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Hot Investor Mandate: Korea-Based VC Invests in Oncology & Autoimmune Disease Therapeutics, Seeks Companies Interested in Korean Market

3 Sep

A venture capital firm based in South Korea, affiliated with a leading pharmaceutical company, generally participates in financings of Series B and beyond, participating in Series A rounds on a case-by-case basis. However, the firm has started to look for earlier stage opportunities and is most interested in spin-out assets and forming new companies in South Korea. Within this angle, the firm is highly interested in companies who are interested in entering the Korean market and looking to leverage on the capital and clinical infrastructure in South Korea.

The firm is focused on therapeutics companies and does not invest in medical devices, diagnostics, or digital health. The firm is open to considering assets of very early stages, even those as early as lead optimization phase. The firm considers various modalities, including antibodies, small molecules, and cell therapy. Currently, the firm is not interested in gene therapy. Indication-wise, the firm is most interested in oncology and autoimmune diseases but has recently looked at fibrotic diseases and certain rare diseases as well.

In regards to companies raising a Series A round, the firm prefers working with experienced management teams with high-profile scientific founders being involved. The firm incorporates a different strategy depending on the company’s headquarters. For companies based in South Korea, the firm serves as a hands-on, active investor and seeks board representation. In the USA, the firm prefers to be a more passive investor and generally seeks to co-invest with established venture capital firms that have a footprint in the USA.

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Hot Investor Mandate: China-Based Conglomerate Seeks In-Licensing and Investment Opportunities in Medical Devices, Including Single-Use Devices, Orthopedic Materials, and More

3 Sep

A large conglomerate headquartered in China’s primary business is in single-use medical devices with a wide range of product lines in consumables, orthopedic materials, and blood purification. The group also have subsidiaries in biopharmaceutical, healthcare services, finance, and real estate. As a leading provider of healthcare system solutions, the firm is actively expanding its healthcare business in China. The group is seeking product-based collaboration opportunities with early stage medical device businesses overseas, primarily through joint venture or incubation. The firm’s newly opened incubator serves as a one-stop shop for early stage medical device companies by providing capital, R&D services, clinical trial services, CFDA registration, and distribution channels. Typical investments range from RMB 1-30 million (US$0.1 – 4.4 M), while there is no set upper limit. The firm would also consider in-licensing opportunities.

The firm is focusing on medical devices with an elevated interest in coronary stent, vascular ultrasound, endoscope, and surgical devices. The firm is also interested in medical technologies that are complimentary to its product line, which includes: i) consumables (infusion sets, syringes, medical needles, blood bags, pre-filled syringes, blood sampling products, and other consumables); ii) orthopedic materials and iii) blood purification consumables and equipment. The group prefers products that have received FDA clearance/approval or at early commercial stage, while it is also open to projects that are pending an FDA decision. The group would also consider biopharmaceutical assets in kidney diseases.

The firm is seeking strong management teams with mature products that have received or are close to receiving regulatory approval. The firm is interested in forming joint venture or attracting overseas companies to its incubator.

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Hot Investor Mandate: Family Office Invests in Medical Device & Diagnostics Companies with Large Market Potential, with Preference for Canada-Based Companies

3 Sep

A famiily office located in Canada looks to invest in clinical stage medical devices and diagnostics technologies as well as digital health companies. The firm looks to invest in companies with large market opportunities. The firm prefers to invest in Canadian companies, but will consider companies outside of Canada if they wish to expand to the Canadian market. The firm prefers to co-invest alongside other investors, and will invest $100,000-$250,000 in the initial investment, potentially contributing to additional rounds of funding.

The firm is looking for device companies, either in the medical device or diagnostic space. The firm will also consider digital health companies, focusing on mobile applications. For devices and diagnostics, the firm prefers 510k devices, but will consider PMA devices as well. These devices should be in the clinical development phase. The firm is indication agnostic, but does look for there to be a large market potential.

The firm looks for companies with strong management teams with good team dynamics, although previous entrepreneurial experience is not required.

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Hot Investor Mandate: Cross-Border VC with USA & Asian Offices Invests in Therapeutics & Digital Health Technologies with Novel, Differentiated Strategies

3 Sep

A healthcare-focused venture capital firm invests in companies and people that are changing the way people treat human health through new approaches and technologies. The firm invests in early-stage technologies to build the next-generation companies. The firm partners with companies early on as the firm looks to support visionary teams, cutting-edge healthcare technologies and those at the forefront of medicine. The firm’s teams are based in Boston and Taiwan.

For early-stage therapeutics, the firm focuses on novel approaches that achieve differentiated therapeutic results, regardless of modalities. The firm will engage with pre-clinical developments where there is compelling science with cell and/or animal model proof of concept data and invests through pre-clinical and early clinical proof of concept stages. Key areas of interest include, immunological diseases, neurological diseases, metabolic diseases, and infectious diseases.

For digital health technologies, the firm looks for technology platforms that enable pertinent scientific insights into drug development and design or novel approaches to enhance delivery of care from providers to patients. Key areas of interest include, synthetic biology, machine learning for drug discovery (proteomics and metabolomics), and tools that help reduce healthcare costs.

The firm is looking for experienced management teams with strong scientific expertise and management skills.

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Hot Investor Mandate: Western Europe VC Invests Up to €10M Across Broad Life Science & Healthcare Sectors

3 Sep

A firm based in Western Europe focuses on investment opportunities in Europe but is open to considering investments in China as well. Initial equity-investments range in size from € 1 million up to € 10 million.

The firm invests broadly within the healthcare sector, and manages funds in Health-tech, Sustainable Chemistry, Digital Growth (with a focus on digital health and Industry 4.0).

The firm’s funds invest in companies that are in revenue stage or pre-revenue stage provided that the technologies and products are disruptive and have the potential to significantly address global markets.

The firm looks for exceptional management teams but is ready to support its portfolio companies in building their organization and being a sparring partner for strategy and business development discussions.

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Hot Investor Mandate: Investment Vehicle of Angel Group Seeks Early-Stage Companies Across All Life Science Sectors and Assists China Market Entry

3 Sep

The main investment and operation vehicle of an angel group was formed on the basis of investing in passionate early-stage entrepreneurs developing novel technologies. The firm’s areas of interest include AI, big data, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, wearable devices, etc. The firm has invested in academic spin-offs from Harvard and MIT as well.

The firm has three sub-entities that work closely together in order to find valuable US high-tech startups, conduct rigorous screening, help them with accelerated growth and expand into the Chinese market, as well as providing exit strategy guidance.

The firm is interested in a wide range of life science areas. The firm will look at Therapeutics, Medical Devices, Digital Health, and Diagnostics. The firm seeks to invest in early-stage companies, within therapeutics, the firm will look at stages before phase I.

The firm has no specific company or team requirements.

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Hot Investor Mandate: Global Provider of Life Science Services & Equipment Strategically Partners and Invests In Diagnostics and Life Science Tools

3 Sep

A global leader in life sciences, diagnostics and applied chemical markets providing services, equipment, and support solutions to laboratories worldwide has an Early Stage Partnership Program that works with, and potentially invests in, early proof-of-concept to revenue stage companies that are a strategic fit the firm’s core products and services. Apart from financial investing, the firm provides strategic support to the companies with whom they partner. While the firm will partner globally, it has primarily partnered with US and European companies to this point.

The firm partners with early stage companies that provide game-changing tools, technologies and applications to advance the Life Science Research, Clinical Research and Diagnostic markets. Within these markets, the firm is especially interested in the fields of Cellular Reprogramming, Cellular Manufacturing/Bioprocessing, Data Analytics, Informatics, Molecular Diagnostics, Omics, Single Cell Analysis and Systems Biology. The firm is currently not considering therapeutics or medical devices. The firm has partnered with companies early in proof of concept and up to revenue-generating companies.

The firm’s Early Stage Partnership program will only invest in companies that are a strategic fit, but operates as a financial investor, separating any strategic partnerships from the financial investing.

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