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Hot Mandate: California Based VC With Accelerator Program Invests In Tech-Driven Companies, Including Digital Health Technologies with AI or Big Data Components

19 Feb

A venture capital firm based in California that invests in early-stage, technology-driven companies has recently started exploring life sciences/healthcare investment opportunities and is considering companies in various sectors. The initial check size of the firm can range from $500K – $2M. The firm also runs a program for those who has already participated in accelerator/incubator programs and want to further initial proofs of concept and early market validation to demonstrate long-term product/market fit, product roadmap, and business model. Companies that have already launched and want to expand go-to-market and reach profitability are welcome to participate in this program as well.

The firm invests in impactful, early-stage technology companies. Within life sciences and healthcare sectors, the firm is interested in medical devices (both 510k and PMA) with a strong data or hardware component and digital health technologies that leverage AI or big data analytics. The firm will not consider traditional therapeutics or diagnostics companies. In terms of disease area, the firm is opportunistic.

The firm can act as either lead or co-investor and is open to working with all kinds of management teams.

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Hot Mandate: US Based Private Investment With Accelerator Arm Interested In Medtech & Digital Health, Including AI & Big Data

5 Feb

A private/family investment vehicle based in US makes seed investments via an accelerator arm, and also has a stage-agnostic fund. Seed investments are typically $25,000-100,000, and the firm is capable of making larger investments via the fund. The firm also provides an accelerator program, and works with partners in the healthcare industry to strategically invest in startups. The firm will consider investing in companies worldwide.

The firm is interested in investing in digital health and medical technology, and invests in subsectors in which the firm and its industry partners can apply expertise; within medical devices, typically this means products that have a significant software component, including biosensors, wearables and health monitoring devices. Within digital health, the firm’s interests include the following areas: Care Management, Hospital Workflow, Diagnostics, A.I. & Big Data, Population Health, Patient Adherence,Telemedicine. The firm is interested in both consumer applications and enterprise software. The firm works with strategic partners (including major pharma companies and health systems) to identify focus areas for innovation.

The firm prefers to invest in companies with at least two co-founders, one with technical expertise and one with business expertise; for the accelerator program in particular, the firm prefers to work with companies that have a technical expert co-founder. In addition to due diligence on the management team and technology, the firm also considers a product’s potential market opportunity.

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Hot Mandate: Canada Based VC Invests In Therapeutics, Medical Devices & AI/Digital Health, With Special Interest in Precision Medicine & AI in Therapeutics Development

5 Feb

A venture capital firm with multiple offices in Canada recently launched a $200M (CAD) fund, through which the firm will invest around 80% in Canada-based life science companies and 20% in USA/global companies. The firm will generally participate in Series A financing rounds and beyond, including crossover and IPO; average check sizes will be around $5-10M CAD, with a total of $15-20M CAD will be reserved for follow-on investments. In addition, the firm is also dedicated to company incubation and creation for which the firm will work with earlier stage companies and deploy smaller amounts of capital (around $1M CAD).

The firm has a general theme of investing in precision medicine – technologies that can enhance the quality and accuracy of diagnoses, enable more precise and personalized treatments, targeted therapies such as cell & gene therapy, technologies that leverage AI to accelerate therapeutic development, etc. In terms of sector, the firm seeks to invest 50-60% in therapeutics, 20-30% in medical devices, and 10-15% in AI/digital health/diagnostics. For medical devices, the firm prefers later stage opportunities that are close to commercialization. The firm does not focus on any particular indication area.

The firm does not have specific company or management team requirements. While the firm likes to see management teams with a successful track record and wide range of experiences, this is not required and the firm is open to working on inexperienced management teams. The firm is capable of leading or co-leading investment rounds, and is also open to co-investing with likeminded investors. The firm is very hands-on and leverages their network to actively support the growth of their portfolio companies and provide needed resources.

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Hot Mandate: Hong Kong Based boutique VC Invests in All Sectors of Healthcare Technologies, Most Interested In Areas Including AI In Medtech

5 Feb

A boutique venture capital firm founded in 2015 in Hong Kong currently manages a 150M USD fund and a 200M RMB fund. The fund is industry agnostic within China while it focuses only on healthcare ex-China. The firm generally participates in Series A or B rounds but would also consider seed and growth-stage funding. Typical equity investment size ranges from $1-5M. The firm is open to both leading and co-investing, and is actively seeking new opportunities from across the world with a focus on companies in China, U.S., Europe, and Israel. The firm helps portfolio companies get into massive and fast-growing markets of China and Asia, and assists Chinese companies to expand abroad.

The firm is opportunistic across all subsectors of healthcare. Within MedTech, the firm is most interested in medical devices, artificial intelligence, robotics, and mobile health. The firm is seeking post-prototype innovations that are FDA cleared or are close to receiving clearance. Within therapeutics,

the firm is interested in therapeutics for large disease markets such as oncology, neurology, and metabolic diseases. The firm is open to all modalities with a special interest in immunotherapy and cell therapy.

The firm is in search of ambitious companies with strong, experienced management teams and takes a hands-on approach to portfolio companies and can work with incomplete teams and can contribute expertise in essential services: branding, marketing, channel development, overseas expansion, human resources and finance. The firm may also request distribution or negotiation rights in China.

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Hot Investor Mandate: Asia Venture Capital Fund Invests Up to $25M in Therapeutics & Medical Device Companies with Strong Interest in Oncology, Immunology, CNS

4 Feb

A life sciences venture capital fund headquartered in Asia is actively seeking investment opportunities. On average, the size of investment is $5-25M in venture rounds. The firm prefers to act as the lead investor but is also open to co-investing. The firm looks for companies located around the globe, with a preference in the US and China. The firm is actively seeking new investment opportunities.

The firm is focused on Therapeutics and Medical Devices opportunities. The firm’s core focused therapeutic areas include oncology, immunology and CNS diseases, but is also opportunistic in other indications (modality agnostic) and willing to consider orphan indications. The firm is also interested in interventional, novel medical devices in cardiovascular, neuro-vascular diseases.

The firm prefers management team with strong scientific background and expertise, successful track records would be a plus but is not required. The firm generally takes a board seat.

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Hot Investor Mandate: USA VC Firm Invests Up to $50M in Growth Stage, Revenue Generating Companies with Strong Marketplace Validation

4 Feb

A USA-based firm makes equity investments in commercial stage (post regulatory approval) healthcare companies with meaningful revenue and traction. The firm typically invests between $15-$50m per company.

The firm invests exclusively in healthcare and is open to all sub-sectors within the industry. That said, the firm does not invest in pre-revenue companies or those with regulatory risk; investments are made in revenue-generating companies with products that have already received regulatory approval or which do not require regulatory approval. The firm looks for companies with meaningful marketplace validation and growing revenues, where the firm’s investment could help to accelerate the adoption.

The firm prefers to invest in management teams with experience in leading and growing businesses of scale and relevant industry experience.

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Hot Investor Mandate: Investment Firm Partnered with Family Office Invests in Early-Stage Therapeutics, Devices, Diagnostics Companies Across the USA

4 Feb

A firm dedicated to accelerating the growth of seed-stage life sciences companies operates in partnership with a USA-based family office. The firm invests $250-500K in early financing rounds within high-quality syndicates. The firm invests in companies based in the U.S.

The firm is seeking investments in next-generation therapeutics, medical device, and diagnostics companies. Within the therapeutics sector, the firm invests in cell, gene, oligonucleotide, and microbial therapies, as well as other targeted therapies for well-defined diseases. Typical investments occur at the stage of lead optimization and IND-enabling studies. Within MedTech, the firm invests in platforms leveraging novel biological insights, including cellular and molecular diagnostics, biomaterials, and bio-active implants. Typical investment stage is during late-stage product development approaching regulatory clearance and commercialization.

The firm does not have any specific company or management team requirements. The firm is a strategic as well as financial investor, helping companies develop relationships and accelerate growth.

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