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UCSF’s Virtual Show is on the Road

16 Sep

By Rory McCann, Marketing Manager & Conference Producer, LSN

Stephanie Marrus, Managing Director of Entrepreneurship at the University of California San Francisco (UCSF) is on a mission, one that’s been decades in the making. Starting in marketing, business development, and growing into company leadership and entrepreneurship, Stephanie has built an impressive career that sets her up to effectively train scientific startup founders to succeed. In the age of Covid, she’s taken her show on the virtual road and has impacted hundreds of entrepreneurs globally.


Life Science Nation is proud to host Stephanie and the UCSF Innovation Ventures and Entrepreneurship Program at RESI Partnering Week, September 13-17. Get to know Stephanie and the UCSF Innovation Ventures and Entrepreneurship Program in a recent interview and get started on your entrepreneurial journey with Digital RESI and UCSF! Enrollment is open until Friday, September 17. The next class takes place Wednesday, September 29. Sign up today!

What Makes a Great Banking Partner?

9 Sep

By Rory McCann, Marketing Manager & Conference Producer, LSN

A question not asked enough by early-stage startup founders when looking for banking options is, “Which available resources are specific to the needs of my company and industry?” In a recent conversation with First Republic Bank’s Nishta Rao, we discussed this question, why it isn’t asked enough, and what founders stand to gain when they understand how much more valuable a banking relationship can be when it’s the right fit. We discuss First Republic’s life science toolkit and the resources available to early-stage startups in life science and healthcare.

Listen to our conversation and get to know First Republic Bank at RESI Partnering Week, September 13-15. Sign up today and mark your calendar for the sessions answering your questions about what a powerful banking relationship can do for you.  


Tuesday, September 14 | 11 AM EDT

Beyond Banking: Finding the Right Financial Partner for You

  • Nishta Rao, Managing Director, Life Science, First Republic Bank
  • Dennis Ford, CEO, Life Science Nation 

When your startup firm gains traction, you will inevitably need a bank that can add value and understand your distinct early-stage entrepreneurial needs. There are an array of financial institutions that have programs in the life science market to aid and guide early-stage entrepreneurs to set up the right financial packages. First Republic Bank is a leader in the early-stage life science market with decades of experience and dedicated teams that provide support to scientist entrepreneurs. In this fireside chat, we discuss the programs and services available for startups and how to engage and take advantage of the FRB offerings to help your business grow.

Wednesday, September 15 | 3 PM EDT

How to Evaluate Your Banking Partner Workshop

  • Nishta Rao, Managing Director, Life Science, First Republic Bank

Life Science companies need more from a bank than just accounts and transactions. The right banking partner brings a mix of excellent service, industry expertise, and the ability to help companies grow. Join Nishta Rao of First Republic Bank to hear what companies should be looking for in a sound banking partner.

Artificial Intelligence for Quality Management in Radiology

30 Aug

Aviel Blumenfeld

Interview with Aviel Blumenfeld, CEO & Co-Founder of IMedis


By Erika Wu, Business Development Representative, LSN

Aviel Blumenfeld is the CEO & Co-Founder of IMedis, an Israeli-based company that is creating a comprehensive quality management platform for radiology departments using ground-breaking AI technology to improve clinical outcomes, reduce risks of wrong diagnosis, and increase efficiency. IMedis’ solution uses a unique combination of image analysis and text analysis using AI for the detection and surfacing of various failure points throughout the radiology workflow. In addition, IMedis has a strong and cohesive team and is backed by a leading digital health VC. With a growing pipeline of collaborations in pilots, the company is exactly at the deflection point for using digital health for promoting quality-based healthcare. Aviel has worked in the medical devices field for 15 years in various positions including clinical applications specialists, software engineer, algorithm engineer, product manager and VP of R&D. At IMedis, Aviel handles management, strategy, operation, business development and fundraising. 

Erika Wu (EW): IMedis pitched at the Innovator’s Pitch Challenge at RESI AI, January 2021 and Digital RESI, March 2021. What are you currently doing to grow IMedis and where is the company right now?

Aviel Blumenfeld (AB): IMedis is focusing on its go-to-market strategy and has already had several first early adopters in the US and UK starting to use Duali-Q for surfacing actionable missed findings in radiology reports. We expect to receive our first FDA clearance for our clinical offering by early 2022 and to start accelerating our commercial activity and growth of the company. Later this year we are planning to have our Series A-round in order to support the early stage of commercialization of the company, expedite development of new solutions and regulatory approvals.

EW: How would you describe AI?

AB: Professionals’ best assistance.

EW: As many were in your shoes at one point, what are some challenges you’ve learned from? Can you provide any advice, and how has your findings impacted your plan moving forward?

AB: In every conversation, you can learn something new, so keep close relationships with your potential customers, users and partners to better understand their needs and motivation. Early stages of a startup company are very fragile. When the pandemic started we were afraid that we would completely lose the attention of our target customers in the US while they were focused on treating COVID patients and significantly reducing their capacity of radiological examinations. We adopted our go-to-market strategy quickly and approached a new geographical market in the UK as we recognized the NHS which strengthened its digital adoption and openness to new technologies. The benefits of our solution are, first of all, for the patients with improved health outcomes, but also for large health systems by promoting early detection of life-threatening diseases — this is why we see a great potential in the UK as well as with large health systems in the US. We are aiming to keep developing our platform to cover more and more potential failure points and to offer the first in kind comprehensive solution for quality assurance in radiology.

Learn more about IMedis and connect with AI investors at Digital RESI AI (September 16-17)! 


The Reglagene Story and How They Learned to Tell It

26 Aug

By Rory McCann, Marketing Manager & Conference Producer, LSN

Like most scientist-entrepreneurs, Reglagene CEO, Richard Austin thought the compelling story of his company and their precision chemotherapy technology would be enough to get the attention of investors. He quickly learned the importance of marketing the company and telling their story was also integral to their growth. His early experiences with RESI served as classroom, arena, and runway to success.

In our interview, Richard references the education he received from Life Science Nation CEO, Dennis Ford. Dennis is hosting the Global Roadshow Prep Course: a hands-on, comprehensive, one-day course designed to set up the early-stage life science executive for success as they conduct their global fundraise. Each class is open to 24 early-stage, fundraising entrepreneurs and includes premier access to RESI Partnering Week, September 13-17.

The Global Roadshow Prep Course takes place Friday, September 3 and September 10. View the agenda and sign up to jumpstart your fundraising through telling your story and connecting with the right investors for you!

Saving Critical Time for Blood Cancer Detection & Decisions with AI Interview with Andrea Wang, MS, CEO & Co-Founder, AHEAD Medicine

24 Aug

By Erika Wu, Business Development Representative, LSN

Launching recent partnerships with Mayo Clinic and Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center, Andrea Wang and her team at AHEAD Medicine is paving the way for blood cancer detection and clinical decisions using AI-powered analytics.

As a 9-time RESI attendee, panelist, and Innovator Pitch Challenge (IPC) participant, we are excited to see where AHEAD is going next. Get in front of AI investors at Digital RESI AI (September 16-17) by pitching your company at  Innovator’s Pitch Challenge!

Automating Medical Visits Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Augmented Reality (AR) – Interview with James Bates, MS, CEO of AdviNOW Medical

16 Aug

By Erika Wu, Business Development Representative, LSN

What if we could automate and improve medical visits by reducing in-person patient contact, administrative burdens and operation costs? Hear what CEO James Bates and his team at AdviNOW Medical are doing to utilize AR and AI to expand healthcare access to anywhere you are. RESI AI returns September 16-17 with dynamic panels, as well as opportunities to pitch to a live panel of AI investors. Get involved and tell your story at  Innovator’s Pitch Challenge! Applications are due by Friday, August 20, so submit yours today!

The Business of Biotech: The Moexa Perspective

5 Aug

By Rory McCann, Marketing Manager & Conference Producer, LSN

Every startup operates according to the strengths of its leaders and partners, making it essential for successful companies to be built on the diverse skill sets of their teams. Former Innovation Challenge (now Innovator’s Pitch Challenge) winner, Moexa is a shining example of unique experiences and diverse skills put to the test and passing.

Moexa Director and CEO, Anthony Desir has had a successful career in finance and business development before leading the multi-national drug research and development company, and took the time to share his RESI experience, as well as the tools he’s utilized to lead Moexa and lessons he’s learned along the way. Listen to our conversation and sign up for RESI Partnering Week, September 13-17 to jumpstart your own early-stage fundraising journey. Early bird rates for RESI Partnering Week end Friday, August 6. Register today to save!

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