access to this valuable content.

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