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AI & Longevity at RESI

7 Apr

By Caitlin Dolegowski, Marketing Specialist, LSN

The Redefining Early Stage Investments (RESI) conference series proudly highlights active investors, early-stage founders, and industry leaders advancing drugs, devices, diagnostics, and digital health. RESI is unique in its focus on early-stage life science and healthcare, but in recent years, has gone even further to cut out space specifically for artificial intelligence (AI) and age-tech innovation. To do this, RESI conferences feature specialized content for startups and strategic partners in these industries through dedicated panels and pitch competitions.

Innovative advancements within these industries and a deep dive into insights around how to navigate the early-stage investment ecosystem specific to conversations happening in AI and Longevity arenas are a major addition and highlight at RESI. Panels provide discussions with investors, industry experts, entrepreneurs, and strategic partners answering questions about early-stage fundraising and age-tech and AI innovation.

View sample panel sessions from Digital RESI March:


Digital Health & Wellness
Silver-Tech Focusing on Preventative Care
According to the US Census Bureau, the 65+ population grew by 34% since 2010. These seniors are prioritizing preventative care and the market is responding with products and services focused on staying healthy, specifically those focused on daily exercise, diet, and other factors impacting independence and longevity. How can startups in this booming industry stand out to investors?


Defining AI Investment
AI-Exclusive Investors Share Their Perspectives
Hear from leaders investing exclusively in AI products across drugs, devices, diagnostics, and digital health. Learn more about what AI-exclusive investors have to offer healthtech startups. Learn what entrepreneurs can gain from partnerships that understand their tech and how to take it to the next level.

The lens on age-tech and AI continues at our next conference, Digital RESI, June 7-9. The focus on these markets will include panel topics:


Tuesday, June 7 – 2PM EDT | The Neuroscience of Aging
Aging Impact on the Nervous System

Age-tech startups are addressing negative impacts of neurological aging, such as cognitive decline, dementia, and Alzheimer’s. The goal of many of these early-stage companies is to stimulate neurogenesis and enhance brain plasticity to combat these conditions.

Thursday, June 9 – 11 AM EDT – Age-Tech Care Management
Technology Improving the Lives of Older Adults

Older adults are looking to age-tech to provide freedom, medical access & adherence, safety, wellness and even companionship later in life. Age-tech allows seniors, and their caregivers make personalized choices about their own aging journeys. Hear from investors specializing in longevity innovation.


Wednesday, June 8 – 11 AM EDT – AI vs. Life Science
Which Comes First in Early-Stage Investment?

How to prioritize tech-first vs. biology models? How can each model leverage their position in the industry and be successful in the early stage? How can startup founders balance the “bio” and “tech” and highlight their strengths to investors? What are some strategies to help fundraising executives target the right investors for their company and pivot their pitch to each?

Thursday, June 9 – 2 PM EDT – Team, Tech, & Traction in Early-Stage AI
Building Your Startup as a Triple Threat

Early-stage investors will take a chance on a team, tech, or traction. It’s rare to find all three in a company seeking Seed to Series B funding. This discussion will explore the value of each to help early-stage startups highlight their unique assets and improve their position in weaker areas.

Register by April 15 to save $300 with our Super Early Bird rates.

Automating Cancer Imaging Analysis – Interview with Joe Camaratta, President & CEO of Quantaras

26 Oct

By Erika Wu, Business Development Representative, LSN

Earlier this year, Quantaras (formerly known as Quantitative Radiology Solutions, QRS) received 510(k) clearance from the FDA and is now actively launching their AI-based technology to healthcare providers in the United States. Tune in and learn how Joe Camaratta, President & CEO of Quantaras, and his team are revolutionizing personalized cancer treatment decisions with the automation of medical imaging analysis. Digital RESI November (16-18) returns with dynamic panels, as well as opportunities to pitch to a live panel of investors. Learn more about how you can get involved and tell your story at November’s Innovator’s Pitch Challenge!


AI Diagnostics from Oncology, Cardio, and Beyond – Interview with Jonathan Cohen, JD, Founder & CEO of 20/20 Gene Systems

19 Oct

By Erika Wu, Business Development Representative, LSN

Past RESI AI panelist, Jonathan Cohen returns to give an update on 20/20 Gene Systems, including an expansion from cancer detection to respiratory and cardiovascular diagnostics. Learn how Jonathan and the team are using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to expand their offerings, and how they’re working to create more opportunities for early-stage diagnostic startups. Digital RESI November (16-18th) returns with dynamic panels, as well as opportunities to pitch to a live panel of investors. Learn more about how you can get involved and tell your story at November’s Innovator’s Pitch Challenge!


RESI AI Innovator’s Pitch Challenge Winners

23 Sep

By Rory McCann, Marketing Manager & Conference Producer, LSN

Last week’s digital RESI AI conference connected early-stage AI startups with the investors, service providers, and strategic partners founders are looking for. The conference featured insightful panels, educational workshops, fit-focused partnering, and opportunities for fundraising entrepreneurs to pitch directly to a panel of investors, such as the Innovator’s Pitch Challenge (IPC).

Innovator’s Pitch Challenge winners were selected by attendees for the best pitch. Each company submitted marketing materials and a pitch video to their dedicated webpage, available to view by all attendees and judges. The live session included elevator pitches and time for Q&A with the judges and audience.

Congratulations to our IPC winners! Click the logos to learn more about each company:

Session 1 (Devices and Therapeutics) Winner


NeoPrediX develops decision support tools with maternal, neonatal and perinatal screening platforms to evaluate, optimize and personalize medical strategies in pediatrics. We utilize intelligent algorithms and digital health solutions for neonatal and perinatal care based on deep medical data and science, developed by experienced scientists, pediatricians, and neonatologists.

Session 2 (R&D/Manufacturing Services and Digital Health) Winner


SingularityAI builds an AI-driven medical image and data analytics platform of cloud software and smart devices with data privacy preserving technologies, to make AI-driven insights a broad reality for medical innovation.

Interested in joining the RESI November IPC? Apply today and save on super early bird rates! Applications are accepted on a rolling basis, so get started today!


RESI Partnering Week Final Agenda

9 Sep

By Karen Deyo, Director of Investor Research, Israel BD, LSN

RESI Partnering Week, September 13-17, launches next week and featuring a star-studded lineup of panel discussions, live pitch sessions, educational workshops, fireside chats, and partnering. Check out our lineup of pre-recorded content, as well as the schedule of live events across Digital RESI September, RESI AI, and RESI Longevity.

If you haven’t yet signed up to start booking meetings and connecting with investors who are a fit for your product and stage of development, there is still time. Sign up today!

Digital RESI
(September 13-15)
  Monday (9/13) Tuesday (9/14) Wednesday (9/15)
9:00 EDT   Company Valuation for Fundraising Workshop  
10:00 EDT Medical Devices Panel Asia Cross-Border Panel Corporate VC Panel
11:00 EDT IPC Session 1: Therapeutics Beyond Banking: Finding the Right Financial Partner for You Negotiating Term Sheets Workshop
12:00 EDT Seed Funds Panel Tales from the Road Panel Angels & Family Offices Panel
13:00 EDT IPC Session 2: Diagnostics UCSF Innovation Ventures and Entrepreneurship Program Workshop Financing Scientific Instrumentation as a Startup Company Workshop
IPC Session 5: Oncology
14:00 EDT Big Pharma Panel Mental & Behavioral Health Panel IPC Session 8: R&D / Manufacturing Services
15:00 EDT IPC Session 3: Novel Drug Delivery Fundraising Bootcamp Workshop How to Evaluate Your Banking Partner Workshop
16:00 EDT IPC Session 4: Cardiovascular & Ophthalmic Disorders IPC Session 6: Medical Devices IPC Session 9: Therapeutics
17:00 EDT Why US Biotechs are Coming to Australia… Workshop IPC Session 7: Therapeutics IPC Session 10: Medical Devices & Digital Health
RESI AI & RESI Longevity
(September 16-17)
  Thursday (9/16) Friday (9/17)
10:00 EDT Healthcare Communications Panel Accelerated Pharma Development Panel
Social Isolation & Loneliness Panel Health & Homecare Panel
11:00 EDT   Commercialization of AI Technologies Workshop
Medical Accountability & Adherence Panel
12:00 EDT IPC Session 1: Therapeutics & Devices IPC Session 2: Digital Health and R&D/Manufacturing
Designing Innovation in Assisted Living and Aging in Place
13:00 EDT IPC Session 1: Medical Devices IPC Session 3: Digital Health
14:00 EDT   Diagnostic Wearables Panel
Funding and Strategic Directions with the National Institute on Aging Fireside Chat
15:00 EDT IPC Session 2: Diagnostics & Therapeutics What Angels, Seed, Venture, Corporate and Family Offices Investors Are Looking For Panel
16:00 EDT Healthcare Systems and Infrastructure Panel Precision Medicine Panel
Creating Better Dementia Care and Promoting Brain Health Panel
  Pre-Recorded Sessions
  Fundraising Bootcamp Workshop
  The Future of Wearables and Older Adults 2021
  Portfolio Spotlight with Mary Furlong & Associates (MFA)
  National Institute on Aging Seed Funding Overview and Portfolio Showcase
  Fundraising Bootcamp Workshop

700+ Investors at RESI Partnering Week

9 Sep

By Joey Wong, Investor Research Analyst, LSN

700+ investors representing VC, Corporate VC, Big Pharma, Angels, Family Offices, and more are meeting virtually across RESI Partnering Week, September 13-17. There is still time to sign up and start booking meetings. The RESI partnering platform is enabled to narrow down searches for investors who are a fit for your product, stage of development, and specific needs unique to your company. Check out the firms attending this week and select the conference you’re interested in to see the firms participating.

RPW Sept. 2021 Confirmed Investors
Confirmed RESI Investors Confirmed RESI AI Investors Confirmed RESI Longevity Investors
As of September 8

Meet the Innovator’s Pitch Challenge (IPC) Finalists of RESI Partnering Week

2 Sep

By Claire Jeong, Chief Conference Officer, Vice President of Investor Research, Asia BD, LSN


Life Science Nation (LSN) is pleased to announce the Innovator’s Pitch Challenge (IPC) finalists who will be presenting at the upcoming RESI Partnering Week, September 13-17. The IPC continues to see a record number of applicants, establishing itself as a differentiated and effective platform to showcase innovative technologies during a virtual conference age.

Each participating company will have a dedicated landing page with their pitch video and supplementary materials and will participate in a live Q&A session with investors and industry experts providing feedback and questions, which will help companies better prepare for future investor meetings, understand investor perspectives, and enhance their visibility and network. Many past participants have credited the IPC to unexpected follow-up meetings and new connections.

RESI Partnering Week attendees do not want to miss out on these engaging sessions! If you are not registered, it is not too late – you can register here. If you are an active investor interested in getting involved with these sessions, please reach out to for more information.

Below are the participating companies – please click on their logos to learn more!

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