Hot Life Science Investor Mandate 2: US-based PE Invests Widely Across Healthcare Space

6 Nov

A private equity group based in the Central US has committed $150 million of capital, and typically invests in companies with EBITDA of $2-15 million; investments are generally acquisitions, and may consist of up to $20 million equity with the potential for leveraged investments of up to $75 million. The firm invests in the USA and Canada, and may consider investing in other countries on a case-by-case basis.

Healthcare is a focus industry for the group, and they invest widely across the sector. As the firm prefers to invest in companies that are cash-flow positive, investments are generally in companies that have products on the market. The PE group considers investments in any indication (including rare diseases).

The group prefers to invest in family companies or other companies that have a small number of shareholders. The firm looks for strong management teams, but has no fixed industry or academic criteria for assessing managers. Thus far, they have only invested in privately held companies, but the firm may consider investments in public companies.

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