Hot Life Science Investor Mandate 2: Virtual Development Company Seeks New In-Licensing Opportunities

5 Dec

A pharmaceutical and medical technology development company that seeks to invest and incubate portfolio assets until they reach key clinical milestones is currently looking for new in-licensing opportunities. The firm seeks assets that offer the prospect of significant value inflection within 18-24 months. The firm takes a flexible approach to structuring its business relationships by either in-licensing product assets or forming risk-sharing alliances with entrepreneurs and biotech companies. The firm funds development programs and also takes a hands-on approach to fill the gaps in management team expertise that are necessary to execute capital efficient, path-to-market strategies.

The virtual development company focuses on product development, and seeks innovative therapeutic and diagnostic assets that are competitive and attractive to global marketing and distribution companies. The firm is open to early stage development programs; however at a minimum, the asset must have strong non-clinical in vitro and in vivo animal data, lead drug candidate and/or biomaterials characterized, and strong IP. The firm is not interested in drug discovery and/or drug screening opportunities. Currently, the firm is interested in therapeutics and diagnostics that target oncology and degenerative diseases associated with aging. The firm is also interested in validated biomarkers and biomaterials.

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