Hot Life Science Investor Mandate 3: Life Science-Focused VC has Wide Range of Investment Interests

24 Oct

A life science-focused Venture Capital firm based in Canada is currently investing from two new funds totaling more than $150 million of new capital under management. The firm’s second fund is more than $100 million of that total, and they are currently looking to invest in companies across North America.

The firm typically makes initial investments ranging from $1-$5 million of equity, and looks to invest $8-$12 million over the lifetime of the investment. The firm plans to make 4-6 investments over the next 12 months.

Through its second fund, the VC is currently looking for companies developing Therapeutics, Medical Devices, and Healthcare IT. The firm has a special interest in immunology, inflammation, cell therapy, vaccines and protein-based therapies, although the firm will also consider other small molecule and biologics therapies in other areas. The firm is specifically looking for companies with assets in phase I and II of clinical trials.

In the medical devices space the firm is opportunistic in terms of device type, but also requires some in-human data to be evaluated for investment. In the past, the firm has invested in devices for cardiology, obesity, medical imaging, and others. The VC will invest opportunistically in the healthcare IT space, particularly in products that help make healthcare systems more efficient.

The firm is looking to invest in companies that are pre-revenue located throughout the United States and Canada. The firm does not look to take an active role on the management team, but does look to take a board seat.

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