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Hot Investor Mandate: Global Technology Firm Invests in Digital and Diagnostic Innovation

13 Dec

A large firm with offices worldwide invests in medical technology companies that are strategically relevant to their business. The firm invests in new technologies via venture investing, incubation, or M&A. The firm invests worldwide.

The firm’s primary focuses within healthcare include diagnostics (particularly point of care diagnostics and molecular diagnostics, patient monitoring, and integrated IoT platforms for health sensors), and digital services (including capacity management, care coordination, technologies that help physicians make diagnoses and other key decisions, and AI technologies in healthcare). The firm will invest in any medical indication area, and only invests in companies that have attained proof of concept data for their product, with a preference for companies that have a product on the market that can demonstrate traction and revenue.

The firm generally does not attach strategic rights to an external investment other than the right to be informed if the company is seeking a buyer. The firm requires a board seat or a board observer in each portfolio company.

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Hot Investor Mandate: Healthcare Foundation Opens Evergreen Fund to Invest in Early Stage Oncology

13 Dec

A healthcare foundation has created a new $150M evergreen fund, and is looking to make 3-4 investments a year. The foundation is interested in therapeutics, diagnostics or screening technology, medical devices, digital health or tech enabled services that advance the fight against cancer. The firm is looking to help these technologies advance to commercialization, investing in IND-ready/clinical stage companies, or post-revenue-generating digital health companies. For earlier stage companies, The firm will invest between $250K-1M, and will invest $3-6M in later stage companies, reserving funds for follow-on investments. The firm is currently looking to co-invest, and will consider global opportunities, but is currently investing mostly in the US

While relatively agnostic to technology within therapeutics, medical devices, diagnostics and digital health, the firm will only invest in companies relevant to the indication of oncology.

The firm is looking for therapeutics companies that are out of Phase I, but will invest in companies as early as IND-ready. For medical device companies, the firm prefers them to be clinical stage. For digital health companies, the firm will consider companies that have >$1M in annual revenues. Currently, the firm is looking to co-invest, but will refer potential portfolio companies to their investment partners for consideration.

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Hot Investor Mandate: California Fund Focuses on Advanced Materials in Healthcare

13 Dec

A venture firm based in California invests in start-ups developing breakthrough advanced materials and device technologies for specific industry verticals, with a concentration in life sciences and healthcare. The firm is generally a lead investor, and commits $4-8 million per opportunity; the firm also has an active seed fund that can $500K-$1M seed investments.

The firm is invests in life science start-ups developing advanced materials, process, and device technologies. Specific areas of interest include drug discovery platforms, manufacturing platforms, advanced purification and separation techniques, optical devices for diagnostics or manufacturing QC, etc. In diagnostics, the firm is interested in new diagnostic applications of materials science including in sample collection, rapid tests, and biosensors used for real time monitoring. In addition to the aforementioned areas, the firm is broadly interested in ‘blue sky’ applications of materials science in the life sciences. The firm does not invest in clinical development of new therapeutic molecules.

The firm favors companies with platform technologies and partnership-based business models. The firm has deep expertise in manufacturing and productization. Additionally, LPs include large pharma and medical device manufacturing companies; the firm helps portfolio companies develop relationships with these strategics.

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