The Investors You’ll Meet at RESI San Francisco

20 Oct

By Caitlin Kramer, Research Analyst, LSN


Registration for RESI SF 2017 has been open for only a little over a month, and already 239 investors across 158 firms are registered. To illustrate who these 158 firms are, the below shows a breakdown of registered investment firm categories. VC firms have a large showing, followed by Corporate Venture groups and large pharmaceutical/biotech companies active in equity investing and early stage partnering.


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Of the 239 investors registered thus far, 67% have a decision maker role at their firm, such as Director, VP, Partner or a C-Suite title. Only 16% are entry level investment professionals responsible for sourcing and preliminary screening. Of the remainder, most hold other managerial and sourcing roles; in addition, 6% of the investor attendees are angel investors. This abundance of active early stage life science investors and decision makers is unparalleled. Check out the below list of investors that have already registered, and keep in mind that many more will be added in the months leading up to the date of RESI SF on January 10th. We add new confirmed investors to the website every few days – keep up to date here.  You have until Friday October 21st to sign up for RESI at the Earlybird rate – that’s tomorrow!




What’s Getting Funded in 2016? Life Science Financing Rounds Data

20 Oct

By Lucy Parkinson, Director of Research, LSN

When speaking to life science companies about their financing progress, there’s often a sense of ‘grass-is-greener’ problems. Medtech CEOs think it’s easier to raise money in biotech; early-stage CEOs think it’s easier to raise money for later-stage companies with human proof of concept data; neurology companies think it’s easier to raise money in oncology or cardiology. We hear a lot of these stories at LSN and they often contradict each other! Realistically speaking, most of the investors that an entrepreneur will speak to will decide not to invest in their company. It’s therefore easy to read too much into a rejection note. This week, we’ll therefore take a look at the data in the LSN Company Platform on what’s really getting financed right now, and at what stage.

The LSN Company platform records a wide range of financings, but this article focuses on data on equity investments into privately held companies in biotech and medtech during 2016. Not all financing rounds are announced when they occur, and the platform only records financing rounds for which some data is available; that said, the platform includes data on about twice as many biotech financings as medtech financings. Financings in other sectors, including healthcare IT, instrumentation, industrial biotech and biotech R&D services were also recorded.

In some of the rounds it was possible to identify the stage of equity financing that occurred. This isn’t always cut and dried, as many life science companies raise bridge rounds or issue convertibles, and seed financing in the life sciences may come in the form of a grant rather than an equity investment. However we’ve found that where stage data is clear and available, most of the recorded financings occurred at the seed stage, with a drop-off that steepens beyond the second-stage (Series B) financings. This data covers equity rounds into privately held companies only, so those that obtained financing by other means (such as a major partnership, venture debt, or an IPO) aren’t included in this data set.


In biotech, we’re able to identify the indication areas in which the companies are operating. Many life science companies are working on assets in multiple indication areas, and some assets cut across multiple indication areas; for example, a company targeting HIV may be counted as both an infectious disease company and an immune disease company). The below chart shows the top indication areas: oncology remains the most financed area by far, followed by CNS, infectious disease and immunology.


Where are life science companies receiving equity investments in 2016? Looking solely at biotech, medtech and healthcare IT companies, we found that our dataset mostly consisted of financing rounds in the USA. However, biotech and medtech investment is occurring all over the world, with many companies getting funded throughout Europe and Asia. Here are all the countries in which we have data on more than one financing round in 2016:


While capital is more abundant in some areas than others, we see investment occurring worldwide in a wide range of life science technologies. We also see new names continue to surface in the fine print of these financing rounds, and by identifying the participants from the data, LSN can begin to build relationships with new investors in the space. Keeping an eye on financing round data is crucial for raising money in the life sciences – both to know the current landscape, and to keep your mind open to the potential investment sources out there.

Panel Announcement: Big Data in Healthcare

20 Oct

By Christine A. Wu, Senior Research Analyst, LSN


LSN is pleased to publish its first panel announcement for RESI SF 2017: Big Data in Healthcare. On January 10th, a panel of five expert healthcare investors will speak regarding why they’re looking for big data investment opportunities, how they identify technologies that will have an impact on the healthcare system landscape, and what early-stage fundraising companies in this exciting new vertical can do to get a foot in their doors.

The Big Data in Healthcare panel will comprise of the following panelists:

The big data space has increasingly become exciting with its potential to transform healthcare through its cross-correlation of a number of broad applications – computer vision, machine learning, patient medical records, disease diagnoses, mental health trends and proposed therapies, as well as many other spaces in healthcare. If you haven’t yet, be sure to register now for this tremendous educational opportunity in this booming space, while also having the chance to meet valuable investors in-person.



Hot Investor Mandate 1: Crossborder Firm Raises New Fund for Clinical-Stage Biotech, Medical Devices and Diagnostics

20 Oct

A strategic consulting firm has formed a new venture capital arm with offices based in Minneapolis and Shanghai, China. Alongside investments, the firm advises life science companies on strategic partnerships (manufacturers, distributors) in the China market by providing resources in the network. The firm’s first fund is predicted to close end of 2016. The firm is seeking five new investments within the next year, and typically makes $1M – $5M dollar investments per company in Series B and C rounds, but also considers Series A. The firm acts as co-investors while also helping companies seek additional investors for the round. The firm focuses on US and Canada based companies, though is open to companies on a global-level.

The firm is indication agnostic and open to technology in all sectors of life science – medical devices, therapeutics, diagnostics, and healthcare IT – while having the most experience in biotech/medtech. In terms of phase of development, the firm requires the company to at least have a prototype, and for therapeutics to be in clinical trials, preferably in Series B. The firm will also look at on-the-market products as well as lab equipment and drug development enabling technology.

The firm requires the company to be in Series A, B, or C. The firm prefers the company to have or seek to have their technology in the China market.

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Hot Investor Mandate 2: Oncology Fund Looks Globally for Early Stage Therapeutic Opportunities

20 Oct

A specialized investment firm is currently investing from its third oncology fund of USD 64 million. The firm generally makes investments in Series A, B or C equity rounds; the firm is not interested in seed rounds. The firm typically makes allocations of $3-8 million, and may either lead investments or act as a co-investor alongside a syndicate. The firm is open to oncology opportunities globally but has recently invested primarily in the USA.

The firm is currently focused on cancer therapeutics. The firm will consider any form of therapeutic molecule in oncology, including small molecules, antibodies or new technologies such as cell therapies. The firm generally invests at the late preclinical stage, from 6-12 months pre-IND, but is also interested in companies with Phase I or Phase II assets.

The firm places high importance on the management team’s scientific rigor and industry experience; the firm prefers to work with entrepreneurs who have led biotech companies previously. NThe firm also considers the strength of the investor syndicate and their alignment of interests.

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Hot Investor Mandate 3: Corporate VC of Health Insurer Invests Strategically in Healthcare IT

20 Oct

A wholly owned venture arm subsidiary of a regional health insurance firm seeks to invest in technologies that are a strategic fit with members of the insurer’s network. The firm is flexible in terms of investment sizes and considers an array of capital structures including equity, convertible note, debt, and others. The firm typically co-invests with other investors but is open to leading a financing round. The firm is currently seeking new opportunities from across the US, while non-US opportunities may also be considered.

The firm is focused on opportunities in the following areas: Accountable Care Organizations, Consumer Solutions; Health Information Technology; and Behavioral Health. Potential examples may include consumer-facing patient engagement software, behavioral health technology, telemedicine, and B2B solutions that help healthcare organizations with decision making and financial planning. The firm is stage agnostic and would consider from pre-revenue to commercial-stage companies. Historically the firm has invested in patient monitoring system, EHR aggregation and analytics, and mobile health information platform.

The firm is seeking experienced, competent teams with disruptive innovations that are a strategic fit with its parent company’s network members. After investment, the firm typically requests a board seat or at least an observer position.

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Hot Investor Mandate 4: Evergreen Fund Invests in Software-Driven Devices, Diagnostics and Healthcare Services

20 Oct

A US-based firm is investing from a multi-million dollar evergreen fund and is interested in a variety of sectors including the life science field. For life science investments, the firm typically allocates $2-15 million, and prefers to invest in Series B-C rounds. The firm invests primarily in the USA and Canada.

The firm is presently focused on technologies that involve an IT/software component, across digital health, healthcare services, medtech, and diagnostics. The firm is open to opportunities in any clinical indication, especially ocular. The firm is only interested in devices and diagnostics that have in-human data, have received marketing approval and are in the commercialization stage.

In the life science sector, the firm is not interested in early-stage R&D opportunities; howeverthe firm is open to both companies with an approved product on the market, and companies with a product in late-stage clinical trials. The firm takes the strength of the management team into consideration.

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