Hot Life Science Investor Mandate 3: VC Invests in Technology Platforms in Medtech & Lab Equipment

25 Nov

A US-based venture capital firm founded in 2015 is investing from its first fund. The firm invests in early-stage technology companies, and prefers to invest in companies from concept stage through to Series A. The firm expects to invest about $4 million across the life of an investment, with early investments structured as tranches that reflect technological milestones. The firm focuses on companies in the US and Canada, but is open to opportunities globally provided the company is focused on the USA as a primary market.

The firm focuses on building platforms of technology IP. In medical technology, the firm focuses on several specific technology verticals: healthcare robotics (particularly surgical robots), microfluidics (for both diagnostic and biotech R&D purposes), nanotechnology, healthcare 3D printing (including prosthetics, implants and tissue), data science, and the “omic” fields (genomics, proteomics and microbiomics). Technologies that fall between these core areas are also of interest, including biosensors and point of care diagnostics. The firm is open to investing in any disease area, and does not invest in drugs. The firm will only invest in companies developing technologies that have the potential to become a platform that produces a range of products. Repurposed/repositioned technologies are not of interest. Software opportunities will only be considered if the software is patentable.

The firm prefers to invest in very early-stage opportunities, including those that are pre-prototype and pre-patent filing, but may also consider companies that have fully developed their technology. The firm is a highly IP-focused investor and is therefore interested in technological opportunities that can provide both depth and breadth in terms of product potential, particularly those that can develop future applications in industries beyond the life science field.

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