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Hot Investor Mandate: China-Based Enterprise Seeks to Partner with Medtech Companies Across All Stages, with Strongest Interests in Class III Implantable Devices

28 May

A high-tech enterprise headquartered in China focuses on the R&D, manufacturing and sales of implantable medical devices. The firm is actively seeking external opportunities for investment and other types of strategic partnerships. With regards to investment, the firm will generally invest several millions of dollars per deal. The firm is open to global opportunities.

The firm is interested in expanding their business by investing and partnering with medical device companies. The firm is not interested in therapeutics, diagnostics, or digital health. The firm is most interested in Class III implantable medical devices, but will not exclude Class I or II. The firm is open to working with companies across all stages of development.

The firm has 2 main focuses within medical devices, according their stage of development:

(1) Products at early development stage: The firm is open to investing in companies at the idea-level, or those with a prototype that have not yet started clinical trials. In addition to direct equity investment in these stages, the firm is also interested in accelerating the path to market by helping with product development, regulatory and preclinical tests. The firm can act as a lead or co-investor.

(2) Products at later stage: For products that have demonstrated efficacy through clinical trials with patients, the firm is open to exploring beyond direct investment, such as joint venture, licensing, co-development, etc. The firm can provide strategic value to these companies and also assist with China market entry.

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Hot Investor Mandate: Newly Established Joint Venture Fund Supports Therapeutics, Devices, and Diagnostics Companies for Up to $20M Investment

28 May

An active life sciences accelerator that funds, supports and advances life science technologies from early development through clinical proof-of-concept recently established a joint venture fund to support early-stage innovation. The firm’s experienced leadership team works with scientists and entrepreneurs to provide active mentorship, financing solutions and operational guidance to increase the probability of success in early drug development. The firm has access to capital to support companies from seed investment through Series A and B financings through the firm’s internal resources and the joint venture fund.

The size of initial seed investment can range from $0.5M to $1.5M. The subsequent Series A investments will be sized to get through preclinical and IND-enabling work and/or through a clinical development study and can range between $8M-$20M, with flexibility to syndicate with investors for larger rounds. For more mature companies that don’t require a seed round or the need to do complete activities/studies prior to a Series A, the fund can invest directly as a Series A investment along with participation in related Series B investments.  Lastly, this new fund is part of the accelerator’s partner’s umbrella of funds, which can support companies in later-stage private/mezzanine/crossover financings, debt financings, and IPO/follow-on public offerings. The firm is open to global opportunities.

The firm and the newly established fund support opportunities across all therapeutic areas and drug modalities (small molecule, peptides, antibodies, genetic technologies, cell therapy, etc.).  Additionally, open to technologies beyond drug therapeutics, including medical devices, diagnostics and emerging healthtech opportunities (digital health, telemedicine, enabling technologies utilizing AI/ML, etc.). Founder and entrepreneur friendly, supportive of first-time CEOs, and works side by side to drive value inflections with the goal to optimize program development and successful outcomes.

The firm is open to working with all types of management teams, including first time entrepreneurs. The firm works hands-on with its portfolio companies by bringing a powerful network, access to resources and expertise to support their growth. The firm prefers to lead but is open to participating with likeminded co-investors to form syndicates.

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Hot Investor Mandate: Cross-Border Biotech Sector Fund with Incubator and CRO Businesses Invests in Seed Stage Therapeutics & Diagnostics Companies

28 May

A biotech sector fund with headquarters in China is equipped with state-of-the-art instruments housed by modern laboratories in an artistically designed building. The firm works with top ten largest global pharmaceutical companies and small to medium sized US and Europe-based businesses in studies of gene-to-structure, in vitro and in vivo assays, target ID, ADME, animal models, and more.

The firm can allocate from $200,000 to $800,000 of equity capital in seed round companies and can make investments ranging from $1 to $10 million in series A companies. The firm looks to tailor its incubator and CRO services to the needs of its partners, helping them to reach key value-added milestones. The firm will consider opportunities based in China and North America, companies within a strong China angle involvement is their sweet spot. The firm is actively seeking in-licensing opportunities and plans to make 10-12 investments next year but is flexible.

The firm focuses mostly on therapeutics, while the firm is also open to Diagnostics. The firm can utilize its CRO services to advance portfolio company’s products into or through clinical trials. The firm is currently most interested in small molecule first-in-class drugs. The firm is opportunistic in terms of subsector and indication. For therapeutics, the firm is open to invest from super early-stage to pre-clinical stage. The firm will not invest in Medical Devices Healthcare IT companies.

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Hot Investor Mandate: USA-Based VC Firm Invests in Early-Stage Diagnostics and Life Science Research Tools

28 May

A venture capital firm in the USA focuses on early-stage diagnostics, life science research tools, and biotech-related companies. The firm’s target initial investment size is $500K-$1M, and the firm has made one investment so far. The firm prefers to act as the co-investor with other types of investors such as strategic partners. The firm invests in companies that are based in the US. The firm is actively seeking new investment opportunities.

In the life sciences, the firm is currently seeking to invest in early-stage diagnostics, life science research tools, and biotech-related companies. The firm will invest in a limited number of therapeutic opportunities. The firm also has interests in other technology fields. The firm is opportunistic in terms of subsectors and indications. The firm will consider investing in companies that have strong intellectual property protection and provide barriers to competitive entry. The firm also seeks companies with potential large addressable markets, which typically have the potential to generate at least $100M of annual revenues.

The firm seeks a reliable and experienced management team that can bring the concept to market. The firm may take a board seat in applicable cases. The firm aims fundraising CEOs that are driven to deliver exceptional investment returns to both investors and management teams.

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Hot Investor Mandate: USA-Based Investment Firm Seeks to Invest Up to $40M in Therapeutics Companies, With Strong Interests in CNS, Oncology, Immunology

21 May

An early stage investor in emerging life science technologies with offices in the USA seeks to invest in promising early-stage assets, create a company around each asset and then directly manage the startup. The firm’s investment sizes vary from $1-40 million. Investments are made at the seed stage or in Series A venture rounds; the firm prefers to be the first institutional investor. The firm has invested in assets sourced throughout the USA and has evaluated investment opportunities globally.

The firm primarily invests in therapeutics-focused opportunities. The firm is technologically agnostic and is open to any indication area, with a particular interest in CNS, digital health, oncology and immunology. The firm is interested in preclinical-stage assets and will consider investing in assets as early as the discovery stage.

The firm is open to working with both academic projects and entrepreneurs, and also deprioritized pharma assets. The firm generally does not make new investments into companies any later than the Series A stage. The firm supplies management and technical expertise to develop an asset if the company does not have a full management team.

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Hot Investor Mandate: China Cross Border VC Firm Looks For Global Investment Opportunities Across All Life Sciences Sectors, Invests Up to $10M

21 May

A healthcare focused venture capital firm based in China, with offices in Shanghai and Beijing, makes venture investments in early & growth stage companies and PIPE deals. The firm is flexible regarding the investment size; the firm can invest anywhere from several hundred thousand dollars up to USD 10 million or more. The firm generally invests in global companies with current investments mostly in US and China. The firm is actively seeking new investment opportunities.

The firm invests opportunistically in the life sciences. The firm is interested in biopharmaceuticals, medical devices, diagnostics, and mobile/digital health. Within therapeutics, the firm is most interested in oncology and neurology. The firm considers all molecules and biologics, including biosimilars and reformulated drugs. In terms of stage of development, the firm looks for products in early to late stages of clinical trials. The firm generally looks for devices in later stages of development or close to market.

The firm invests in both private and public companies, and has no specific company or management team requirements.

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Hot Investor Mandate: USA-Based VC Firm With Newly Closed Fund Invests in Date-Driven Healthcare Companies in North America

21 May

A USA-based venture capital firm with a new second fund closed in early 2020, invests in pre-seed through Series A rounds in exchange for equity. Typical allocations average in the $500k to $1.5M range. The main areas of interest for the firm are data-driven healthcare/biotech, enterprise software, and deep tech. The firm tends to focus on companies headquartered in North America.

The firm invests in software and hardware with proprietary algorithmic and design principles. For example, big data, AI/ML, robotics, and autonomous vehicles are of interest. Within data-driven health/biotech, the firm focuses on core technology innovations in computational health, synthetic biology, and digital health. Their portfolio includes companies involved in deep learning for medical imaging, genomics platforms and tools, in silico therapeutics discovery, large scale custom DNA synthesis, and a digital health platform consisting of software and integrated wearable hardware.

The firm seeks to work with management teams that have prior entrepreneurial experience or domain-specific technical or medical experience in the market they are targeting. They typically have regular check-ins with portfolio companies and can take on board seats.

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