Hot Investor Mandate 4: USA-Based Investment Firm Can Invest Over $10M in Innovative Medtech and Digital Health Companies Based in Texas or Southwestern USA

5 Jul

A venture capital firm that was founded in 2006 and is based in the Southern USA has managed $400 million in total assets, and recently closed its sixth fund. The firm typically makes equity investments into enterprise software, medical devices, and healthcare IT companies in the seed, series A, series B and series C stages. The typical investment size ranges from $3 million to $10+ million per company. The allocation numbers will vary over the next 6-9 months. For early-stage investments, the firm primarily invests in companies based in Texas, but they will also consider opportunities in the Southwest of the US.

The firm is currently looking for new investment opportunities in enterprise software, medical devices, and the healthcare IT space. The firm will invest in 510k devices and healthcare IT companies, and it is very opportunistic in terms of indications. In the past, the firm was active in medical device companies developing dental devices, endovascular innovation devices, and women’s health devices.

The firm generally seeks to invest in private companies. The firm will consider pre-revenue companies and has no specific requirements for the company’s management team.

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