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Hot Investor Mandate: China-Backed Investment Firm Invests $10-50M Into Medical Device, Data and Health Monitoring Opportunities

16 Aug

An investor group based out of New York, USA with financial backing from China is interested in looking at US-based opportunities that they believe will translate well to the Chinese market. These opportunities do not need to already have traction in China since the firm hopes to be a Chinese partner to help them access and succeed in these markets in addition to being an investor. The firm expects to make 20-50 investments this year and is prioritizing investments in the $10-50 Million USD range, but is also willing to look at earlier stage opportunities.

The firm is interested in medical devices. Specifically, medical devices related to senior care, health planning, data collection, data analysis and management, 24/7 patient monitoring systems, and devices that can help facilitate conversations between patients and caregivers. Companies they’ve worked with and still have interest for include: laser treatment devices for arthritis, devices for rehabilitation, and devices for surgery. While a lot of their interest areas overlap with Healthcare IT companies, they only have a slight interest in this area as they believe the Chinese markets are already flooded in that area. For device companies, the firm prefers that they already have FDA approval, but are willing to look at companies who are close to completing FDA pivotal trials as well.

The firm prefers companies that are ideally already revenue generating, but they are also willing to look at companies that are near revenue generation. The firm wants to work with companies who are interested in accessing the Chinese market and are willing to form a joint venture with the firm in China.

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Hot Investor Mandate: Corporate VC Fund Invests Up to $10M in Therapeutics, Diagnostics, Life Science Tools with Focus on Genomics Applications

16 Aug

A Bay area-based corporate VC fund is independently managed in a strategic partnership with their corporate. The firm invests in early-stage disruptive life science tools, therapeutics, and diagnostic companies. Typical allocations range from $2-10 million initially in a Series A or B round and can be up to $15-20 million over the life span of the company. The firm seeks to syndicate with other leading institutional and strategic investors. The firm expects to make 4-5 new investments over the next 12 months and considers opportunities globally with a focus in the US.

The firm is interested in areas where its expertise and special relationship with the parent company can add value. The firm focuses on applications of genomics including sequencing, assay development, agriculture and environmental science, industrial biotech, digital health, public safety and personal wellness, proteomics and other ‘omics’ areas. The firm prefers pre-revenue companies that have achieved proof-of-concept.

The firm seeks to work with experienced management teams with sector expertise. The firm’s team members have decades of entrepreneurial experience in genomics and may request a board seat depending on the deal.

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Hot Investor Mandate: Large Pharma Company Seeks to In-License Novel Therapeutic Assets and Platforms in Orphan/Rare Disease Indications

16 Aug

A East Coast region-based large pharmaceutical specializes in the development of treatments for ultra-orphan diseases (diseases with under 20,000 patients in the USA or EU), and is seeking to in-license novel therapeutics and platforms in this space.

The firm is focused on serving patients and families affected by rare diseases. The firm focuses its research efforts on novel molecules and targets in the complement cascade and its development efforts on the core therapeutic areas of hematology, nephrology, neurology, and metabolic disorders.

The firm is open to working with companies anywhere in the world, and has no set requirements for partners.

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