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4 Mar

By Claire Jeong, Chief Conference Officer, Vice President of Investor Research, Asia BD, LSN

claireHealthtech Partnering Week (HPW) launches in just over a week, and the team at Life Science Nation (LSN) is proud to welcome 400+ investors to our digital platform to source portfolio assets across life science and healthcare. LSN works with exceptional early-stage companies to connect them with investors and strategic partners that are a fit for their product and stage of development, and one of the most powerful ways that is done is through digital partnering events where attendees can filter through hundreds of opportunities and find the best fits for their needs.

Check out our current list of confirmed investors and sign up to begin booking meetings and making deals!

Confirmed Digital RESI March Investors and Strategic Partners

Confirmed RESI Investors Confirmed 4D Meets AI Investors Confirmed LHI Investors

It Takes a Village

4 Mar

By Rory McCann, Marketing Manager & Conference Producer, LSN

Life Science Nation (LSN)’s 4D Meets AI is taking a closer look at strategic partnerships March 18-19. The question kept coming up over the past several months, particularly with companies working with AI: What should early-stage fundraising companies be looking for beyond a check? Should they be prioritizing technology or team fit, market strategy, industry expertise, service provider connections, etc.? To answer these questions, we are bringing the buyers and sellers together to discuss these topics and more.

Each 4D Meets AI panel features investors in AI technology and their portfolio companies to discuss their process, from pitch to partners, in order that current fundraising executives can broaden their definition of what a successful partnership looks like and use it to inform their process. Additionally, Renee Yao, Global Healthcare AI Startups Lead at NVIDIA joins the program to showcase outstanding startups in the Inception accelerator, highlighting yet another style of partnership designed to support AI companies.

Early-stage entrepreneurship can be a challenging journey that truly takes a village of community support. 4D Meets AI is broadening the definition of what successful partnering looks like in order that fundraising executives can take advantage of the many relationships necessary for growth. We hope you’ll join us and lend your voice to the conversation!

McDermott Will & Emery joins HPW as Title Sponsor

4 Mar

By Gregory Mannix, Vice President International Business Development, LSN

Life Science Nation (LSN) is joining forces with McDermott Will & Emery to bring insight and education to the community of investors, service providers, and early-stage companies at Healthtech Partnering Week (HPW). HPW features McDermott Will & Emery at Redefining Early Stage Investments (RESI), March 15-17 and 4D Meets AI, March 18-19.

At RESI, the MWE team will showcase their insights and expertise working with successful organizations to achieve their goals for over eighty-five years. The firm will host a workshop on the all-important topic of Negotiating Term Sheets. This interactive workshop will provide wisdom to early stage CEOs and management on the latest trends in term sheets, with a focus on founder and management equity opportunities. The workshop will cover common issues of concern to entrepreneurs (valuation/dilution, liquidation preference, board makeup, protective provisions, anti-dilution). Experts from the legal, investment and entrepreneurial community will discuss the interplay of financing milestones in the term sheet discussion.

Partner Brian Malkin, JD will also moderate 4D Meets AI’s Drugs panel discussing the importance of early-stage partnerships in therapeutics and highlighting investors speaking with their portfolio companies on the secrets to their successful partnerships

Sign up for HPW to get to know the MWE team and learn how their team is partnering with entrepreneurs to move their companies forward. Attendees for both RESI and 4D Meets AI can save on bundle pricing – Click here to learn more!

Get involved with sponsorship at Healthtech Partnering Week

Hot Investor Mandate: Global Firm’s Strategic Investment/Partnering Arm Interested in IVD and AI Technologies Across All Indications

4 Mar

A global firm with offices worldwide invests in medical technology companies that are strategically relevant to its parent company. The firm invests in new technologies via venture investing, collaborations, incubation, or M&A. The firm invests worldwide.

The firm’s primary focuses within healthcare include in-vitro diagnostics (particularly immuno and molecular diagnostics), digital lab services (including capacity management, care coordination, technologies that help physicians make diagnoses and other key decisions) and AI technologies in healthcare. The firm will invest in any medical indication area, and prefers companies that have at least attained proof of concept data or with a product on market demonstrating traction and revenue.

The firm has no specific company or management team requirements.

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Hot Investor Mandate: Asia Cross-Border VC Firm Invests in Therapeutics Companies Across the Globe, Open to All Modalities

4 Mar

A cross-border venture capital firm with offices in USA and Asia is investing from a fund with its major LPs being large Asian pharmaceuticals. Typically the firm makes an initial investment ranging from under $1 million to $3-6 million dependent on the company’s stage of development. The firm can allocate up to $16 million over the lifetime of a company. The firm invests in early-stage therapeutic companies worldwide, with a focus on opportunities in North America.

The firm only invests in therapeutics, and are primarily focused on companies with preclinical or clinical assets. Within therapeutics, all modalities are of interest. The firm may invest up to 18 months prior to IND, however require that a company has a lead asset that has been characterized. The firm will consider opportunities in any indication area.

The firm invests in teams with experienced, highly motivated teams with a strong background in either life science research or industry. The firm only invests in companies with technology that has the potential to be first in class.

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Hot Investor Mandate: US-China VC Fund Seeks Technologies Across All Life Science Sectors, Most Interested in USA and China Market Opportunities

4 Mar

A micro VC fund founded by a group of alumni at an established university focuses on Angel to Series A stage companies across various sectors, including pharmaceutical, medical device and healthcare IT. The typical investment size is no more than $500,000, but the group will syndicate with other investors for larger investments. The firm looks to make investments in US companies with markets in US and/or China.

The firm is currently looking for new opportunities in the life science space. The fund is opportunistic in terms of sectors, subsectors and indications. The fund typically invests in seed round and series A round. Historically, the fund has been active in life science companies developing synthetic organelles-based research tools, nanoparticle research reagents and devices, web-based EMR system, proprietary screening and diagnostic tests for cancer, drug authentication platform and patient recovery technologies.

The firm focuses on investments in private companies and typically invests in prerevenue companies with strong and experienced management team. The firm will take a board seat or observer seat occasionally, depending on the investments.

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Hot Investor Mandate: USA Investment Firm Interested in Early-Stage Diagnostics & Research Tools Companies

4 Mar

A venture capital firm focuses on early-stage diagnostics, life science research tools, and biotech-related companies. The firm’s target initial investment size is $1-$2M. The firm prefers to act as the co-investor with other types of investors such as strategic partners. The firm invests in companies that are based in the US. The firm is actively seeking new investment opportunities.

In the life sciences, the firm is currently seeking to invest in early-stage diagnostics, life science research tools, and biotech-related companies. The firm will invest in a limited number of therapeutic opportunities. The firm also has interests in other technology fields. The firm is opportunistic in terms of subsectors and indications. The firm will consider investing in companies that have strong intellectual property protection and provide barriers to competitive entry. The firm also seeks companies with potential large addressable markets, which typically have the potential to generate at least $100M of annual revenues.

The firm seeks a reliable and experienced management team that can bring the concept to market. The firm may take a board seat in applicable cases. The firm aims fundraising CEOs that are driven to deliver exceptional investment returns to both investors and management teams.

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