Hot Life Science Investor Mandate 1: Corporate Venture Capital Backed by Large Parent Company Seeks Targets with Computational Components

24 Oct

The corporate venture capital arm of a larger parent company, which is organized as an evergreen VC fund with one LP, makes equity investments in life science companies at various stages of development, and is likely to make about 3 allocations to life science companies in the next 6-9 months. Investments are made from very early, seed stages of development through late stages, and are therefore highly varied in size. The CVC arm invests only in privately held companies.

Preferring to invest in developments at the intersection of life science and technology, the firm is interested in medical technologies that have a significant computational element. This includes bioinformatic fields such as genomic diagnostics or tools, and various subsectors of the healthcare IT space including sophisticated analytics, natural language analysis, medical records management, enterprise software for hospitals, clinical trials management, and data mining tools for pharmaceutical firms.

The arm is also interested in investing in drug discovery platform technologies. In this area, the firm prefers to invest at an early preclinical stage (prior to lead optimization). In general, they are agnostic as to whether a company has reached the prototype stage of product development prior to investment. They do not invest in direct-to-consumer products such as health monitoring wearables or apps.

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