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Hot Investor Mandate: Silicon Valley VC Invests in Therapeutics, Diagnostics, Tools and Devices

5 Dec

A venture capital firm with investment teams in Silicon Valley (headquarters) and Europe is currently investing out of their third $355M fund, and looks to invest in early-stage life science companies crossing all sectors. The firm focuses on Seed, Series A and Series B investments. Investment is in the form of equity with the firm making roughly 3-5 new investments per year. The firm typically invests $500K – $5M per round (depending on the stage and needs of the company), and generally invests $10-$15M throughout the life of a company. The firm is very comfortable leading investment rounds, and focuses on companies in the US and Europe.

In the life sciences, the firm is looking for new investment opportunities in the therapeutics, diagnostics, tools and medical device sectors. The firm is opportunistic in terms of sub-sectors and indications. the firm is only interested in preclinical/Phase I, early-stage technology. The firm looks for companies with proprietary technologies that allow them to address unmet needs in a unique and compelling manner. The firm is not interested in healthcare IT, healthcare services or software companies.

The firm in privately-held companies with passionate founders and/or a strong management team. The firm looks to take a board seat post-investment.

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Hot Investor Mandate: Private Equity Firm Invests Globally in Surgical Innovations

5 Dec

A private equity firm founded in 2014 and is based in New York and Montreal. The firm manages the a fund that provides equity and equity-like investments in high growth companies in healthcare technology verticals, with a focus on surgery. The size of investments generally fall under the range of $2-5 M per company, and the firm seeks to make 2-3 investments per year. The firm looks globally with a strong focus in North America.

The firm is interested in highly innovative medical and surgical device companies, healthcare IT, healthcare services. The firm will not consider products in pharma or biotech industries. Medical device products should be patented and on the cusp of FDA clearance. The firm will support all classes of medical devices including 510k and PMA regulatory pathways. Healthcare IT companies are expected to demonstrate market traction prior to investment.

The firm seeks to work with companies with an experienced, motivated management team. The firm can act as the lead investor in all financing rounds, and requires a board seat in its portfolio companies.

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Hot Investor Mandate: Asia-Based Pharma Looks for Early Stage Partnerships in CNS, Immunology, Liver Disease and More

5 Dec

A pharmaceutical company based in Asia is actively searching for innovative candidates and products around the world to incorporate into its pipeline and product portfolio. The firm has ample experience across various types of partnerships with overseas companies and is flexible in terms of the business structure. The firm is interested globally, including world-wide major territories.

The firm is currently seeking promising novel therapeutic candidates to incorporate into its pipeline. In terms of indications, the firm is indication agnostic with added interest in movement disorders, CNS, liver disease and immunology. The firm is also interested in oncology indications (small molecule or biologics with novel MoA). The firm prefers assets both in early/late non-clinical development stage as well as in early clinical development stage.

The firm is open to working with companies anywhere in the world, and has no set requirements for partners; the firm is able to work with virtual drug companies by leveraging the firm’s own capabilities and third party relationships.

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