Hot Mandates: Corporate Venture Capital Of Chinese Pharmaceutical

11 May

The Fund is a subsidiary of a Pharmaceutical Group, a diversified enterprise group headquartered in China with an annual revenue of ~$600M. The Fund has a USA office in Los Angeles, CA. The parent company incorporates the following ecosystems:

(1) Commercialization Platform Ecosystem: The company operates as a commercialization platform in China for global high-quality pharmaceuticals, health brand operations, wholesale distribution, and retail. The firm has a strong marketing network of over 12,000 large and medium-sized hospitals and 300,000 pharmacies, as well as hundreds of upstream enterprises.

(2) Health Finance: The Fund seeks to incubate innovative businesses in the healthcare industry by providing financial capital and industrial support. The firm has invested in smart healthcare, diagnostics, R&D and manufacturing, etc.

The firm is open to global opportunities that have strong China market potential.

The Fund is currently focused on late stage investment opportunities and partnerships; in the life sciences, the firm is most interested in oncology/immuno-oncology therapeutics, diagnostics and tools, and technologies that integrate AI. Within therapeutics, the firm will consider various modalities including cell & gene therapy. The firm does not completely rule out early-stage opportunities, as the firm may consider investing in more early stages in the near future and are very keen to exploring novel technologies across all stages of development.

The Fund does not have very specific company or management team requirements, but does require that they demonstrate strong market potential in China, as that is where the firm’s primary business activities are based in. The firm is able to leverage their resources to provide companies with regulatory and commercialization support. The firm can act as either a lead or co-investor.

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Hot Mandates: Chinese Venture Firm

11 May

The Fund, founded in 2009, is a venture capital firm based in China. The firm makes early-growth stage investments, preferably from angel/seed to B), but will consider series C. The firm typically invests USD 1-30 million per company. The firm prefers to invest in companies based in China, but is open to outstanding Chinese-led companies based in the US and Canada. The firm is actively seeking new investment opportunities.

In the life sciences, the firm currently considers therapeutics and diagnostics in bone/joint diseases, renal diseases, autoimmune deasese, cancer, and fibrosis. The firm is especially interested in immunotherapy, gene editing, and stem cell therapy that have preclinical data. Clinical data is desired, but not required.

The firm typically seeks Chinese-led teams with strong technical expertise and industry experience. The firm may request a board seat on a case-by-case basis.

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Hot Mandates: A Venture Fund

11 May

The Foundation has helped to organize, and is a General Partner of, the Venture Fund, a $350 million fund focused on pre-clinical, Phase I, Phase II, and Phase III investments. The Fund executed a first close by June 2018, and a second close by early 2019.

The Fund invests primarily within the United States, but have a small allocation for foreign investments.

Sector interests include drugs, medical devices, and novel approaches. The firm is also open to funding technologies designed to accelerate cancer research and drug development, such as novel drug discovery tools or algorithms. The firm finances projects from the early discovery stage through to Phase III clinical trials. The foundation considers projects in any type of cancer.

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Hot AI Mandate: DeepTech-focused VC Invests In AI/Data-driven Technologies in Healthcare

11 May

A venture capital firm with offices in Palo Alto and California backs entrepreneurs applying deep and differentiated technology to transform giant industries. The firm focuses on seed and series A investments and has over $2B AUM. The firm usually makes seed investments in the range of $250K – $1M and venture-stage investments from $1M-$4M and may use both convertible notes or straight equity. The firm may lead or co-invest in a syndicate and looks to add unique value to entrepreneurs with a strong Equity Partner network, operational experience and technical background.

The firm invests in several verticals and is focused on deep technologies such as AI, advanced materials, quantum computing, etc. In the healthcare space, the firm is focused on the entire continuum including computational drug discovery, AI-driven diagnostics, better/faster clinical trials and technologies used by payers and providers to better understand and manage risk and drive better outcomes. The common theme is that the startup’s underlying technology be novel and data-driven. The firm is also interested in synthetic biology. The firm does not invest in biopharma or traditional medical devices/diagnostics with a standard regulatory pathway.

The firm requires that startups have some type of proof-of concept and traction, and prefers experienced/proven management teams and entrepreneurs that are introduced through the firm’s network. The firm typically seeks a board seat when leading an investment.

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Hot AI Mandate: Canada-based Family Office Looking for Big-data or AI-related Opportunities in Healthcare

11 May

A single family office founded in 2009 and based in Toronto is now looking to expand into the healthcare sector and plans to initially invest approximately $10M into seed-stage deals in the healthcare space and may potentially reserve another pool of capital for additional healthcare investments in the future. The firm has flexibility with deal structures and may make either straight equity or convertible loan investments depending on the deal. In addition to capital, the group looks to add value to portfolio companies through marketing and sales expertise. The firm has no specific number of healthcare investments it’s looking to make.

Within healthcare, the firm is focused on the medtech, diagnostic and health IT space. The firm is particularly interested in newly created or accessible markets such as leveraging smart phones, big data/data mining and AI for healthcare purposes. The firm is highly interested in mobile diagnostic devices, diagnostics for the consumer market and portable lab devices. The firm will also look at more traditional FDA regulated medical devices and diagnostics on a secondary basis.

The firm seeks companies addressing specific markets, but has no set requirements for entrepreneurs/management teams other than a very focused team that is passionate about the tech and market being pursued. The firm typically seeks a board seat along with in an investment, but may not require one depending on the terms of the deal.

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Hot AI Mandate: US-based VC Invests in Early-stage AI-enabled Platforms in Healthtech

11 May

Founded in 2006, a specialized healthcare and life sciences investment firm with over a half-billion dollars in capital under management will close their fourth fund in 2021. The firm invests in early-stage companies (Seed/Series A) developing innovative new medical technologies, biotechnologies, and digitally-enabled healthcare services. The firm generally invests $4-8 million of equity capital per round and up to $10-20 million over the investment life. The firm is actively investing and will make 3-5 investments in 2021.The firm invests nationally and has offices in Austin, TX, and Boston, MA.

The firm is currently looking for companies developing Medical Devices, Therapeutics, Diagnostics, and Healthcare IT products. For medical devices and therapeutics, the firm is open to the full spectrum of subsector and indication and will consider companies developing orphan indications. In HealthTech, the firm is interested in AI-enabled clinical/diagnostic/workflow platforms but will also consider other companies that fall into the broader Healthcare IT space as well, including mobile health companies developing consumer-facing apps. They will consider companies with proprietary platform technologies as well as single/multiple asset companies.

As an early-stage investor, the firm invests almost exclusively in pre-revenue companies, with significant ownership opportunities. They look for experienced management teams, help build the team, and require a seat on the company’s board.

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Partnering at Digital RESI June

6 May

By Karen Deyo, Director of Investor Research, Israel BD, LSN

Digital Redefining Early Stage Investments (RESI), June 8-10, is fast-approaching and early bird rates end tomorrow! Sign up by Friday, May 5 to save $50 on registration to take advantage of the RESI partnering system which enables early-stage fundraising executives to connect with investors and strategic partners that are a fit for their product and stage of development.

Digital RESI stands apart from other virtual partnering conferences in many ways, including its content and resources, but most importantly, its partnering platform. The RESI partnering platform is a user-friendly system designed to take out the guesswork so investors, strategic partners, and fundraising entrepreneurs can easily find and book meetings with those that are a best fit based on sector, indication, product, development phase, and more.

The Digital RESI partnering platform opens May 17, providing registered attendees three weeks to set up their company profiles and start searching for potential partners and book meetings to optimize their time during the conference. Prior to the launch of partnering, Life Science Nation (LSN) highlights several free tutorials and webinars instructing how to use the platform efficiently, as well as tips on how to stand out when requesting meetings.

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