Branding & Messaging Simplified

4 Aug

By Karen Deyo, Director of Investor Research, Israel BD, LSN

Last week, Greg Mannix and I hosted a workshop titled Branding and Messaging from Seed to Series B, aimed at helping startups know the value of marketing collateral, what to use, and how to use it. Creating good marketing collateral is a long and evolving process – you are never done; you constantly update and improve it as time goes on and your company develops. New milestones replace old and new evidence takes center stage, and as you gain more expertise, your story matures.

One key takeaway from the workshop is that you need to have the whole package of marketing collateral, and that the story should be consistent throughout. This means having a tagline, an elevator pitch, an executive summary, a one-page tear sheet and a pitch deck crafted from the same main message, condensed to varying lengths. Furthermore, this story should give investors the whole picture, covering the three main pillars:

  • Your technology (what is it, what makes it unique, what problem are you solving and how are you improving over existing options)
  • Your market (what competitors are there, both on the market and still in development, what is the market size, including TAM, SAM, and SOM, how long to reach market and what is your path to entry)
  • Your business (regulatory/reimbursement, IP status, exit strategy, and management team).

Clearly, this is a lot of information, and not something you can cover in great depth in your marketing collateral. The goal in this is to give investors just enough to give them an accurate picture so that they can get more details in future meetings if they are a fit.

Another major piece is knowing your audience and tailoring your language accordingly. Does the person you are speaking to have a financial background, or a science-related PhD? You tailor your language accordingly – you don’t want to overload someone who may not be an expert in the field with overly technical scientific jargon. At the same time, if the person has a PhD in a related field, you don’t want to waste time oversimplifying and giving basic information that they already know. Finding a simple, concise description for your company can be difficult, but it serves as a great starting point – something everyone can understand without being too basic, and a great starting off point should you want to get into a more technical discussion. Ultimately, you, or a member of your team, should be able to cover both the science and the business in depth, as both will be needed in the stages of due diligence.

As I mentioned above, your marketing collateral will be constantly changing – you will hone it as you have more conversations and get more feedback. Take note of any frequently asked questions – these are areas you may want to expand upon in your marketing collateral if they come up often enough. A final note, especially to the earliest stage companies: investors understand that you will not have answers to all these questions – for some, you are simply too early. However, you are never too early to consider your options and possible approaches. Giving an investor a well thought out and reasoned answer for a possible solution in the future will go a long way to reassure them that you are the right person to partner with.

Life Science Nation is offering one final workshop, Keys to Successful Partnering on August 17 at 1 PM EDT. Sign up to join for free!

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Partnering Platform Tutorials

4 Aug

By Claire Jeong, Chief Conference Officer, Vice President of Investor Research, Asia BD, LSN


Partnering opens for RESI Boston Monday, August 29! The partnering platform opens early to give attendees the opportunity to fill out their company profiles and start booking meetings with investors based on several relevant criteria, including location, sector, indication, stage of development, and more. To help attendees best understand and utilize the powerful tools within the partnering platform, Life Science Nation is hosting two free partnering tutorials August 31 and September 6.

While the partnering platform is an exceptional tool designed to match potential partners for well-fitting meetings, it’s the founder, team, and technology that cross the finish line. Learning how to optimize partnering for success will help entrepreneurs stand out, save time, and make meaningful connections at RESI. We hope you’ll join us and learn how the right partnering platform can optimize your early-stage fundraising strategy.


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The Faces and Voices of RESI Boston

4 Aug

By Rory McCann, Director of Marketing & Conference Producer, LSN

As exciting as it is to bring RESI back to Boston after more than two years of virtual conferences, the soul of the event isn’t in the location, but in the faces and voices of the community of early-stage players who attend. As organizers, it’s essential that those speaking at RESI represent the experiences, challenges, and successes of the industry in order to celebrate the accomplishments and recognize areas of growth. Panel recruitment remains ongoing as we seek out these speakers and their stories through early-stage investment and entrepreneurship. Check out below some of the faces of RESI Boston speakers, who will be attending in-person September 21-22 at the Westin Copley Place Hotel.

Charles Cameron
Founder and Managing Director
Hub Angels Investment Group

Kalyan Chakravarthy
Senior Manager, External Innovation
Ipsen S.A.

Elizabeth Cho-Fertikh
Co-Founder & Managing Director
Meda Angels

Alicia Chong Rodriguez
Founder & CEO

Steve Cohen
Executive Director, External Scientific Affairs
Daiichi Sankyo

Bruce Cohen
Venture Partner
Xeraya Capital

Anthony DePasqua
EnClear Therapies

Lisa Fabiny
Operations Manager
SENS Research Foundation

Dave Fogel
Member of Screening & Due Diligence Committees
Mass Medical Angels

Sam Goldberger
Co-Founder & Managing Partner
Ambit Health Ventures

Nan-Wei Gong

Sherry Grisewood
Senior Investment Officer
FoxHill Asset Management

Tomoko Ishikura
Kicker Ventures

Ray Jang
Primetime Partners

Arianne Kidder
Seae Ventures

Jinwoo Kim

Vic Lanio
Flare Capital Partners

Wasim Malik
Co-Founder and Managing Partner
Iaso Ventures

Jasmina Marjanovic
AbbVie Ventures

Andrew Meadow
General Partner
Health Innovation Capital

Andy Merken
Partner, Corporate and Securities Co-Chair, Life Sciences
Burns & Levinson

Tom Miller
Managing Partner
GreyBird Ventures

Ron Paliwoda
Founder and President
Paliwoda Group

Jane Rho
Investor, Venture Fund
DaVita Venture Group

Maria Shepherd
President & CEO

Chelsea Sumner
NALA Healthcare AI Startups Lead
NVIDIA Corporation

David Uffer
Senior Partner
Alira Health Ventures

Matt Weinberg
Max Ventures

Sam Yang
Managing Director and Co-Founder
Xandar Kardian

There is still time to register before partnering opens August 29. Sign up to attend in-person and participate in live partnering, panels, workshops, networking events, and more! Can’t travel? You can still register for a one-day, virtual-only partnering experience on September 23. Contact us to learn more and see which option is best for you!

Want to learn more? The Business Development team at Life Science Nation is available to answer questions and share additional details to help you meet your partnership goals!
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VP, Business Development & Global Investment Strategist
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Alexander Vassallo
Manager of Business Development, Entrepreneurial Education Lead
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Hot Investor Mandate: USA-Based Life Sciences VC Invests Up to $50M in Therapeutics Companies, With Strong Interests in Autoimmune Disease, CNS, Oncology, and More

4 Aug

A USA-based life sciences venture capital and company formation firm with billions of dollars under management is currently investing out of their latest fund that closed last year. The firm will make equity investments of approximately $30–50 million over the lifetime of the company and can either lead investments or co-invest. The firm considers investment opportunities worldwide.

The firm invests primarily in therapeutics and invests broadly across different therapeutic areas and modalities. Areas of high interest include precision medicine approaches, gene therapy, autoimmune diseases, oncology, neurology (particularly diseases with genetically defined populations), ophthalmology, and rare diseases. The firm generally invests from preclinical (2–3 years pre-IND) through to Phase II, and prefers to invest in assets with good animal models and/or genetic evidence to support efficacy and target validation.

The firm generally invests in privately held companies and likes to work with experienced management teams who have had prior startup successes. The firm is an active investor and the partners have deep experience in company building, and we are therefore interested in providing support on strategy, BD, recruiting and other areas of active management in addition to providing capital.

If you are interested in more information about this investor and other investors tracked by LSN, please email

Hot Investor Mandate: CVC Fund Invests Up to $10M, Actively Seeking Novel Drug Delivery Systems in Oncology, Cardiovascular, Chronic Disease, and Pulmonary Indications

4 Aug

A corporate venture arm of a leading electronic solutions provider focuses on medical and pharmaceutical sectors, among other areas. The firm is actively looking to build and expand their pipeline and will focus on strategic investments in which the firm could bring significant value and those that supplement the firm’s business areas. The firm invests up to $10M over the lifetime of the company, usually between Series A to C rounds but will look at Seed stage within the life science space. The firm usually invests around $1-5M initially and reserves capital for follow-on investment. The firm has a global footprint, with manufacturing plants throughout USA and Asia. The firm is open to global opportunities including those in rapidly growing markets such as China and India.

Within the early-stage life sciences ecosystem, the firm is most interested in novel drug delivery systems with target indications including oncology, cardiovascular, diabetes, and COPD. The firm also looks at technology relating to other chronic illness, consumer health & wellness, and point of care diagnostic systems. The firm also has a strong interest in technologies with a connected health component. The firm is open to all early-stage opportunities that are relevant to the firm’s focus areas, but those who do not yet have a working prototype would be considered too early for the firm. The firm is open to all classes of devices including 510k and PMA. Recently, the firm has invested in a novel inhaled insulin delivery device.

The firm can act as either the lead or co-investor. The firm would prefer to see companies that already have some sort of commercial engagement established. The firm aims to bring strategic value into their portfolio companies, such as working on product design and development. If the company already has such manufacturing partnership established, it is unlikely for the firm to invest in the company.

If you are interested in more information about this investor and other investors tracked by LSN, please email

Hot Investor Mandate: Cross-Border Investment Firm Actively Looks For First in Class, Early-Stage Therapeutics Companies Across All Indications Globally

4 Aug

A cross-border venture capital firm with headquarters in Asia and additional offices in USA, is backed by some large pharmaceutical companies. The firm has also launched a new life sciences incubator through which the firm seeks to nurture and advance early-stage therapeutic concepts and technologies. Typically, the firm makes an initial investment ranging from under $1 million to $3-6 million dependent on the company’s stage of development. The firm can allocate up to $16 million over the lifetime of a company. The firm invests in early-stage therapeutic companies worldwide.

The firm only invests in therapeutics, and are primarily focused on companies with preclinical or clinical assets. Within therapeutics, all modalities are of interest. The firm may invest up to 18 months prior to IND, however require that a company has a lead asset that has been characterized. The firm will consider opportunities in any indication area.

The firm invests in teams with experienced, highly motivated teams with a strong background in either life science research or industry.   Remiges Ventures only invests in companies with technology that has the potential to be first in class.

If you are interested in more information about this investor and other investors tracked by LSN, please email

Hot Investor Mandate: Western Europe-Based VC Invests Opportunistically in All Life Science Sectors in CNS, Nephrology, Dermatology and More in North America & Europe

4 Aug

A VC based in Western Europe invests opportunistically within the indications of nephrology, dermatology, urology, CNS/brain and orphan indications. The firm invests in companies from seed-Series A, up to 2M EUR. The firm is currently focused on European companies, but may consider companies based in North America as well.

Within the indications of interest, the firm is willing to consider companies in all sectors, therapeutics, medical devices, diagnostics and digital health. For therapeutic companies, the firm prefers the companies have some preclinical data, and be about a year from initiating clinical trials. For diagnostics companies, The firm prefers the companies be no more than 1 year from commercialization.

The firm can both lead or co-invest, and they may or may not take a board seat, depending on how they can help the company. The firm believes in promoting gender equality, and a large number of their investments are in female-led startups.

If you are interested in more information about this investor and other investors tracked by LSN, please email

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