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Hot Investor Mandate: China Based VC Firm with Over $1B AUM Invests in Therapeutics, Devices, and Diagnostics Technologies with Strong China Angle

17 Jan

A venture capital firm based in China with offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Suzhou, Shenzhen, and Hong Kong manages about USD 1 billion in committed capital with five USD funds and five RMB funds. The firm typically invests in series A and B rounds; however the firm prefers seed or angel rounds when it comes to overseas opportunities. The firm can invest anywhere from a few hundred thousand dollars up to ten million or more over a 10 year horizon. At present, the firm is looking for new investment opportunities in Greater China, while it also considers US- or EU-based companies with excellent technology that are Chinese-led or have a China angle.

The firm seeks to invest in a broad array of technologies including therapeutics, medical devices, IVD, e-Health and etc. Within therapeutics, the firm is interested in innovative drugs and novel biotechnology based therapies. Within medical devices, the firm is interested in a great range of devices and disposables that address large unmet medical need in China. The firm is opportunistic in terms of subsectors and stage of development. Historically, the firm invested in immuno-oncology drugs, CNS drugs, gene therapy and gene editing, digital health and AI-backed diagnostics, radiology imaging, clinical cell and molecular genetics testing, POC devices, diagnostics and genomics, and so on.

The firm is looking for competent and experienced management teams. The firm typically seeks a board seat in its portfolio companies.

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Hot Investor Mandate: Taiwan Based VC Firm Invests in Global ife Science & Healthcare Related Opportunities with Taiwan Market Potential

17 Jan

A venture capital firm founded with headquarters in Taipei City, Taiwan, with additional partners based in Silicon Valley, Korea, Singapore, and Japan, formed a fund with local and international investors. The firm has the capacity to invest in companies they identify as a strong fit, with initial investments typically in the $1-6 M range. The firm is looking for companies globally but would prefer companies that have Taiwan angle.

The firm is an opportunistic investor that currently considering Therapeutics, Medical Devices, Diagnostics, Biotechnology R&D, and Healthcare IT companies. The firm is open to many sectors in therapeutics but prefers companies that are into phase I of clinical trials or later. The firm is open to medical devices with all FDA regulatory pathways, including 510k, PMA, and software-enabled device. The firm invest in any phases in medical devices and diagnostics with a preference for those with in human data. The firm looks into any indications except orphan disease.

The firm currently will invest in privately held companies only. The firm has no specific requirements for management team. The firm can participate as either lead or co-investor and generally requests a board seat or board observer rights in its portfolio company.

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Hot Investor Mandate: Impact Investing Firm Actively Seeking All Early-Stage Technologies that Focus on Advancing Therapies for CNS Diseases

17 Jan

An impact venture capital firmis dedicated to funding private, early-stage whose innovation(s) significantly help or cure patients suffering from psychiatric and/or neurological diseases. The firm will invest in Seed and Series A rounds, typically allocating $200k – 8 million USD for each deal. The firm looks for deals globally and plans to make several investments in the upcoming year immediately following the first close of the fund. The firm is willing to lead rounds or co-invest as long as the investment falls within their investment criteria.

The firm is interested in devices, digital health, therapeutics, and diagnostics companies that focus on improving the treatment or curing diseases of the central nervous system. The firm prefers technologies and therapeutics that are disease modifying and/or gain significant traction in disease symptom reduction. Technologies that improve quality of life or treatment delivery in neurological and psychiatric patient populations will also be considered.

The firm sometimes prefers to take a board seat in companies in which they invest.

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